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Product summary and comments by Carrie Ann


The Nuclear Lime Flicker Tip bullet is nifty. It glows in the dark and has a squishy coating that provides a nice buffer between the hard plastic underneath and your sensitive bits. It's moderately strong and easy to use and control. Overall, it's a solid little bullet with the bonus of a flickering, teasing tip that will wriggle and writhe to tease and delight just about any area - especially effective on nipples and testicles.

Best use:

Catalog ID: TO1071010

  • Material / Texture

    Plastic / TPR
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Carrie Ann's opinion
    The Nuclear Lime Flicker Tip Bullet (hereby known as the NLFTB to save my fingers) is made from plastic and TPR. The controller is bright, green plastic, the bullet coated in glittery, neon TPR that reminds me of that sparkle-y finish you used to see on boats in the 80s - only squishy and not quite as gaudy.

    The TPR is not a sleeve. It's done as a coating, like the bullet was dipped into it. It's thin yet still squishy enough to provide a nice buffer between the hard plastic bullet underneath and the body, especially if you like to apply pressure.

    The TPR coating ends just at the connecting wire, coating a bit of it, too, so that you can't see where it joins the bullet.

    The material is a bit tacky, like all TPR, jelly and elastomer toys tend to be but not sticky. It does pick up some lint but doesn't have a heavy smell or taste. It sort of reminds me of the smell of the clay we used to use in art class.

    It also glows in the dark. For reals! Expose it to sunlight or lamp light for a bit, then turn off the lights. It glows like an eerie, ghostly sperm! Handy for finding your bits in the dark or, you know, scaring the crap out of your sleeping partner.

    The wriggling spermy thing at the tip of the bullet is the same material, part of the coating, only without any plastic underneath it so it's just a slim little wriggler and you're unable to apply much pressure to it before it stops wriggling.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    3 3/4"
    1 1/8"
    5.5 oz
    Carrie Ann's opinion
    The NLFTB is pretty much a run of the mill, old school bullet - wired, with the wire permanently in place (rather than jacked) and a slider control panel. The cord is 30" long, plenty of length to reach from hand to whatever part of the body you're stimulating - unless you like to vibrate your toes, then you'll have to bend over some but you'll be doing that to reach your toes anyhow...

    Bullet and controller can easily be tucked away into a purse, drawer, bag, whatever, but batteries should be removed if traveling with it as the slider control is easy to nudge and you don't want it to start wriggling in your bag unexpectedly.

    It's typical bullet size; 3 inches long, just over an inch in diameter with a 4"x1" control pack. Absolutely easily managed by any level of user. Bullets are one of those toys that are really only used externally and are enjoyed by most, being easy to figure out, simple and effective.
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Special Features:
    • Glow in the dark
    Control type:
    Control pack
    Powered By:
    Carrie Ann's opinion
    Lots of modern bullets are super fancy, with light shows and multiple buttons and patterns and craziness. The NLFTB takes you back to basics. The control pack has a slide off door for batteries at the back and a simple slider control; slide it down to turn it on (a red light will come on above the control), keep sliding it to go from low to high. There really is no medium - as you slide it toward the middle it gets slightly higher than low but not enough to be noticeable, then goes right to high.

    Vibrations are strong throughout the entire bullet and make the wriggling, sperm tip... well, wiggle and waggle. It flickers from slow to super fast and it's in the tip you can notice the medium speed a bit more.

    I really like this day glo thing. It's squishy enough to be comfortable to me - I'm not a huge fan of hard, ungiving bullets and quite enjoy a bit of plushness around the hard plastic. The flickering tip doesn't do much for me but it is a fun tease, especially in someone else's hands. If you let your partner tease you with it for long enough, you will be writhing and whimpering for more - not more of the teasing but more, more, more, c'MON, give me some pressure! sort of more. (That may only make sense to me. Sorry. Not enough coffee this morning)

    This vibe is relatively quiet for a bullet, can be heard thru covers but probably not thru a closed door. It's not waterproof and the wires are not going to hold up to long time, every day use. Because it's not jacked but permanently attached, it will go the way of most bullets of that sort - eventually the wires will pinch or bend and it will stop working. But while it lasts, I intend to enjoy it.

    It's not the strongest bullet I've ever felt but it's different and dependable.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Carrie Ann's opinion
    Because this bullet isn't waterproof, use care when cleaning. A wipe with a soapy washcloth, then a wipe with a clean, damp cloth should do fine. Toy wipes or spray toy cleaners also work well. You're only going to want to use this externally since inserting means you'd have to yank on the wires to remove it - and we all know wires are not a good retrieval cord! - so it won't get too gunked up with messiness.

    TPR can be used with water or silicone based lube but avoid oils as they may damage the coating.

    Store by itself, in a plastic baggy of some sort - or, do like I do and hit the wedding department at the dollar store. They have organza bags for wedding favors for - you guessed it! - one dollar and they work great for storing bullets and such. Just don't let it rub against your other toys because the material can degrade or even melt and warp. Try to keep it cool, too. Don't leave it on a sunny window sill. It's not a chia pet.
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