Yea, you're no Pleasure Swing Mr. Door Jam Sling!

The Door Jam Swing can be fun, but the pain of being slammed into a door makes this less fun than my actual Sex Swing. This gets less use, but I would recommend it to someone who was interested in the Sex Swing, but unsure if they want to spend the high price for it. It's a fun idea, but it's very uncomfortable being tense while in the swing.
Easy to "install."
Uncomfortable being against a door.
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The door jam sex sling is great for the couple who's tired of bed sex or someone who's been curious about the more expensive sex swing and wants to be sure the expensive swing will be worth their money.

The sex swing is definitely marketed towards couples, but if you've always dreamed of having your own indoor swing-set, I guess this could be the next best thing. However, I don't think it'd be useful or very fun to deal with just for masturbation purposes, and chances are, you'd fall out of it or just be in a lot of discomfort.

As you'd guess, the Door Jam Sex Swing is designed to hang from a door while one person, probably the receiver, is sitting on the strap that holds you. The other person, also known as the penetrator, will be standing up or sitting in a chair depending. I highly doubt it could go vice-versa, with the receiver standing and the penetrator sitting. But the penetrator could sit on the swing while the receiver sat on top of him, provided that doesn't break the maximum weight, and I definitely don't advise doing that!
    • Couples

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Door Jam Swing consists of one 17 1/2" long, slightly padded "seat" and nylon straps to add to the sturdiness and to give you extra length for adjusting. These nylon straps are sewed into a loop at the ends, so that the sitter has something to hold onto, and holding onto them is necessary. I've nearly toppled right out several times! *Seat pictured below*

As far as comfort goes, the materials don't bother me or cause irritation. Other things do, but the materials are just fine.

The nylon straps all measure 2" wide, except for the handle straps, which are 1" wide.

The hollow metal bars that go over the top of the door are 4" long and have black, squishy cap pieces that slide on and off.

The Seat
The actual seat itself has a type of foam sewed into the outer fabric. Sportsheets doesn't bother giving you much information about their products, but the seat feels similar to a foam. The outer fabric has 2 lines of stitching to hold the inner foamy bit in place. This kind of sends me the message that it could possibly be washed in a machine without problem, but if it comes that far, I'll handwash instead.

The seat is attached to the one strap that has the metal door holders at the top of it. The rest of the straps (arm and foot) are just sewed onto the main strap, the seat strap. The seat itself is attached to everything via a nylon loop type deal, which I've pictured below so you can understand.

The seat, again, measures 17 1/2" long and 7" wide.

The seat is nice and foamy as I said, but it's not going to feel plush or wonderful on your hiney. It's just enough to provide you with the comfort you need and that is all. I will have to say my Pleasure Swing that screws into the ceiling has a far nicer padded seat and is way more comfortable than this could ever dream of being. There are many reasons I prefer the real deal over this door jam thing, but I'll get there in my experience section.

The seat can be adjusted to go all the way to the top of the door on the shortest setting. On the longest setting, the seat hangs 56" down.

The Adjusters

The slidey adjusters are like to the ones you see on back packs -- only way bigger -- as is the nylon straps. The adjusters have teeth that help them grab the nylong strap and stay in place where you put it.

These adjusters are large enough to slide with ease and will hold in place once you get them where you want them. One of my fears was when I put my weight on the seat, the adjusters sliding all the way back down and plopping me on the floor, but they do stay in place. Even with super vigorous sex, they never budge. In fact, it often seems like the door itself will give way before the sling.

Handle Bar Straps

The sling has a strap just for your leg holes and a strap just for your handle bars and straps specifically for adjusting the length of the seat itself. I'll try to explain this as best as possible without confusing you, but I've added photos to in hopes of it helping my descriptions.

All the straps (handles, seat, leg/feet straps) are sewed onto each other. The handle bar straps measure 1" wide and are slightly softer to the touch. They're more narrow than the rest because they don't serve the purpose of holding your entire weight. They're only there to allow you better balance and something to hold onto so that you don't fall out.

These are sewed on 4" down from the door weights, and total 15" long. The hole your hands go in are about 4" wide and the hole is 4" long. It's shaped sort of like a triangle since there's a plastic, flexible-ish tube for a handle that wraps over the nylon. This gives you something to grip.

The handle holes & straps are not adjustable, but it isn't necessary.

Leg/Foot Straps

The extra strap made just for your feet or legs is also sewed onto the strap that holds the seat and the handle strap.

This is just a long, adjustable strap that has a large hole near the end of the strap. Basically, to create these "handle and foot holes," the nylon straps were sewed back onto themselves, if that makes sense. The hole here is made for your feet or your legs. You can place your feet in them like stirrups to help get in and out of the swing or for comfort, so that your legs aren't just dangling. Or you can shorten these straps and place your thigh in the hole so that your legs are brought up closer to you. This is a great position for oral sex in the sling. I'll get to that later though.

