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Key Charms lace

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Discreet massager - Key Charms lace - view #1 Discreet massager - Key Charms lace - view #2 Discreet massager - Key Charms lace - view #3 Discreet massager - Key Charms lace - view #4 Discreet massager - Key Charms lace - view #5
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The Key Charms Lace offers a more high end experience than your average bullet vibrator. It offers multiple patterns of vibrations, a waterproof design, a quietly running motor, and a textured design that adds to the stimulation options.


Quiet, powerful, silicone, easy to turn off quickly, waterproof.


Takes a little extra work to keep clean, no "low" vibration setting.

Best use:

The Key Charms series by Jopen offers well made clitoral vibrators covered in a variety of textures. This toy, the Key Charms Lace, features a raised diamond pattern studded with dots on its surface. It is ideal for clitoral or other external stimulation, both alone or with a partner.
  • Material / Texture:

    The texture is what sets the Lace design apart from the other members of the Key Charms series. Although extremely sensitive users may find the raised bumps to be too much, others will enjoy experimenting with the sensations brought on by applying various amounts of pressure while gliding the bumpy surface across sensitive spots. If you are just holding this vibrator in one place, the texture won't make much difference, but as soon as you begin to move it around, the bumps can definitely be felt. The very tip of the toy is smooth, leaving it free to glide easily across the skin.

    The bright pink sleeve that covers the bullet is made from silicone, which means that it is non-porous and very body safe safe. Silicone is odorless and tasteless, and the kind used to cover this toy is velvety smooth. Silicone toys should not be used with silicone-based lubes, as the similar makeup can cause the toy to deteriorate.

    Material safety
    Nubbed / Ribbed
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    This toy is basically a slightly larger than average bullet inside of a silicone sleeve. There isn't anything to hold on to during use except the body of the toy itself, but as long as the last inch or so stays fairly dry, it's easy to keep a good grip on. It's about the length of an average finger, so by playing with angles you can stimulate anywhere from a small to a fairly large area.

    Although the design is not phallic, most people would probably guess what this is used for if they saw it. The small size and quiet motor make it convenient for travel, though.

    3 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    3 1/2"
    3 1/4"
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    Operating the Key Charms Lace is as easy as pressing a button. There is one button built into the lid of the battery chamber, and it controls everything. Pressing it once turns it on, and each additional push cycles through the five patterns of vibration. Holding down the button for three seconds will turn the toy off.

    The five settings for vibration are:
    *Steady vibration
    *Quick pulsing vibration
    *Long pulses that grow a bit stronger as they near their end
    *Short pulses
    *Two strong pulses followed by three small, quick ones

    All of the settings are fairly high in power. Unlike many toys, there is no "low" setting to build up from.

    The battery cap is fitted with an o-ring, which makes this toy waterproof, but it's a good idea to double check that the cap is sealed securely before submerging this in water. The toy operates off of one AA battery.

    This is an incredibly quiet toy. If used under a thick blanket, another person in the same room may not even hear it. It definitely won't be heard through a closed door.

    Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    • Powerful
    • Premium
    • Pulsating
    • Quiet
    • Travel
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Push button
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The lace pattern that makes this toy's surface unique also makes it a little hard to clean. All of those tiny ridges just love to collect fluid, so make sure to take a little extra care in scrubbing this down at the end of your play session. Although silicone can be boiled, you shouldn't toss this entire toy into a pot of water, since it has a plastic battery cap and motorized parts inside. Instead, it can be cleaned with soap and water, a toy cleaner, or toy wipes. Give it some time to dry before storing.

    All of the toys in the Key Charms series come with a small black drawstring bag that can be used for storage. Wherever you choose to store it, it's best to pick a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

    Care and cleaning:
    Dishwasher safe / Soap and water
  • Packaging:

    This toy excels when it comes to packaging! It comes in a black cardboard display box, with a front that flips open like a book cover to reveal the toy inside. The vibrator is nestled in a little velvety holding area made to fit its shape. It comes with a black drawstring bag that can be used for storing the toy, as well as two paper inserts full of information.

    The outside of the box is black with white print, and while it does say that it contains a "massager", it's fairly sedate as far as sex toy packaging goes. It's not especially eye-catching packaging, so it's unlikely to draw attention, and a child too young to read would have no visual clue about what's inside.

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