Ok, So Maybe It's Not A Swing Per Se...

Not exactly a traditional swing, this two piece set from Pipedream is a dream to use. It'll hold up a wide variety of weights and sizes, with the only real limits being the weight capacity of the door/frame and if you can fit into the cuffs. It travels really well, and hides away really well. A worthwhile investment for sure.
Easy to use, Extremely versatile, Very sturdy, Easy to store
Doesn't have a storage pouch of its own, Could use a seat
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This is a pretty fantastic lightweight, easy to store way to experience having sex up against a door. The packaging says there's a weight limit of 300 pounds, but I really think that your door/frame would give out long before these straps will. Anybody can use these, really. While designed for female/male couples, there's no reason that male/male, female/female, or any combination you can think of wouldn't work. You could even use these by yourself for a solo session, or even to work out.
    • Couples
    • Everyone

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

These straps are made really well. At the very top of each strap you have a 5" wide acrylic tube, designed to go on the other side of the door and keep the strap in place. This tube is removable, so if for whatever reason you manage to break it or you want to replace the two pieces of acrylic with one long piece, that's possible so long as the outside diameter of whatever you're inserting into the holes is 3/4".

About 5" down from where the strap hangs over the door you get the big black adjuster clip for the arm straps. This piece of Nylon webbing is attached onto the longer piece that holds up the legs. The straps for the arm stretches 16", where you reach the end of the cuffs. Of course, if you prefer, you can adjust it so you only have a few inches between the clip and the cuff. The neoprene cuffs will fit a wide variety of arm sizes up to 14" around. At 2" wide, they provide plenty of support, but can start to dig in after a while.

Located 7" below the upper adjuster clip is the one that controls the leg strap. You get some real length options here, letting the leg strap be able to hang down a whopping 45" or of course being able to adjust the strap to just a few inches between the cuff and the clip. This probably isn't the optimum position, but it's definitely an option. The neoprene thigh cuffs could also be a little bit wider, but 3" across isn't too bad if you're also getting some support from your lover. Left hanging, they could also start to dig in like the arm cuffs. With a 25" circumference though, plenty of people should be able to use these.

Both the arm cuffs and the thigh cuffs can be used as hand holds or foot holds instead with no problems.

The nylon webbing can get a little scratchy and cause something resembling a rug burn if you manage to be rubbing up against it for an extended period of time. The neoprene cuffs have been pretty comfortable every time I've used them. They're fairly plush, but could have more cushion to them.

For discreetness, it depends on how good you are at making stuff up on the spot. Either way, leaving these hanging over a door will probably net you at least a question or two from somebody who's got no clue what they are.
    • Firm
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Well made / sturdy


We were both quite pleased with how well this worked out. Setting it up was pretty easy for both of us, him being 6' and me being 5'2". I had to stand on my tippy toes to get the acrylic tubes over the doors, but I was able to do it all by myself. Once they were in, I was able to climb around and get myself into the thigh slots when they were higher up, although it's definitely a lot easier with somebody to help you in and out. The packaging highly recommends locking the door before use, but so long as the door is completely latched (that means tug on it to make sure it isn't going to come back open), you should be fine. Unless you're locking a deadbolt, making sure the handle is locked doesn't make a bit of difference if the door isn't fully latched. The more solid the door, the better, but fret not, because those cheap hollow veneered doors work just fine. Once you've got everything in place, you can tug on each strap as hard as you can to line the acrylic tube up at the top of the door. Sometimes it'll move, sometimes it wont, but if you don't check beforehand, it can adjust while you're setting in, and that can be a bit scary if you don't know it's coming.

There are a whole bunch of different positions you can use these for.

- They can make standing sex a little easier on the standing partner by letting some of the weight get picked up by the harness, leaving the standing partner to support just the legs while the harnessed partner can hold themselves up with the arm straps.

- You can get in the other way facing the door with your thighs in the straps, but you might run into problems with banging your knees if the standing partner is behind you. Well, even with them between you and the door you might still hit your knees, but this way is a good one for preventing you from banging up against the door.

- If you have a hallway with two doors across from each other, you can place one strap over each door and have sex in a variety of positions here without having to worry about either of you banging on the door.

- Similar to above, if you've got a hallway corner that happens to have a two doors perpendicular to each other, one strap over each door lets you have sex here too, but be wary of that corner if there's door frames, it can be rather painful.

Each and every way we tried it created a position for easier sex and easier oral, but the possibilities really are endless. Play around and get creative, because there really is no wrong way to use this set.
    • Aids in positioning
    • Can be difficult to use
    • Comfortable during use


The packaging is not discreet in the least bit. It shows a couple different positions you can use this in, and has the instructions. It also advertises the free mask that comes with it. The mask itself isn't all that bad. It's really basic, but functions better than other masks out there, blocking out most light. My head is about 21" around, and it was comfortable on me.

As for the rest of the box, there's really no reason to keep it once you've opened it up. You could use it for storage, but it's so much bigger than everything inside, so there's almost no point.
    • Not discreet
    • Pretty informative
    • Recyclable

Care and Maintenance

Under normal circumstances, there's almost no reason to have to clean this set. But there's also the possibility of getting lubes or other fluids on it. If you manage to do that, I'd spot clean it with a damp cloth and some really mild soap. Otherwise you can spray it down with Febreeze or some other perfume or something like that. There really wan't much of a scent when I opened it up, and nothing's really lingered either, but it'll hold scents fairly well if you prefer it to smell like something else instead.

For storage, this is really lightweight, and easily bunched up, so it can easily be stored in a drawer away from prying eyes. Of course you could choose to leave this over the door too, but opening and closing it will probably cause everything to fall over anyway, so the drawer is your best bet. It'd be nice if there were a nice case for it, but you can also keep it in a ziploc bag too.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


My husband and I have been really intrigued by the thought of a sex swing, but living with my mom right now while we save for a house really limits those options. Something that screws directly into the ceiling isn't us, and there's no room to set up a big stand either. Something over the door seemed perfect for us, even if we wouldn't get to use it very often.

This one piqued my interest because of the ratings and how easy it looked to travel with. We might not be able to use this at home very often, but we can definitely take it with us with no problems! And I was right. These are also a breeze to set up, and my husband and I are both confident that the only real weight restrictions are going to be on the door. Of course there are size restrictions with the cuffs too, but fortunately we weren't affected.

This set really added something to our sex. He loves giving me oral, and loves when I sit on his face. We've tried oral where I've sat backwards on his shoulders, but that usually left me craning my neck to the side to avoid hitting the ceiling, or examining what exactly was above those ceiling tiles. With this, we were able to recreate that position, but with him kneeling and me not going through the ceiling. It was the best of both worlds! The sex was a little bit awkward at first, especially when right up against the door, but it didn't take too long to figure out what was going to work best for us.

The only thing I'd like to add to it is a little seat of sorts, but everything else on its own is fantastic, and I know we'll have this set for a long time, even if we don't get to use it very often.
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