The leg/foot holes and seat are all fully adjustable, meaning you can actually shorten them all the way up to the top of the door! The longest length you can get out of the foot/leg straps are 56" from top to bottom of the strap and hole.

On my setting, the leg strap is adjusted to 41" long. The actual hole begins at 30 1/2" down the strap, when put on the setting I prefer.

When adjusted on the longest setting, the leg hole begins at 41 1/2" down the leg strap, and total 56 1/2" long from top of leg strap to bottom of foot/leg hole. The holes have 16" wide of space for a variety of leg sizes. At the shortest, which would be really near the top of the door would put the leg hole at 5" down the strap. If you're flexible enough to bring your legs this far up, more power to you.
    • Flimsy
    • Well made / sturdy


Placing the 2 metal bars over the door, and the swing on the otherside is the proper way to "install" this. This should be used on a door that reaches the very top of the door frame, not one like the one in my photo that has a serious gap because that won't hold! When the door is closed, that tiny space between door frame and actual door is what keeps the swing held up. The metal bars with removable caps should be wider than this space between door frame and door so that the tubes don't slide through and send you falling onto your hiney. Does this make sense? A picture of the sling on the door below, and another one further down. This one shows the arm and foot handles a little better.

Another thing to watch out for is dropping the metal bars on your feet when hanging it up. It hurts! I actually had this happen tonight while putting the sling back on the door to take photos. The top of my foot bruised immediately and it hurts like a son of a gun!

Also, you will notice in my photos I'm using books between the door frame and door, and on top of the nylon straps. This is because this particular door I hung the sling on to take photos is *not* a door that the sling will work on. There's too much of a gap between the frame and door! You could and will more than likely be seriously injured trying it on a door such as this. Thankfully, all of our other doors actually run to the top of the door frame.

Once it's securely in place, you should test it by applying pressure to the seat with your hands before jumping on it. At first, I was really scared to get on. I just felt like I was going to collapse into a ball of nothingness on the floor. I guess I was just used to my Pleasure Swing, which is screwed into the ceiling, and it made me nervous, but it actually holds fine.

And before you jump on it, I do recommend locking the door. You wouldn't want anyone coming in to find you, only to slam you & your lovie into the wall, or you know, see you suspended naked from the door?

Ways to use the Sex Sling

Oral Sex
For oral sex in the sling, simply slide the holes for your feet up onto the thighs and adjust to your liking. You can pull the legs pretty high up, but at a comfortable level and receive oral right on the door! The performer can use a pillow for knee-comfort if they're kneeling on hard flooring. My partner says it's a fairly comfortable position for this, but of course not as comfortable as a bed.

Using the sling while my partner performs oral is one of our favorite ways to use it. Unfortunately, it's a tough position for me to actually orgasm in since it is quite uncomfortable, so we usually end up finishing on the bed when it comes to oral.

Intercourse with penetrator standing, penetratee sitting on sling.
This is the most common way to use the swing. Sliding your rear to the edge and holding the handles will make this easy. The penetrator would just be standing since you're able to adjust the height of the swing to whatever level needed.

Penetrator sitting on swing, penetratee sitting on partner's lap. Having the penetrator sitting on the swing with the pentratee on their lap will work in some cases. I used the arm holders to pull myself up and down on him while he helped me by raising my hiney with his hands.

Remember in the beginning of my review I said it may be possible for some couples to try this position with both parties sitting on the swing provided they don't overwhelm the maximum "capacity" limit? Well, the maximum weight it holds is 325, so jump on the scales first! Since I weigh 93 pounds and my partner 158, we have been able to try this, but when either of our weight fluctuates, we don't risk it. Plus, I was not fond of this position at all. It was hard, terribly uncomfortable and just too much work. But it's out there in case others are able to enjoy this position.


This Door Jam Swing comes packaged in the least discreet packaging, as with all Sportsheets products I've purchased. On the cardboard box shows multiple photos of a near nude couple having sex in the swing. This is not gift-worthy in my opinion, and unfortunately, the swing isn't wrapped in another piece of plastic or something. I'd just gift something else rather than worry about gifting something with such graphic photos.

The package it comes in is not useful for storage, and just takes up more space. It does have information on how to use the swing, including too-graphic photos. There's no instructional pamphlet or anything. I tossed the box instantly, so I sadly cannot tell you every single word on it like I normally do. I apologize.

Made in USA.

As for the swing itself, it's perfectly discreet. It's not really all that noticeable, just looks like a pile of black nylon straps. It weighs 3 pounds in total, and is easy to crumple/fold up so it will pack into luggage or a decent sized purse with little trouble.

