Aphrodisia Waterproof G dancer - Flexible G-spot vibrator from Aphrodisia

Waterproof G dancer

Waterproof G dancer

Silicone discreet vibrator with 7 speeds of vibration and waterproof body.

  • 7 speeds of vibration

  • Easy push buttons

  • Luxurious body safe silicone

  • Smooth, unscented, phthalate free

  • Waterproof

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Flexible G-spot vibrator - Waterproof G dancer - view #1 Flexible G-spot vibrator - Waterproof G dancer - view #2 Flexible G-spot vibrator - Waterproof G dancer - view #3 Flexible G-spot vibrator - Waterproof G dancer - view #4 Flexible G-spot vibrator - Waterproof G dancer - view #5
  • Material / Texture:


    The Waterproof G Dancer is made from body-safe silicone. Click this link to learn more about silicone. Silicone toys give me peace of mind since they are non-porous and do not store bacteria the way other materials do. The material is silky smooth to the touch, which feels luxurious as it slides in and out of my holes. While there are slight ridges on the shaft of this toy, they appear to be mainly aesthetic – they were not noticeable during insertion.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:


    The G Dancer is a nice magenta color. This along with the abstract design make this toy very approachable, especially for hesitant beginner users. The toy is shorter than most vibrators, definitely not comparable in length to a dildo or penis. The shaft consists of two knobs that remind me of a pair of Kegel balls. The head of the shaft angles upwards to hit my G-spot. The diameter of the shaft at the base of the toy is 1.5 inches, the middle is 1 inch, and the G-spot bulge is around 1.2 inches. I found the girth of this toy ideal. The head of the toy pushed into my pussy without a problem and provided a nice, full sensation as the curved head stimulated my G-spot.

    One thing that I enjoy about butt plugs is that there is a stem, so you can feel the fullness of the plug inside of you without having your opening uncomfortably stretched the whole time. Similarly, when the G Dancer’s G-spot bulge was properly positioned at my G-spot, my vaginal opening could relax around the skinnier middle section of the shaft.

    5 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    2 3/4"
    4 1/4"
    1 3/8"
    0.2 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:


    This vibrator has two buttons, the power button, and the function button. The power button turns the toy on to the first vibration setting. Pressing the function button will cycle through the seven vibration settings. It just takes a press of the power button to turn this toy off after use. The whole control panel illuminates when the toy is on. This is convenient when I use this toy right before bed, and the lights are already off. During the vibration patterns, the panel lights up in time with the vibrations. This is fun for long-distance relationships or cam sessions if you want to show someone what you're feeling through your webcam.

    I found the buttons difficult to push. I am used to pushing buttons that make an audible click or depress noticeably. However, the buttons on this toy give very little feedback, which leads to multiple presses of the function button with no result except frustration.

    The vibration level on this toy was perfect for me. I can be quite sensitive, so I prefer toys that do not overpower my senses. I thought the vibrations were just strong enough to make me feel good. However, this is not the toy to use for forced orgasms. Compared to a wand vibrator, this toy is fairly weak.

    Vibration Settings
    1. Low
    2. Medium
    3. High
    4. Wave Low to High
    5. Short Bursts
    6. Rapid Bursts
    7. Five Short, One Long

    Even though I typically prefer steady vibrations over patterns, the fourth setting is my favorite since the wave pattern feels like a finger stroking at my G-spot.

    This vibrator is practically silent. Honestly, I would absolutely feel comfortable using this toy with someone else in the room. My door is open right now, and people are in the room next door. However, I’m not at all concerned about them hearing the toy as I test out the vibrations and write my review.

    Multispeed / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Premium
    • Travel
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:


    This silicone, waterproof toy is easy to clean. Simply wash this toy with warm water and soap or a toy cleaner. You can pat dry the G Dancer or let it air dry.

    This vibrator requires two AAA batteries (not included). The batteries are inserted at the base of the toy. The battery cover slides on and off for easy battery replacement.

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water / Toy cleaner
  • Packaging:

    Package Front

    The toy came in plastic packaging. I was happy that I did not need scissors to open the plastic. The packaging included a brief info sheet highlighting the toy’s best qualities.

    Package Back

    The vibrator itself came in a plastic bag. No further instructions were offered nor were they needed.


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