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The iRide is for the sex toy collector who has it all! It is completely unique and usable by pretty much anyone. With two powerful dual motors, you can customize your own ride. It might work better for some than others, but the iRide can be used in pretty creative ways. You can use it solo or use it while giving your partner oral! Rock your way to orgasm!
— ~LaUr3n~
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Rabbit vibrators
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
3 bees

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Dual action vibrator - iRide - view #1 Dual action vibrator - iRide - view #2 Dual action vibrator - iRide - view #3
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
4 bees


The iRide is for the sex toy collector who has it all! It is completely unique and usable by pretty much anyone. With two powerful dual motors, you can customize your own ride. It might work better for some than others, but the iRide can be used in pretty creative ways. You can use it solo or use it while giving your partner oral! Rock your way to orgasm!


Fun, unique, can be used by anyone, powerful, separate motors/controls, easy to use, light, rocking!


Clitoral bump can be painfully firm, can chaff thighs, can be uncomfortable on the butt bones.
  • Material / Texture:

    The large housing for the iRide is made of a very sturdy, smooth and non-porous plastic. On top of the iRide is the TPR material that makes up the bump, probe, and top sheet covering the inner portion of the toy. It has little to no odor and while it cannot be sterilized, it can be used with silicone lubricants. It is firm, but has a slight bit of give to it. Just like the plastic, the TPR is smooth. It does have a bit of drag to it and can collect dust and lint, especially if you don't clean it right away.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The majority of the iRide is shaped like a thick crescent. From one side to the other, it is a little over a foot long. From the top, it looks like a maxi-pad in that it has rounded ends and they are thicker at the ends than in the middle. It is 5" wide in the middle and a little over 6" at the ends. It is also about 3" thick in any place.

    The probe sits about center and is a good size for pretty much anyone. It isn't too big or too small. It is 4" long and about 5" around in circumference. The top is nicely rounded for vaginal or anal insertion. While it isn't specifically designed for g-spot or p-spot stimulation, it is flexible and can be leaned on or rocked on to hit those areas. The clitoral bump is very firm and about the size of half a standard egg. It is large enough, that the surface area should be able to hit the clitoris on many women and can sit under the balls on a male to stimulate the perineum.

    The bottom is domed so it can be rocked or ridden back and forth. This can be done while giving your partner oral or for solo play.

    While the iRide is unique in design, it is also bright ass pink, and it also looks pretty obvious as to what it is. Because of its size, it is kind of difficult to store. Hopefully you have a larger toy box to fit it in. It isn't the best size for travel, but the weight isn't as heavy as one might think. It is light for what it is and only weighs a little over two pounds.

    Insertable length:
    3 1/2"
    1 1/2"
    2 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    There are two nickle sized buttons on the iRide. They are positioned on the underside of the front lip. As you hold onto the iRide to rock, the buttons are positions conveniently there. They are easy to push and each has different levels.

    The probe has a motor inside of it, that vibrates more strongly at the tip.
    1. Steady, already fairly strong vibration
    2. Steady, even stronger
    3. Very strong vibration
    All of the levels, except the last, are fairly quiet inside of the body.

    The bump has a motor that seems to be beneath the bump, but not totally in it:
    1. Steady, weak vibration
    2. Steady, average vibration
    3. Steady, large jump to a strong vibration!
    All of the levels are pretty loud.

    The vibration levels can be at different levels or one can be completely off. it is up to you. The entire front half of the iRide vibrates when turned on so it will stimulate the thighs and vulva as well.

    Multispeed / Two motors / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Hands free
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The iRide isn't the easiest to clean due to its size. Baby wipes and toy spray are the least messy and easiest to use. The surface of the iRide can easily be wiped down. The iRide is not waterproof, so don't run it under the sink or wash it in the tub. The material cannot be sterilized, but some safety procedures can be taken by easily placing a condom on the probe.

    When choosing lubricants, water or silicone based work wonderfully.

    It does take four AA batteries, which should be removed when done. The bottom has a plastic piece that crimps and pulls out. Inside is a holder for the four batteries. It slides out so the batteries can be put in. This is easy as pie.

  • Packaging:

    The iRide that was received was a prototype and came in a plastic bag. The real packaging was not reflected because of this.

  • Experience:

    First impressions: Wow this is light! It actually felt a bit cheap to me. I was disappointed most with the buttons. They are easily dented in. But all that aside, lets ride!

    So how did it work for me? I have a love hate relationship with the iRide. I found that it was not as easy to use on the floor. It isn't really high enough to rock in that way. It can be propped up on a folded pillow, but it slides a bit too easily that way. The best way to use it is on sitting on the corner of a bed or in a padded chair.

    Once I found a good position to embark on my iRide journey, I lubed myself and the probe up. I slide on and immediately felt like it was a perfect fit for me! Since the buttons don't have labels on them, I didn't know which went to what. I chose randomly and felt the probe vibrate wonderfully inside me. It was good even on the lowest setting! At this point, I am still not rocking, and am just checking out the functions. I decided to try the clitoral vibrator. This seemed weak unless it was on the highest setting where it jumped up in power. My thighs were vibrating, my ass was vibrating, everything was vibrating!

    I started to rock back and forth. OUCH! The clitoral bump is much too hard for rocking. I really couldn't do it much without being in pain. The good news is that it is large enough to hit my clit though. I still leaned forward on the iRide as much as it was comfortable for me. I was also able to lean back and play with my clit myself too. Leaning back allowed me to hit my g-spot too!

    So all in all, I was slightly disappointed with the iRide's ability to let me ride. BUT, it still is incredibly unique fun to use and with a bit of practice, can do wonders. A few other things to note though, the TPR can chaff the thighs after a while. It is best to powder them or use a lubricant that you know isn't going to get sticky if it happens to drip down where your thighs are. I am not plus-sized, but I would consider myself to have meaty thighs. I had no problem straddling this, so I can confidently say queen sizes would probably fit on this too!

    For the men who want to use this anally, it was fun that way as well, but wasn't my favorite. I enjoyed riding the iRide while wearing a butt plug more. I faced the controls when riding it anally. The hard clitoral bump was much less painful on the vulva that it was on the pubic bone/clit. It got uncomfortable after awhile because my pubic bones, under my butt would hit the hard TPR coat on the plastic. This didn't occur right away though, and was pleasurable for a while.

    I am giving the iRide four stars. The major flaw is the firmness of the clitoral bump, but everything else is pretty damn amazing. I can imagine that the probe might not be large enough for some, but you can add penis or vibrator sleeve to add girth to it. If you require penetration, you will need to hop on the iRide a bit more than rocking in it, but even without, the iRide is one hell of a ride!

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