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Luxury clitoral vibrator - Spirit - view #1 Luxury clitoral vibrator - Spirit - view #2 Luxury clitoral vibrator - Spirit - view #3 Luxury clitoral vibrator - Spirit - view #4 Luxury clitoral vibrator - Spirit - view #5
Intensity level
5 vrooms
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2 bees


Spirit is one of Leaf's external vibrators. Easy to hold and powerful, Spirit is a good pick for those who like moderate to somewhat higher power levels. It offers pinpoint precision wrapped in high quality silicone. Spirit is rechargeable as well as waterproof. The discreet design is easy on the eyes and works out perfectly when used. The easy to use controls and vibrant color top off the lovely package that is Spirit.


Powerful and rumbly vibrations, high quality silicone, ergonomic, pinpoint tip, easy to use controls


Short battery life, power shifts when pressure is applied
  • Material / Texture:

    Spirit is made of silicone. Silicone is rated a 10 on Eden's safety scale due to it's non-porous nature. The silicone featured on Spirit has a medium amount of drag to it. This may be considered a benefit to some in an external vibrator, but lube can always be added for those that prefer a nice glide. The silicone is soft but not squishy. It has a velvety finish, but not quite buttery.

    There is a seam that runs down the toy. There is also writing on the top of the toy where the charging port is located. The manual states that this is required by international law. It includes battery information, the Leaf logo, and the Power Bullet logo. The writing takes up most of the top of the toy. It is the same color as the toy itself and only raised slightly. It is visible from about two feet away.

    There is no smell to the silicone. There is a slight silicone taste that dissipates quickly from the tongue.

    Aside from the writing, Spirit is a smooth toy. There is no added texture such as bumps or ridges.

    The silicone featured on Spirit is clearly high quality. The texture and material can be used by beginners or advanced users so long as a smooth texture is preferred.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    Spirit is a petite toy, made to be held easily in the hand. It is 2.75" in length. The wider end is 1.75" in diameter while the smaller end is only .5" in diameter.

    It is about the size of my middle finger in length, but much wider. Here you can see it held from the side as well as held flat for size reference as well as dimensions.

    The size of Spirit makes it incredibly easy to hold and use. It is not so big that you feel you are wielding a weapon nor so small that you constantly lose grip of the toy during use.

    The shape of Spirit makes it stand out from other external vibrators on the market. It is shaped like it came from nature. It curves naturally to the body. One end widens while the other comes to a point. Here you can see the shape from two different angles:

    The small tip allows for perfect precision of whatever area you are trying to hone in on. The toy can be held with your fingers resting along the curve or griping the larger end of the toy. Either way is comfortable, even after extended periods of time. The curve of the toy rests perfectly along the curve of the body, meaning you can easily rest this without having to constantly readjust the position of the toy. It will naturally fall where it should.

    The leaf design makes this one of the most discreet vibrators you will run across. You could easily leave this out and have it mistaken for a piece of art or Zen garden addition. Always remember that at some point someone might question why the art vibrates, so if in doubt it's always best to hide things away.

    The small size of Spirit makes it very easy to hide. It comes with its own pouch for storage which is also small. This can then be stored in a night stand or drawer for safe keeping. It is also a perfect size for travel and includes a locking feature.

    2 3/4"
    4 1/4"
    1 3/4"
    The set includes:
    • Spirit massager
    • Storage bag
    • Charger
    1 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    There is only one needed to control Spirit. It is located on the top of the vibrator in the center of the widest part of the toy. The control is simple to use, but does work differently than other toys. It works the same as the Jopen vibrators, so if you're familiar with those, picking up the Leaf control will be simple. The button is easy to press. The location may cause issues for some users with accidentally pressing the control during use.

    To turn on Spirit, simply press the button once. To turn up the power, hold down the button until the desired power level is obtained and then release the button. To continue to turn up, repeat the process. To turn off, press the button again. There is no way to turn the power down once it is turned up. You would have to turn the vibrator off and get to the lower power setting. To lock, press the button three times while turned off. To unlock, do the same.

    There are not a set number of settings on Spirit due to the nature of the controls. It is a rolling power increase, meaning that the speeds gradually increase from the lowest to highest setting and all speeds in between are potential options. There are no patterns to choose from, only constant vibrations at differing speeds.

    At the lowest setting, Spirit will operate at a low rumble coming in at one vroom on the Eden scale. This can be gradually increased up to a low level five vrooms on the Eden scale. A low level five vrooms puts this at a lower power than the MiMi, Salsa, and Tango. It makes it more powerful than the Zini Seed. It feels less powerful than the We Vibe Touch to the hand, but more powerful than the Touch when in actual use. The vibrations lose a small amount of power when pressure is applied.

