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Shower pouf

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Exfoliating your entire body has never been so easy with this wonderful shower pouf! Feel like you have brand new skin each and every time you take a bath or shower, and no need to worry about leaving this cute pouf out in the open either!


Inexpensive for quality, lathers nicely, cute appearance.


  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    The texture of this pouf is slightly rough if pressure is applied with it, though this is beneficial. This allows for the pouf to scrape away dead skin and debris that have accumulated through the day and leaves you with a nice glow. The fresh skin feels softer and almost like you've been given new skin! The pouf is small enough to fit in one hand, but large enough to cover a nice area.

    Pink is the main color of the pouf, white for the ribbon with the logo imprinted on it. The ribbon is great for hanging the pouf somewhere in your bath or shower, and is sturdy so that it won't fall off of the pouf like some of the cheaper ones sometimes do. The ribbon is also nice because there is nothing sharp or protruding with it. On occasion, the ropes used on shower poufs leave a rough edge somewhere inside from the glue or stitching. Because this is not there, you do not need to worry about which side of the pouf you are using!

    Principessa Beauty also lists this pouf at a price of $4.99, which may seem expensive for a shower pouf, but really, it is not. In perspective, poufs at places like the Dollar Store are cheaply made and the mesh often falls apart after several uses. On you will find your cheapest pouf at $2.97, but you must add on over $8 in shipping. You will pay even more at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, so really, for the money you are getting quality and function.

  • Taste / Aroma:

    There is no smell or taste to the pouf, though this is not something that is edible. Though a quick rinsing of the pouf is recommended just to make sure it is clean, you will not need to worry about washing it to reduce any type of smell.

  • Performance:

    This shower pouf is fantastic for exfoliating your body and cleaning off. Because of the loose mesh, it is less likely to cause bacteria to grow. It is typically recommended for tight mesh poufs to be replaced monthly, so this extends the life of your pouf! The lather you will get on this shower device is great, much more than on a wash cloth, and the lather does not drip off of the mesh easily like it may with some other poufs!

    To clean, you may use water and antibacterial soap, though the pouf is mostly self cleaning while being used!

    Also, this is excellent for those living with room mates or a family, because one would never suppose that this adorable pouf was purchased on an adult toy website, as there is nothing leading to that conclusion!

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