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G-spot vibrator - Form 6 - view #1 G-spot vibrator - Form 6 - view #2 G-spot vibrator - Form 6 - view #3 G-spot vibrator - Form 6 - view #4 G-spot vibrator - Form 6 - view #5 G-spot vibrator - Form 6 - view #6
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The Form 6 is truly an amazing and versatile vibrator. It's dual ended with motors in each end that provide vibrations ranging from a soft tickle to an out of control, throbbing buzz. The Form 6 is rechargeable, completely waterproof and ideal for nearly any kind of stimulation you desire as the vibrations can be felt over every inch of the toy, not just the ends. It's gorgeous to look at, easy to use and comes with a storage box that doubles as its charger. Perfect form.


Dual motors, digital vibrations, strong,intense, velvety silicone, 5 levels and 6 modes of vibration


Slightly loud, small high pitched underlying whine at low speeds, bleaching not recommended

Best use:

The Form 6 is truly a remarkable, versatile and luxurious toy.

Want clitoral stimulation? No problem. Want to massage your entire vulva? No problem. Want to vibrate the tension out of your shoulders? You guessed it, no problem. How about insertion? No problem. G-spot stimulation? No problem.

Anywhere you want deep, throbbing, diffused, intense vibrations with the option to have them pulsate as well as range from a light buzz to a crazy vroom, the Form 6 has you covered.

It has two motors and is double sided with a thinner end and a thicker end yet every inch of the toy carries the vibrations so there is no real "pin point" area of the toy you need to use. You can rub and massage and press with any surface of the toy and get good, solid stimulation. (Though you'll find favorite areas and sweet spots that work for you, I'm sure)

It's rechargeable, completely waterproof - even submerged in the tub, has digital vibration modes, travel friendly buttons and a one year warranty.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Jimmyjane Form 6 is completely covered with body safe, phthalate free, matte silicone with a small metal band around the neck of the smaller end of the toy.

    The silicone is firm; there is no bend to this toy at all nor is there any texture other than the slight amount of friction and drag that matte silicone provides. The silicone is a smooth, velvety expanse broken only by the metal band around the neck of the smaller end. The metal band is noticeable as a slight dip on either side but is still insertable and not the least bit uncomfortable unless you're thrusting very, very vigorously.

    As always, silicone has virtually no smell or taste.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The design of the Form 6 is as close to flawless as I've seen yet.

    The smaller end measures in at a 1.25 inch diameter while the larger bulges up to a whopping 1.75 inches at it's widest point, making it ideal for those who prefer small toys as well as those who may like a good bit of size and filling thickness.

    Either end, as well as the entire surface of the toy, can be used for external stimulation as vibrations truly do suffuse throughout.

    The smaller end works exceptionally well as a g-spot stimulator and the non-slippery silicone means you can get a very good grip on the opposite end if you like to thrust or rock the toy inside you. It also provides a small bit more pinpoint stimulation than the rest of the toy, making it ideal for those who like strong vibrations directly upon their clitoris.

    The larger end, while it can be inserted and may reach the g-spot, is really best at providing a full feeling whilst distributing some of the strongest, deepest, most intense vibrations I've ever felt.

    The Form 6 comes with a rectangular, very discreet black charging and storage box. Rather than plugging the toy itself in, which would leave openings for water to enter the toy and ruin it, it is charged via the metal band on the neck coming into contact with metal prongs in the charging box. You plug the box in, not the toy.

    The toy itself is very discreet with barely noticeable buttons and likely wouldn't be looked at oddly even if you left it out of it's case -- though Jimmyjane recommends storing it in it's box, plugged in, since it can never be over charged and works best and runs longest on a full, strong charge.

    Because Jimmyjane recommends only soap and water to clean the toy I can't recommend anal sex with it, though it is very stimulating to the perineum. If you do choose to use it for anal activities, cover with a condom and only use the smaller end (or keep a VERY firm grip upon it)since the larger end would make for an effective flared base.

    Insertable length:
    2" / 4 3/4"
    4" / 5 1/4"
    1 1/4" / 1 5/8"
    1 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The Form 6, as mentioned, has dual motors so the level of vibration is outstanding. Both ends vibrate strongly and deeply, causing the vibrations to spread thru the entire surface of the toy.

    Each end has five levels of straight vibration that are controlled via tiny push buttons set inside the silicone -- the only thing marring the surface are the smallest indicators of where the buttons are; a small circle/dot towards the smaller end of the toy, a larger circle toward the larger end of the toy and a tiny squiggly line to indicate patterns in the middle of the other two buttons. Straight vibrations start out as a light buzz and advance to breathtaking with each subsequent press of the appropriate button. Both ends can have their vibrations running at once with zero decrease in power from the opposite end, both ends can be adjusted independently so that one is on low while the other high, both on medium, etc.