If you wanted to travel with this, say you're planning a romantic weekend at the beach, you could definitely take it and spice up that hotel room's door!
    • Not discreet

Care and Maintenance

As with my other Sportsheets products, they decided to let you decide how to clean this dude. They aren't giving any hints by placing the cleaning instructions on a website or on the package, or even just a simple tag! Use your best judgement. Since it hasn't gotten dirty or collected any bodily fluids from us, I've been just wiping it down with a wet cloth without too much concern over bacteria. However, with my butt still resting on the seat during intercourse, I do worry about how to clean it best when that time does come. I suppose I'll find some kind of anti-bacterial spray. I do own a natural, anti-bacterial toy cleaner and I've considered using it when needed to "spot clean. A wet wipe will work as well. I'm not brave enough to put it in the washing machine. When it comes down to having to clean it, I will hand-wash it instead. I've wiped it down with wet cloths and it doesn't absorb liquids too badly, so I'll be confident to hand-wash if needed.

As for storage, this baby crumples up without damaging the seat by creasing or anything. The straps get all wrapped around each other, which mean you have to think to unwrap them, but it's not too bad.

I keep it in a hand-made storage box I constructed from magazine pages specifically for my Sportsheets products. It will do fine in a drawer, closet or box without taking up space and won't draw attention if someone happens across it. It has stored nicely in a large-ish tote as well.
    • Hard to clean


I'm sad to say that I'm not entirely impressed with this door sling. My partner and I were so entertained by the idea of having sex on the back of the door that we tried using the sling in every way possible. The first few encounters were exciting, and then I found myself dreading even messing with it again. It was an exciting idea, but in reality, it was painful and kind of a hassle.

The first issue I had each time we used the sling was getting in it. It takes a good bit for me to get situated and I have to have my partner's help since I'm so short. This was a minor issue, but combined with the loud banging noises and the serious back pain, I just don't get aroused at the thought of using it anymore.

The second problem was my back! There's no way to stay up against the door when you're having sex. You're basically being pounded into the door and the hard door baging into my shoulder blades was enough to stop me from being able to relax.

Then you have the noise issue. The door is being slammed over and over with each thrust. It's loud, but also a minor issue for us since we have privacy. However, when things get rough, the noise of my back against the door and the door just banging into the frame or whatever sounds like a tornado.

The last time we used the sling, my partner held me by the seat and hips to keep me off the door some, but this still causes my upper half to bang into the door. It's just really tough to use comfortably, but such a fun idea! I would get excited every time and think 'it won't be so bad on my shoulder blades and back this time,' but it never failed to hurt me.

As for my partner, who stands or kneels (during oral) while using this sling, he has a decently comfortable end and he does enjoy holding me by the seat and hips and being able to go at it that way. His favorite position has always been standing up and holding me, my legs wrapped around him. However, that's kind of uncomfortable for me since my cheeks are being tugged at roughly, and there's the problem of it slipping out and feeling as if it ripped me a new hole, plus I can get heavy after a while. So that's what originally had me so interested in the Pleasure Swing and this cheaper Door Jam Sling. I enjoyed sex with him standing and holding me, but I would be so tense due to the strain it puts on you. So I was pretty sure either this or the Pleasure Swing would be a piece of heaven for us.

I really hated that this was too problematic for me to use regularly, but I would've been so much more disappointed had I not bought the Pleasure Swing! I'm telling you, this thing has nothing on the Pleasure Swing. But it's a great way to test and see if you'd like having sex in a swing seat without paying the high price.

So if you try this and love everything but the back/shoulder pain or tough time getting situated without feeling like you're going to tumble out, you'll probably find investing in the Pleasure Swing to be totally worth it.

The Pleasure Swing screws into the ceiling -- unless that's not a possibility for you, in which case you'd need the stand for the swing -- this keeps you off of hard surfaces like doors and I'm able to get in and out by myself and feel totally secure the entire time. The Pleasure Swing has multiple "seat" straps so that you can fully relax, and this eliminates the tension I get all in my body when using the Door Jam Sling. Since oral sex doesn't require slamming me into the door, it's not too bad for that. I have a hard time getting there in that position for some reason, but it can still be fun to start out in the sling.

I would still recommend this to someone interested in it because it's not terribly expensive and it's definitely fun. Heck, being in a swing is always fun, but some of us will feel the discomfort, and if that's you, I'd recommend looking into the Pleasure Swing next. This is definitely a great starter though and will give you an idea of whether or not you'll love having sex in an actual swing enough to invest in one.

Adding a removable full-length mirror over the door while using the sex sling can be slightly interesting since the person standing can see your back side a little bit.
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