My fantasy poped with this one.

If you are looking for a first sex swing and don't want to spend the $100 plus for a full size swing, then this might work for you. If you have any experience with a sex swing, this will leave you disappointed.
heavy duty construction
uncomfortable, few positions you can use, threatened to take down my door while wife was in it.
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This I feel is best for those who do not want to fork out the big bucks for a full sex swing, or cant because they are renters or have room mates and do not want to attach hardware in their ceiling. With that being said, I do not feel that this replaces a sex swing. It can not offer the verity that a sex swing can, by design.

If you have a door in your home, then you can make use of this. No other special equipment is required. No permanent hardware needs to be installed in your ceiling. No need to hid anything when guest come over, as it comes down when you open the door being used on; and can be put away in a few seconds.
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Design / Craftsmanship / Material

This whole swing is made up or Nylon, neoprene, or Plastic. All the hardware, I.E. adjustable clips, tubes that hold the swing onto the door are all made from plastic. The arms and thigh cuffs are made from neoprene. The straps are all made from woven Nylon.

Lets start with the tubes. They are at the top of the straps, and are designed to go over the top of the door and sit on the outside when the door is closed. These are what holds the swing and your partner up off of the floor. They are about 5 inches long and made of thick hard plastic. I have no worries about the plastic tubes holding up. And they should last you for many years if not subjected to extreme temperature changes, as that would weaken the plastic.

The plastic hardware looks and feels like the plastic clips used on my other two sex swings. They are sturdy and feel strong. I would feel better with these being metal adjustable clips, as they would be stronger and be able to take more abuse. But either way, I have had no problems with the plastic ones to date. There are two adjustable clips on each strap. One for the arm cuff strap, and one for the thigh cuff strap. You can adjust the length of the two cuffs separately from each other.

The Nylon straps are about 2 inches wide. The woven Nylon is a bit rough. And while it does not cause discomfort at first, the longer you are in the swing the more uncomfortable they become. They will start to dig into your skin within the first 20 minutes. The discomfort increases if your skin rubs against the straps during use, as the straps will start giving you a "rug" burn.

The neoprene cuffs are comfortable. The are soft and squishy like. There is no padding in them, but the material provides a little protection. The arm cuffs are about 14 inches in circumference and the thigh cuffs being about 25 inches. The cuffs are not adjustable, that is a downfall IMO. If you have really small wrists or thighs, you will be swimming around in this swing.

This is a very well made swing, and should last for years. Unfortunately, this does not work very well, as you will read below.
    • Well made / sturdy


I did not feel that this performed like it should, for the price tag attached to it. But I had a good feeling before I purchased, it that this would be true. It does not provide a lot of verity for sexual positions. Which if you think about it, you would understand. How many positions can you achieve when you have a door against your back? Basically one. Your partner sitting with her back against the door facing you. That is all we could achieve without any discomfort. You can try to sit in the swing facing the door, but then you have your knees hitting the door with each thrust. My wife did not find this position comfortable at all. Just sitting in the swing facing me, she found uncomfortable after the first few minutes. This is just a overall poorly thought out design.

Another problem we had with its performance was how the door and door frame acted. I talked about it on some other reviews done on this swing, and also in some of the forum discussions. Most houses built after the early to mid 70's have hollow core interior doors. They are built with a flimsy frame on the interior, and thin outer covers (what you see looking at the door). They are not built for strength. The door jams they come with are attached to the framing in your house with some wood screws. While this is not a bad thing, as they will stay in place. The door is only attached to the door jam with some 3/4 inch screws. They are hardly enough to be structural and hold weight. They are just enough to hold the door to the jam during its opening and closing.

Now, my wife is not heavy by no means. 120 pounds is on the small side. But when 120 pounds makes the door bow and the screws to work loose so that the hinges don't work right when you try to open or close the door the next day; there might be a problem. I could see the top of the door bow out of the jam by 1/2 inch or so. The top hinge came loose and I had to re-tighten the screws the following morning. So all my fears came true.
    • Difficult to use


This comes in a cardboard box. On the outside of the box, there is a half naked model sitting in the swing. She is plastered all over the box. So if you have little ones or noisy room mates, you might not want to open your mail with them around. The box is not really needed for storage. I find it easier to store this in a drawer or a shelve in the closet. But you can keep the packaging for storage. Nothing wrong with having more storage, right?

The back of the packaging has instructions on how to set up the door swing. It also has the weight limit (300 pounds) listed. On the inside, you will find your door swing wrapped in a plastic bag.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Care and Maintenance

The swings are a hard item to care for. When they get dirty, there really isn't too many options for cleaning them. Pretty much all you can do is keep it wiped down with some wipes or a wash cloth. I have not able to get the plastic clips off or this door swing, or either one of our full size sex swings. Now, we don't share our toys with anyone else; so we are not too worried about not being able to sterilize this. We keep it wiped down after each use, and so far so good. We have only used this a few times, since it does not work that well. But this is no different then our sex swings. Same type of material and construction. And those get used all the time. And one of them has gotten really dirty. All we have done is wipe them down and let them dry. No problems to date.

As far as storage goes, we just toss this in the closet on a shelve. There is no writing on the straps, no sexy pictures or logos. So outside of the packaging it came it, the swing is pretty discreet on its own.
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean

Personal comments

I would not use this on a door that does not lock. I could see some one opening the door from the other side, or the door opening on its own during use. This could be painful and/or dangerous for both parties. Just a thought.

You also end up making a lot of noise while using this. The movement of who ever is in the swing makes the door move and make noise. And not just a little bit of noise. It could be heard all through-out our house. It was loud enough to wake up the kids. And with the door being closed and not able to open it until you get your partner out of the swing, this could be a huge problem if they get out of bed to see what is going on. You cant easily hid by pulling the covers over yourself.


Overall, this was a bad experience. I suppose if we were not all ready spoiled with our sex swings; then we would not know any better. But I guess we are swing snobs. This just did not do it for us. It took so long to set it up the first time, that we just powered through it and finished. But there wont be a second time. It was just a bad experience for us. I was worried about the door coming off the door jam, luckily my wife could not see what I was seeing or she would have freaked out and stopped right away. She could not concentrate on getting pleasured because of the discomfort she was receiving from the swing. It just has no place for us in our bedroom.
Follow-up commentary
we still do not like using this. It is just the wrong swing for us. We will stick to out full size sex swings. It is just a bad idea overall to hang a full sized person on a cheap hollow core door, and expect it to not break and cause personal injury.
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    Great review. I'll pass on this.
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