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Product: Soft touch door swing
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What makes it awesome

  • This robust and fully adjustable soft-touch door swing supports weight up to 330 pounds.
  • The seat, hand straps, and footrests are adjustable for optimal comfort.
  • Easy set up over any door and compact size make it perfect for racy fun anytime, anywhere.
  • The soft faux fur-lined seat and footrests support you gently while you play wild.

A closer look

Set up a 100% orgasmic rendezvous with your bae and sweep them off their feet by trying out the wildest positions with this fun-tastic soft-touch door swing. Throw the metal bars over the door and get comfortable in the swing enjoying the arousing plushy touch of faux fur on your cheeks. Standing up, rocking, any position is within your reach - no more discomfort, just limitless pleasure.

Sexy play ideas

Design / Material

Material: Fleece / Neoprene

Color: Black

Length: 6'

Weight: 4 lb


Sex sling and support special features: Adjustable / Padded

Holds weight up to: 330 lb.

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: EdenFantasys

Catalog ID: ET41105

  • Some things are just impossible to do without the right tools. I love that it allows us to be intimate while I get to stand up, which is when I feel I can do my best "work".

  • If you're looking to step into a world of new sensations and pleasure, the Soft Touch Door Swing can offer you just that!

  • A great swing for those looking to spice things up with new positions or even those who enjoy a standing sex position just can't hold up their partners that long. The swing is easy to set up, can hold a very good amount of weight and packs away nicely for storage!

  • If you have never tried a sex swing, then I highly recommend starting out with this baby. It is easy to use, comfortable and has adjustable straps to fit your body better. It is definitely worth the money and will have you wanting to use it over and over again!

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