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The Tenticle Magic is an easy to use vibrator great for beginners and more advanced users alike. It's covered in textured nubs which add stimulation when using it internally or externally. The design of the toy doesn't feature a flared base, so users should be careful if they choose to use this vibrator anally. This vibrator is discreet, because of its quiet vibrations, smaller size, and included storage bag.


Textured surface, body safe silicone, batteries included, and a storage bag is included.


Uses N-1 batteries, not the safest anal toy, and only one speed.

Best use:

The Tenticle Magic by NMC Ltd is a product advertised as a "Power Pink Butt Tool." However, it doesn't feature the traditional flared base found on most anal toys. Considering the lack of a flared base and smaller size of this product, it is advised that caution and a firm grip on the ring handle should be employed when using it anally. Using this vibrator with a partner might be a good idea if using it anally since they might be able to get a better grip on the ring. The Tenticle Magic features a textured silicone body which provides additional stimulation while thrusting or rubbing against the body. Users who enjoy texture may be interested in this vibe and the columns of bumps it has to offer. More sensitive users may find the texture overly stimulating or in some cases painful. This vibrator can be used on many other erogenous zones besides the one that the "Power Pink Butt Tool" slogan implies. It can be used externally to stimulate the clitoris, vaginal walls, nipples, perineum, anal opening and can even be inserted vaginally.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Tenticle Magic is made out of soft, pink, textured silicone. Silicone is non-porous, Phthalates free, hypo-allergenic and one of the safest materials a sex toy can be made of. The battery compartment cap and ring handle are made out of hard plastic. The silicone exterior of the vibrator is attached to the bullet inside and therefore cannot be attached. This vibrator shouldn't be boiled for sterilization or placed in a dishwasher since it cannot be separated from its bullet. Some users may want to use a condom if they plan on sharing the vibrator, or using it both anally and vaginally.

    The vibrator is bendable except in the area that the bullet is located. The body of the vibrator is made up of three round ridges and an oval shaped bulb at the top. The Tentacle Magic has four equally spaced columns that each have three oval shaped raised nubs. The texture could be considered too intense for some users and this product may be best suited for those who know they enjoy texture or more advanced users.

    Material safety
    Bulged / Nubbed / Smooth
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The Tenticle Magic is a vibrator with a length of 5 1/2", an insertable length of 3 3/4" and a diameter of 1 1/4". The body is made up of three circular ridges and a larger oval shaped ridge at the top. It's covered in twelve evenly spaced textured bumps. The smaller stature of the vibrator makes it suitable for beginners; however, the texture could be considered a little more advanced. After the bottom ridge on the vibrator is the battery cap which has the words "on" and "Off" and arrows showing which way to turn the battery cap to turn the vibrator on and off. Attached to the battery cap is a ring slightly larger than the diameter of the toy. This ring acts as a handle so the user has a firm grip during use. This vibrator doesn't have a flared base, so if you choose to use it anally, make sure the battery compartment is closed securely and you have a good grip on the handle.

    When the ring handle is turned to the right the battery cap twists off to reveal the battery compartment. The vibe is powered by one N-1 battery, which is inserted with the pronged side down. The battery cap is pressed against the battery compartment and turned to the left to close. When the battery cap is turned all the way to the left it turns the vibrator on.

    The toy is bright pink and looks like some kind of sex toy. When the vibrator is placed in the included storage pouch it becomes a little more discreet. The smaller size of the vibe and the storage pouch make it easy to travel with.

    5 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    3 3/4"
    4 1/4"
    1 1/4"
    5.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The Tenticle Magic is turned on by turning the ring all the way to the left. The vibe has one moderately intense level of constant vibration. The vibrations of this toy are fairly quiet and sound like a low hum that is barely audible unless you are listening for it. The vibrations are felt slightly stronger at the base of the toy where the bullet is located, but they can also be felt fairly strongly at the tip of the toy.

    Although this vibe has an o-ring to keep the water out, it should only be placed under the faucet or used in the shower, with the battery compartment twisted all the way to the left. If the battery compartment isn't completely closed than water may be able to get inside. The instructions state "This product cannot provide water resistance in the bath or in the pool. Waterproof can only be provided when in the shower or while it is being cleaned with water." Therefore, you should never submerge this vibrator, or you'll risk breaking it.

    Special Features:
    • Batteries included
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Pressure activated
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Tenticle Magic vibe should only be used with water based lubes, because anything else could potentially damage the silicone. Although the material itself doesn't have an odor, it takes on the smell of the things it comes into contact with. For example, after washing it with a floral scented soap, the user may be able to detect a similar smell on the vibe. The Tenticle Magic can be washed with hot water and antibacterial soap. Make sure the battery compartment is securely closed before running it under the faucet.

    Cleaning the vibrator both before and after use is recommended since the silicone feels slightly sticky and particles easily attach to its surface. It is also recommended that the vibe is washed between using it anally and vaginally. Make sure that the vibrator is completely dry before placing it in the storage pouch to avoid bacteria or mold from possibly growing.

  • Packaging:

    The Tenticle Magic comes packaged in a plastic container that is easily pulled open and can be snapped closed for storage purposes. The vibrator also comes with a light purple drawstring bag for it to be stored in. The bag is about double the length of the vibrator, so you'll have plenty of room for the vibe, instructions, batteries, etc. The plastic packaging has a piece of laminated paper inside with the name and information about the product. It also features pictures of pink flowers and leafy designs. The back of the paper has information about the product in multiple languages in very small font. The font is so small that many users may be unable to read it without the use of a magnifying glass. The small print states "This product is not intended for therapeutic purposes and is recommended for external use only. Prolonged and frequent use is not advised or recommended as these items are sold for novelty purposes only. This product should be used with discretion." Users should keep these warnings in mind when using this vibe. The back of the paper also shows a picture of how to insert the battery, how to control the vibrator and pictures of the other vibrators in the Tenticle Magic line. The front of the package also has a small cut out area that has a circular piece of silicone sticking out of it, much like the silicone that the vibrator is composed of, so the user can feel the material before purchasing it.

    The Tenticle Magic comes with an instruction pamphlet which unfolds to reveal directions on how to insert the batteries and operate the vibrator in multiple different languages. The pamphlet features "battery diagrams" of how to insert the batteries, but it doesn't show a picture of how to insert the batteries on this particular vibe. The instructions also includes a warnings area which includes the disclaimer "The supplier bears no responsibility for this product should the product be mistreated." The vibrator comes with two N-1 batteries, one to power the vibe and one as a back up.

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