NMC Ltd Buttplug flexihead rippled - Vibrating anal plug from NMC Ltd

Buttplug flexihead rippled Vibrating anal plug by NMC Ltd
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  • Buttplug flexihead rippled - Vibrating anal plug
  • Buttplug flexihead rippled - Vibrating anal plug
  • Buttplug flexihead rippled - Vibrating anal plug
  • Buttplug flexihead rippled - Vibrating anal plug
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Product summary and comments by jive.9


If you have nothing shaped like this in your toy box, I would give it a try. It is not meant for wearing around the house, and sitting, if you must, is not the easiest. The 10 different vibration rhythms makes it fun for sure!

Best use:

Catalog ID: NMCFVD098A

UPC: 4892503124033

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    jive.9's opinion
    The Flexihead Buttplug is made of silicone and, of course, some plastic at the base. This makes it wonderful for anyone who might have a latex allergy or are even nervous about if they have one. There is really not much of any smell to the item which, is always a plus. It is usually a turnoff when your toy has a strong odor.

    The actual bumps and texture of the silicone part are smooth. There isn't a seam going down it to ruin it's wonderful shape.

    According to the Eden safety scale, with this toy being silicone, this is about as safe of a material as you can get, with it being rated a 10. The plastic base falls below a 9 to an 8, which is also still very good. The materials chosen in this toy are pretty good! As far as the toy being flexible... for the most part it really only gives between the base and the first "bump". I would say this is the most important part of the toy to be flexible, as the rest of the toy pretty much doesn't give that much give. I really don't think the surface has much "drag" to it. Even dry, the surface is pretty smooth. As with any anal toy, there should be plenty of lube around when you use it, but I don't think this toy needs "extra".
  • Design / Shape / Size

    5 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    4 1/4"
    1 1/4"
    0.4 lb
    jive.9's opinion
    The design itself is very good for feeling the rippled effect. The bumps feel very nice on their way in and out. Personally I wish it had a smaller base, and his means on the bottom of the shaft part as well as the actual base where the buttons and batteries are. It does get the job done, but I wish it was flared more so that if you were to get up and walk around it did not want to vibrate itself back out. Also, the large base is not designed at all to the shape of the butt cheeks. With any movement you make around the home, a hand needs to be kept on the base so that it stays put.

    As far as the design of the button, I think that is pretty well thought out. The button is recessed enough that if you sit or rest on something, the button does not get accidentally pushed. Some other products like this may include a button that lights up when on. This may have been an added bonus that would have made this toy that much more special.

    The package states that it is 4.5" long. I would say that the actual insertable length is about 4". From top to bottom the whole toy is almost 6" long. The bulges are about an 1.25" in diameter. They all seem to be about the same size and there are four of them. There really isn't a "popping" feeling between bulges, it is a pretty smooth transition from one to the next. I think the base is comfortable to hold for most people regardless of the size of their hands. It is rounded and the actual bottom is curved too. I think this would make a good second or third anal toy.
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
    jive.9's opinion
    The motor seems to be strictly located in the end bulb. It seems to work pretty well this way, but I wonder how it would feel if it were located further down the toy.

    The controls are conveniently located dead center on the bottom on the base. This is a very good location and I think the best solution for any toy that has the control located directly on it. The only thing that would make this more interesting is for it to have a remote, but this has its drawbacks as well.

    How noisy is it? I actually think it is kind of loud, which doesn't really bother me too much. It is also a friendly reminder of what is going on down there.

    The packaging states that it is waterproof. I think that is is sealed up pretty well, but the only time I am going to need this feature is when it comes to cleaning it. I shouldn't have to worry about water getting in where it shouldn't be.

    The functions of the Flexihead Rippled are all in the vibrations. I really think this depends on what the individual likes. For the people using this, there are 10 different rhythms for you to pick from. The more choices the better, and 10 is a pretty good amount.
    The patterns are as follows:
    1. High Vibrating
    2. Med Vibrating
    3. Low Vibrating
    4. Step
    5. Hi Lo
    6. Dip
    7. High Pulse
    8. High Steeplechase
    9. Low Steeplechase
    10. Low Pulse

    You can't control the actual speed like some dial type vibrators, you have to pick one of these options. I don't think this toy is very discreet in the sound department. In a quiet house I am sure you could hear it through a door in the next room. The sound of a shower may help, but might not do cover it entirely.

    Even in your hand you can feel the power. It does not necessarily make your fingers numb when on, but it is definitely strong.

    In order to turn this on, just hit the one button, pick your setting, and enjoy. If you want to turn it off, all you have to do is hold down the button for three seconds and off it goes. This is good so you can turn it off at any time and not have to cycle through all the settings back to off. The controls of this toy make it very user friendly even for the first time user.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Care and cleaning:
    Dishwasher safe / Soap and water
    jive.9's opinion
    There is no actual storage case or bag that comes with this toy, but I found that you can reuse the package to safely store your toy in when not in use. After cleaning I just pop it back into the bubble pack it came with for now.

    I find that when I shop for a toy, I am really only looking at the toy. If it comes with a separate case, that is just an added bonus.

    As far as cleaning... the fact that it is waterproof a savior. The ridge where the base connects to the shaft is a pain to clean, but it can be done. It is hard to get into that area to make sure it is clean.
    When picking a lube, I would make sure to pick something that is water based.
  • Packaging

    jive.9's opinion
    So the package can be used as a "storage box" for now. It may not be the best and longest lasting solution, but it definitely works for now.

    To somewhat of a surprise, the buttplug actually comes with separate instructions on a little piece of paper. I find that a lot of toys do not have much of any instruction and the fact that this one has something is always good.
  • Personal comments

    jive.9's opinion
    Yes this is a rippled-designed toy. I think for some, an added bonus would be if the toy had a little variation to the size of the ripples going down it. A little variety is sometimes good, but the way it is out of the box is also just fine.

    What does it take to power the fun? Three AAA batteries as you can see here...


    I would recommend that you put this toy in something for storage as it may attract lint. This is why I just use the plastic packaging to store it. It is easier to keep it clean than to have to clean it in the moment before use. When you clean it I would use warm water and soap, or maybe even a toy cleaner, but I would not boil this as the plastic base should not go in and it may damage the motor inside with such extreme heat.

    The packaging is not sexy like some but definitely looks nice. There are no lewd pictures on it, just descriptions of its features, size, and functions. It does look fun if you were to give it as a gift, as long as you are giving this to someone that you know would appreciate it.
  • Experience

    jive.9's opinion
    When you use this, it is good to keep a hand back there at least some of the time. Having a partner would help make that experience even better, I think. I am impressed with the quality of this toy. It seems like it will hold up for a long time to come. If it ever broke I would maybe get this again. I only say maybe because it seems like the same kind of toy is offered in different shapes. Next time I would shoot for something that flares out more and is really slim at the base. I rated this toy how I did because it is a good quality item that is definitely fun, but at the same time did not drive me crazy. That would get the top mark. I am definitely glad to have it in my collection!

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