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Fetish Fantasy door swing reviews

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The Fetish Fantasy door swing by Pipedream is a unique spin on the traditional sex swing. While the product is sturdy and adjustable, it is not for everyone. In addition to not supporting all body types, there is no swinging movement (since you are pressed against a door). Even though the product is affordable, I recommend investing some extra money in a more comfortable swing.

This product is not worth the cost. The better designed version, which is much easier to use, is not much more of a price increase. The alternative is definitely worth the few extra dollars in the long run.

If you are looking for a first sex swing and don't want to spend the $100 plus for a full size swing, then this might work for you. If you have any experience with a sex swing, this will leave you disappointed.

This product was not that expensive, but I did not get much satisfaction out of it. I would buy a better one that doesn't involve a door next time. I think that the right people would enjoy this product more than I did.

This swing will open up new ways to have sex with your partner and let you try something new without having to spend a lot of money. It's easy to set up and very discreet.

The Fetish Fantasy Door Swing is an awesome item to have in your collection. Novices to these kinds of things (such as myself) can figure them out easily and have a good time using them. They clean up easy, store easy, and are just all around fun. The only problem I had was adjusting them to a comfortable height where they weren't cutting into my skin. They still get 5 stars!

I am so happy that we got this swing. It is probably our best investment so far. We will definitely get a lot of use from it in the near future.

I would have to say this sex swing is definitely worth the money. I absolutely loved it and had a great time!

Not exactly a traditional swing, this two piece set from Pipedream is a dream to use. It'll hold up a wide variety of weights and sizes, with the only real limits being the weight capacity of the door/frame and if you can fit into the cuffs. It travels really well, and hides away really well. A worthwhile investment for sure.

Calling all adventurous couples! If you like to get creative, can literally hold your own weight without getting too out of breathe, and like to work for your sexual rewards...this door harness will provide a lot of pleasure. It doesn't do all the work itself though. Don't expect to be held up without helping yourself too. It did aid in some positioning and was fun to use.

Anyone looking for a type of swing would love this. It's inexpensive, but sturdy - a bargain for the price!

For those who desire a sex swing but don't want to take the expensive plunge or for couples who live in small spaces and are looking for something to liven up their sex lives. This is a must have.

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