Sextrology - the Astrology of Sex and Sexes

Sextrology Book by Collins
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In sophisticated, uninhibited language, "Sextrology" candidly explores each sign of the zodiac through a unique, wholly original astrological philosophy. In this highly entertaining and illuminating treatise, Starsky + Cox uncover the naked truth behind each of the zodiacs twenty-four gender signs.

Featuring brainy, frank, and fearless discussions that are sure to feed the head and tickle the funny bone, if not other parts of the anatomy, the authors examine the sexual makeup of each sign in titillating detail; male, female, straight, and gay.

Within each profile, you'll find three parts:

*Sign + Mind - offers a comprehensive psychological reading, drawing from wide-ranging sources, ancient and modern.

*Body + Soul - exposes the individual's physical attributes from head to toe, as well as his or her mode of expression.

*Sex + Sexuality - details sexual behavior and attitudes, both inside and outside the bedroom.

And compatibility sections to evaluate all possible cosmic couplings, straight and gay.

From fantasies to favorite positions, erogenous zones to emotional needs, "Sextrology" will help you better comprehend yours and others' sexual character, improve your understanding of relationship roles, and find out what to expect from the new person in your life. No stone is left unturned in this intelligent and enlightening investigation of sex and the sexes that will onve again have people asking, "What's your sign?"

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    • sextoygeek
      Writer, rank 5.9/10

      I wasn't really expecting this book to be serious. I decided to get it because I thought it would be amusing and it is interesting to read. I was disappointed that my sign/gender did not describe me at all. I do think it could be a fun thing to pick up and read if you're interested in astrology.

    • Bila
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      All in all, I didn't find the book to be as sexy and fun as I expected. And while culture IS sexy, continuously losing track of what the authors were talking about (Galatea who?) was a bit of a turnoff. For me.

    • KatPawz2003
      Writer, rank 5.2/10

      Astrology is a very tricky topic to write about as there is a great deal of information out about it. Cox and Starsky wrote this book so that those people who are already familiar with astrology will be able to broaden their knowledge base, so that they can better help with relationship astrology. This is NOT the book for you if you are looking for a light, fun read, or something with entertainment value.

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    Customer comments

    • This looks like it'd be a fun read -- too bad it's discontinued.
    • Should be interesting.
    • amusing
    • Sounds really interesting, amusing read/conversation topic if anything!
    • :( pseudoscience has no place in my life.
    • Looks like a fun coffee table book
    • Interesting idea, but I just don't think I could take it seriously.
    • Great Book, Has alot of good info.
    • Cool! I'll have to check this out.
    • sounds funky
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    • Ha ha, sounds amusing enough. Will have to check it out.
    • I'm big on astrology. Definitely wish listed. :-)
    • Jessica
      Absolutely dumbfounding. Mind stimulating and freakishly correct in every way.
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