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Tricks to Please a Man

Book by Greenery Press

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Dry but Pleasurable

"Tricks to Please a Man" does a good job of covering information that will help you give a better handjob and blowjob as well as better anal sex and foreplay. The book can get a little dry, but if you play a little "game" to try out the book, it excites it quite a bit more.
Information is safe, Good tips, Safety-focused
A little dry, Hard to read cover-to-cover
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"Tricks to Please a Man" is a book written by Jay Wiseman and published by Greenery Press. The book is 146 pages long and includes 125 different "tricks". The book was published in 2003, so all of the safety information is still pretty relevant. There are seven chapters in this book. The book is a square book at seven inches across and seven inches tall. The book is the "male" companion to the "Tricks to Please a Woman" book (which is also sold here on EF).

For anyone who does any BDSM play, Jay Wiseman is one of those household names. He's one of those household names known for being one of the "safety nerds" of kink. His books are always heavy on the safety information, and he usually has a little bit of a boring writing style. He's written "SM 101" as well as "Erotic Bondage Handbook" (here on EF too.). This "Tricks" series also has other books in the series as well, but EF doesn't carry them.

The tricks read like something you'd get in a women's magazine like Cosmo. Not literally. Jay Wiseman's tricks are a lot more useful, but it's the same sort of style you'd expect like "125 Tips to Improve your Sex Life". Each little tip is accompanied by a full paragraph about the tip itself. The tips focus on the different chapters: Foreplay, Basic Tricks, Manual Tricks, Oral Tricks, Enhanced Tricks, and Anal Tricks. Each category has tips that are going to help you improve some of the pleasure you give from that activity. (For example, "Oral Tricks" will list ways to improve your blowjob such as using an ice cube or a cooling alcohol.)

Along with the regular tricks/tips in the book, Jay Wiseman also included articles about safety. Interspersed throughout the book are small little articles about the safety of the activities that he's recommending in the book. For example, there's an article on using "spicing" items during sex, information about anal sex, information about safe sex, and about some of "oops!" moments of sex.

I was impressed by this book's entertainment value. Like I said, Jay usually tends to be heavy on the safety and a little boring, but because this book was always flitting from tip to tip, I didn't get bored with the writing. I got bored with the tips, but honestly, how many tips can you read before you start to zone out a bit? I'd highly recommend using the "game" system listed below or just reading the book in chapters or you won't retain the information in the book.

I wouldn't call any of these tricks "amazingly inventive" for someone who experiments with sex toys on a regular basis. Things like "Use a vibrator" are things that some of us do on a daily basis. However, for people who do some of the tricks included in the book on a regular basis, I'd recommend using this book as more of a "game". Choose a random number from 1 through 125 and pick that number out of the book, and choose to do that activity. This allows you to add some novelty to what you normally would do as well as employ some of the techniques in the book. After all, there must be a couple in this book that you haven't done.

This book was written towards heterosexual women with a male partner. Jay Wiseman notes that the tips will work for anyone who is trying to pleasure male genitalia but says he wrote the book towards heterosexual women for ease of reading. The book seems to be directed towards people who enjoy an average sex life (no vibrators, maybe some bondage once or twice, and anal sex on someone's birthday, etc.) but are looking for some way to better pleasure the man in the relationship.

The neat thing about this book is that, if Jay suggests it, you know it's safe. He's such a stickler for safe sex that you don't even have to worry about him suggesting silly "Cosmo" things like eating chocolate out of the vagina.

The book is a good book though. Jay Wiseman made a nice little series in these two Trick books, and while not really able to read straight through, you can still read the book and get some tips to try during your next sexual encounter. I'm not exactly blown away by the book, but it does a great job of giving you interesting ways to pleasure a man.
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    One of the "tricks" you mention for a blow job is to use ice cubes (fine and safe) or a cooling alcohol. If the book is referring to topical alcohol, I doubt that this is healthy for the penis or mouth!! If the author is referring to a drinking alcohol, such as "creme de menthe", I don't think it would be ver comfortable for the penis (the mouth would have a good time, but the penis...not so sure.
  • arewehavingfun?
    I posted a question in the "forum" asking about loving relationships but where the sex for one partner, or both, was not pleasing. I am interested if you discussed it with your partner and how it affected the relationship. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you very much.
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    About the use of alcohol, what if you just swished some creme de menthe around in your mouth and swallowed prior to giving oral?
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    Great review. I am reading the book now and doing a review on it. It is a bit dry but only read for a little bit then have to stop or I get lost and forget where I am at.
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