Mini silver torpedo Bullet discontinued

Catalog ID: SE110805
Vibration Power: Intense
Noise level: Low
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Product: Mini silver torpedo
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This item is discontinued.
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What makes it awesome

A closer look

Quiet mini bullet with multi-speed power pack

How it works

Enjoy the orgasm-inducing 4 out of 5 vibration intensity

Emits a phone-on-vibrate [bold |3 out of 5 level noise

Functions: Multispeed / Vibrating

Control pack for easy pattern switching

Powered By: Aa-2

How small it is

Length: 2"

Circumference: 2 1/4"

Diameter: 3/4"

Weight: 0.2 lb

How it looks

Color: Silver

How it feels

Made from plastic to conduct vibrations / Hard plastic for unmuffled vibration feel

Smooth texture for gliding with less lube

Safety features: Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: California Exotic

Catalog ID: SE110805

  • What can I say? It's very powerful for a small toy! I am satisfied each and every time I use it.

  • Once again, for the value that Cal Exotics provides, this mini bullet is a must-buy. Trust me when I say that the size does NOT matter. This bullet provides the punch and it will definitely be used often going forward.

  • Small size. Great power! And low price!

  • This toy is easy to use, discreet and perfect for solo play or foreplay with your partner. You will love using this Mini with other toys and with your partner.

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