    The center button controls vibrational patterns, of which there are six including straight vibrations.

    Vibrations are described by Jimmyjane as being constant, oscillate, reverberate, thrum, ripple and pulse. Oscillate is a slow wave from end to end. Reverberate is a co-ordinated fast and slow vibration while thrum is a simultaneous rapid vibration with peaks throughout. Ripple is an intense pulsing with rapid peaks and pulse is an intense pulsing over strong waves. Each end of the Form 6 can be adjusted for intensity even during pulsation patterns so, in reality, there are more choices for vibrations than I can even fathom using and definitely something that's going to feel good to nearly anyone.

    All of the buttons are fairly easy to press, can be felt despite their small size even when you're not looking at the toy and light up when you press them. The Form 6 only turns on if you hold a button down for around 3 seconds, making it virtually locked if you're traveling or carrying it in a bag as bumps to the buttons will not turn it on. Turning it off is just as simple; hold a button, any button, for a few seconds and the vibrator turns off no matter what mode you were in. Finally! No scrolling thru endless patterns to turn a toy off!

    The Form 6 is also waterproof, can be completely submerged and remembers what setting you were on the last time you used it, automatically turning back on to that setting.

    While a wonderful toy, the Form 6 is a bit louder than some toys. It has dual motors with digital vibrations so it does have a slight, high pitched whine underlying the sound of the vibrations (most noticeable at low speeds). The intense power also means it's not going to run silently. The Form 6 isn't "loud" but you can definitely hear the power and may not be the most discreet if you have housemates or thin walls.

    Vibrations can be summarized as intensely strong but very diffuse and deep and rumbly. If you need pinpoint, high pitched stimulation the Form 6 may not be your best option, though the smaller end does provide more of that then any other area of the toy.

    Escalating / Pulsating / Rollercoaster / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    • Premium
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad / LED indicators
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Form 6, being silicone, is body safe and non porous. Normally I'd suggest sterilizing if you're going to share this toy with a ten percent bleach solution but Jimmyjane recommends only using soap and warm water and drying with a soft cloth. Because of this I can't recommend sharing without a condom.

    I've been using the mild but effective Climax Bursts toy cleaner with no issues. The metal band, while it does have a small seam/area where lubes and fluids gather a bit, is easy to clean with a soft cloth or toothbrush if just soap and water don't take care of it.

    Only water-based lubes should be used with the Form 6 as silicone toys and silicone lubes do NOT play well together.

  • Packaging:

    I'm beyond impressed with the packaging of the Form 6.

    This massager comes in a modern looking, white cardboard box with a picture of the toy on the front as well as all sorts of product information on the sides and back, in gray text, that discreetly yet thoroughly describes the toy and it's functions. Opening the box you find a pink interior with the words Hello Sensation printed on the flap.

    Inside the box you'll find a product manual in a very nice envelope/cover as well as the toy itself, in it's case, nested in an interior cardboard box along with the charger.

    The black case is, again, both storage case and charging port and fully protects the Form 6 from lint and dust.

    Most impressive, to me, was the fact that the exterior box was completely sealed in a plastic wrapping so it was apparent no one else had been opening my toy.

  • Personal comments:

    I really can't rave enough about the Form 6. I was impressed beyond belief by the Afterglow candle I tried a month or so back, so I already had a good opinion about Jimmyjane, but the Form 6 has sent my opinion skyrocketing into outright adoration.

    The Form 6 is very, very strong; almost numbingly strong when it's on high on both ends. And yet it's vibrations are so deep and diffused that it's not numbing when applied to the tender bits. I've already mentioned that it does not have high pitched, pinpoint vibrations like a bullet would but that is extremely appealing to me. I really, really like the deeper tone and feeling to these vibrations. I don't get off super quickly with this toy but, when I do orgasm, it's deep and widespread and so strong my eyes cross.

    The larger end is a little large for insertion; I managed it but it took a good bit of lube and lots of warm up. Once inserted, however, the Form 6 was filling and intense and I could feel the vibrations both inside me and all along my vulva. Amazing.

    The smaller end actually surprised me. I wasn't sure it would be comfortable due to the metal band but it's barely noticeable when you've inserted it; certainly less obtrusive or noticeable than the highly textured toys I own.

    We did try using this toy during intercourse and it works well. Not the greatest during missionary but in any position where you can find space for it between you and your partner it adds a very nice thrumming to PIV sex.

    The Form 6 isn't even getting a place in my toy bag. It sits on my bedside table in it's case, waiting, ready, never tucked away so that I can use it whenever the mood strikes.

    It strikes a lot.

    There are pictures on my blog of the packaging and charging/storage box, etc.

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