California Exotic L’Amour Desire - Flexible G-spot vibrator from California Exotic

L’Amour Desire

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Flexible G-spot vibrator - L’Amour Desire - view #1 Flexible G-spot vibrator - L’Amour Desire - view #2 Flexible G-spot vibrator - L’Amour Desire - view #3
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The Desire is worth a shot for anyone who likes an internal vibrator with a bit of g-spot stimulation. It is also appropriate for clitoral stimulation. It is a fun toy with many functions that has the potential to please many. The easily removed battery cover is a draw back. The girth may be a bit much for beginners.


pretty, quiet, easy to care for, very safe


easily removed battery cover

Best use:

The Desire, made by Cal Exotics, has quickly become one of my favorite toys. It's pretty and pleasing to the eye. Another great thing about this toy is that it can easily be used in more than one way. It is designed for vaginal stimulation but can also be used on the clitoris, to stimulate other parts of the body such as the breasts and nipples, or anywhere you would like some extra sensation. I wouldn't recommend it for anal use due to its lack of a flared base. The tip is rounded so it doesn't provide particular pinpointed vibrations, but they are strong enough to make up for that. Just behind the tip there are some small ridges that really added to the stimulation for me.

This toy can be used alone or with a partner and might pair up nicely with something like a bullet for extra clitoral stimulation.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Desire is made out of silicone. This means that it is non-porous and phthalates free. It is also hypoallergenic and latex free, making it friendly for just about every body. Even when placed directly under the nose, this toy does not give off a scent. There is also no perceptible taste to this toy.

    The silicone gives this toy a very smooth, velvety texture. The small ridges do add some stimulation when thrusting, even though they don't look like they would add much to the experience. I found that they stimulated my g-spot just enough to make me want more. The slight flex provided by the silicone makes this toy feel soft and pliable but firm at the same time.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The design of this toy is very aesthetically pleasing and is slightly realistic in shape. It's a pretty lavender color and looks friendly and inviting. The tip of the toy is slightly larger than the shaft and has a gentle upward curve. Just behind the tip are the small ridges I've been talking about which really add something to the toy.

    The Desire is 9" long with an insertable length of 6.5", making it a comfortable length for most to accommodate. However, it is 4 3/4" in circumference, and this might be a bit large for a beginner even though it was perfect for me.

    Insertable length:
    6 3/4"
    4 3/4"
    1 1/2"
    8 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The toy is controlled by two buttons on the bottom of the battery cap. One of these buttons switches the power on and off, and the other adjusts the vibration settings. These buttons are easy to use but can be a little challenging when there is lube involved because the buttons are made of smooth plastic. Due to having separate buttons to adjust the power and settings, this toy would be difficult to turn off by accident.

    The vibrations in this toy are centered in the tip but can be felt almost equally throughout. The settings are as follows:

    Faster pulsing
    Longer pulses

    This toy is surprisingly quiet, and I doubt it could be heard if you were under the covers with the door closed. I have used toys that are considerably louder than this one without anyone hearing me.

    This toy is waterproof, but I am a little hesitant to fully submerge it because the battery cover pops off easily. A more secure battery cover is the one thing about this toy that I would change.

    Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Light indicators
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    • Powerful
    • Premium
    • Pulsating
    • Quiet
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    This toy is easy to care for and can be fully disinfected by boiling or washing in the dishwasher. I don't recommend this with this particular toy though because I would be afraid that the battery cover would become dislodged and the toy would be ruined in cleaning. So, using soap and water or toy cleaner is acceptable, but these methods do not make the toy sterile.

    The Desire should only be used with a water based lubricant so as not to damage the silicone.

  • Packaging:

    The toy was packaged in a clear and white plastic box with purple text. The packaging itself is not risque in any way and would be acceptable for giving this toy as a gift, provided you would want the recipient to see the toy through the box.

    This toy did not come with any instructions, although the box does clearly state what the toy does and is intended for. This box could easily and effectively be used to store this toy and keep it from coming into contact with other toys or substances.

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