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"Tricks are to erotic play what spices are to eating," says bestselling author and sex educator Jay Wiseman, "a few carefully chosen ones make the experience more intense and pleasurable." In his book "Tricks to Please a Man," a companion piece to his now world famous "How to Make Good Sex Better," Wiseman details and explains over a 100 subtle, and not so subtle ways to excite, tease, and tempt the man in your life. All of the best tricks garnered from a wealth of informative sources and a lifetime of experience have been compiled in this handy volume for your enjoyment.

The book itself is separated into tricks by their classification; Basic, Manual, Oral, Enhanced, and the often overlooked (especially for men), Anal tricks. Besides the excellently written tricks section, the book features a short guide to setting the scene, and getting your partner ready, willing, and able to enjoy all the pleasures that await. This, combined with an Afterplay section that includes what to do when accidents happen, items to avoid, cleaning, and the all-too-important Viagra question, make this book an invaluable resource to own for a man or woman.

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    Jay Wiseman
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    Greenery Press
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    2003 year
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    Customer comments

    • interesting
    • Tips? how hard could it be.... arnt you almost there yet, my neck hurts!! ; )
    • My boyfriend always joked that all you needed to do was show up with condoms in one hand and a sandwich in the other. Hmmm...maybe there's more to know?
    • A mans perspective is always nice :)
    • Interesting.
    • looks good
    • Eh...i have confidence that my butt will be enough pleasure one day. I just need to learn to suck.
    • :) Tips are always good
    • Nice!
    • Could be interesting from my point of view.
    more reviews (13)
    • Looks hot!
    • I'm confused...wasn't this written by a man?
    • :)
    • neat
    • Looks interesting
    • Dont like the reviews very much
    • I think I might want to get this one!
    • I posted a question in the "forum" about loving couples that for one or the other partner (or both) thought the other person just was not a very good lover and how it affected the relationship. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you.
    • want it!
    • wishlisted!
    • What info? All these guides say the same things over and over. I wish a guy would write one of these tips and tricks gudes. I just think it is odd that women write about what men want. Guys--get your pen in hand!!!
    • I want this one. Can never have too much info when it comes to men!
    • Hmmm.
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