    The vibrations are low in pitch. They are not surface level and penetrate the skin. They vibrate down the hand when held. They are rumbly and not buzzy.

    The vibrations are located in the middle of the vibrator and radiate down into the tip but not the wider end. When pressure is applied, the vibrations seem to move more into the center and away from the tip. The vibrations will not get into the end that your hand will rest on and there should be no numbing issues.

    Spirit on high is less noisy than a cell phone's vibrate mode. It can be heard ever so slightly through covers but not through a closed door.

    The manual lists Spirit as a waterproof toy. The charging port is left open. If submerged in water, a bubble will form around the charging port to protect the motor of the toy, thus making it waterproof.

    Spirit is rechargeable. It connects through a plug in the middle of the toy. Charge time is two hours. While charging, a light will glow at the location of the button. When charging is complete, the light will turn off. The maximum battery life on a two hour charge is one hour and fifteen minutes, as per the manual. When run on high, the average time was approximately 40 minutes.

    Special Features:
    • Multispeed
    • Powerful
    • Quiet
    • Rechargeable
    • Small size
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Since Spirit is waterproof, care is simple. You can wash this with soap and water, toy cleaner, toy spray, or just clean off with a wipe. There are no bumps or ridges to be concerned about taking extra care with.

    Only water based lubes should be used with Spirit. Silicone lube could potentially destroy the silicone material of the toy.

    Leaf includes a pouch for storage. If you decide not to use this, Spirit should be stored away from other silicone toys. Silicone against silicone could also degrade the material.

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water
  • Packaging:

    Spirit comes in a brown box that looks very eco-friendly. The front says "Spirit" and "Leaf." The back has a small image of the general shape of the toy as well as some information about the eco-friendly characteristics of the toy and packaging.

    The box opens to reveal a very simple insert that includes the instructions, the Spirit itself, the charger, and the pouch. The packaging is nice in that it keeps with the natural feel of the line.

    The instructions come in various languages and include troubleshooting and diagrams. The pouch is large enough to hold the manual, charger, and Spirit itself.

    The packaging is discreet and could be used for gift giving. While the pouch is most ideal for storage, you could use the original packaging if you had the space.

  • Experience:

    If you've seen me around on the forums, you'll know I've been obsessed with the Leaf line since the day I found out about them. I stalked the Leaf site each day, waiting for the release. As a fan of Jopen (which is a cousin to Leaf by relation to Swan - the makers of the Leaf line), I was excited to see the Power Bullet motor featured in an external vibrator. Would this be the Mimi rival I'd been waiting for? Could this be the next "collect them all" line for me?

    Well, for me there were good and bad things to Spirit. The fact that it's silicone was an automatic plus in my book. The shape of Spirit is perfect. I mean, absolutely perfect. It cradles against my body and curves to my hand. I almost feel as if I'm holding nothing and using this feels totally natural. The controls are easy to use, as I've gotten well accustom to the Jopen controls. The pinpoint tip is perfect for my own preferences.

    The power on this was good, but not quite great. I was really hoping the Leaf line would rival the Mimi and it just isn't that powerful. As a girl that needs some serious power externally, I was hoping this would be an earth shattering power line. Now, Spirit does pack a mean punch. Spirit is easily one of the more powerful external vibrators I've run across. I can easily orgasm with Spirit, it's just not the mind numbing orgasm that I get from Mimi. However, I can use this without having to reach for Mimi afterward, so it serves as more than just a warm up for me. The rumbly tone to the vibrations really helps as well.

    There's two things that really knock Spirit down for me. First is how it reacts when you apply pressure. The motor is located in the center, but feels more like it is located in the tip. When you apply pressure, it feels like the motor shifts back more towards the center and the vibrations are taken away somewhat. This reminds me ever so slightly of the infamous Form 2 glitch where the vibrations would randomly kick out of the ears and go into the base. It's not that they lose a ton of power (which happened with the Form 2), but the rhythm gets thrown off and it really messes me up.

    The biggest nail in the coffin for Spirit was the battery life. I killed my Spirit in less than one session with it. I got about 40 minutes (used on high) with each charge. Considering the length of time I spend with each solo or partner session, this makes Spirit a less than one full use (in most cases) toy for me. I hate when I'm almost there and something dies on me and that happened numerous times with Spirit. I feel like it lives on the charger.

    So, my final word is that while I really do like Spirit and think it will get a good amount of use, there are some flaws that prevent this from being a top toy for me. It's really a devastating blow considering how very much I lusted after this line. I'm happy with it, I'm just not as overjoyed as I'd hoped to be.

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