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Petite couture Cashmere

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4 vrooms
Noise level
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Cashmere is a rabbit from Cal Exotics' Petite Couture line. Its rigid silicone shaft rotates at three speeds while the pinpoint clitoral stimulator vibrates at three intensities and four pulsation settings, all controlled by three buttons. The Cashmere is pretty loud, so it's not ideal for discreet use. It is, however, waterproof, so you can take it into the shower to muffle the sound.


Silicone, decent vibrations, splashproof, emergency off button.


Loud, water CAN get into battery compartment.

Best use:

The Petite Couture Cashmere is a rabbit with a slim shaft. It is ideal for dual stimulation of the clitoris and vagina/G-spot. Cashmere's smaller size is perfect for beginners and those who prefer less girth on their toys. Those who prefer a little more meat on their vibrators, on the other hand, may want to search elsewhere. The Cashmere can get pretty loud, so it's not great for discreet use in a dorm room, but it's fine for using in a place with thicker walls or in the shower.
  • Material / Texture:

    Cashmere's pale lavender shaft and clitoral stimulator are made of Japanese medical-grade silicone. The silicone of the shaft is wrapped around a rigid bar of some other material--it is this bar that enables the shaft to rotate. The clitoral stimulator seems to be silicone through and through, and is more flexible. The silicone is matte in texture, and has a tiny amount of drag to it as you run your fingers over it. The toy has a very faint, non-offensive smell to it fresh out of the box. The power pack is made of plastic.

    The shaft and clitoral stimulator both have curved ridges that run down the length of the toy. The ridges on the clitoral stimulator don't do much, but the contours of the shaft add to the sensation when thrusting with the toy.

    Material safety
    Ribbed / Smooth
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    I'm personally a fan of slim toys, so I was very pleased with the Cashmere's smaller girth. Others with different tastes may not agree and wish for a larger cross section. The shaft's contours worked very well with light thrusting/rocking.

    The clitoral stimulator is also quite diminutive and does not at all resemble an animal. While I can appreciate a pair of fluttering bunny ears on my clit as well as the next person, sometimes I just want a strong, pinpoint vibration. The shape of this clitoral stimulator delivers that. If you use your imagination, it almost looks like a penguin, with the beak the part that comes into contact with the clitoris. In my case, it found my sometimes-hard-to-locate clit right away.

    Despite being called "petite", Cashmere is hardly a discreet toy. It's obviously a sex toy; it can't be mistaken for anything else. I have been able to sneak it into the bathroom various times wrapped in a towel, but don't expect to be able to leave it in plain sight without questions being asked. If you want to take it on a trip somewhere, store it separately from the batteries and hope for the best. If you don't want airport security rooting around for your wayward vibrator, pop it into checked luggage and set your mind at ease.

    9 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    4 3/4"
    1 1/4"
    Clitoral attachment shape:
    7.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The controls consist of three "feather-light" buttons located at the "front" of the toy's base/handle. These buttons light up when the toy is on and click most reassuringly to inform you that you have successfully pushed a button. The buttons are easy to push, but it's definitely possible to hit some buttons by accident.

    The bottommost button is the power button. One click of this button turns the toy on, and you'll know it's on because all three of the buttons will light up, but no vibrations will start automatically. Another click of this button will turn the toy off, no matter what function you're on; handy for those "emergency off" situations.

    The second button controls the seven settings for the clitoral stimulator. The first three settings are steady vibrations of increasing speed. Even on lowest speed, the toy can be heard clear across a medium sized room. The highest speed is a rather loud, high-pitched buzz. The next four settings are a variety of pulsations, including an escalating setting. After the last setting, one more click of the vibration button turns the vibrations off.

    The last and topmost button controls the three speeds of rotation for the shaft. Again, even the lowest setting can be easily heard across the room and probably through a closed door. It's more of a whirring noise that reminded my roommate of a massager and me of a hand-mixer. Definitely not discreet, but on the upside, I don't think many associate "hand-mixer noise" with sex toys, so you may be in the clear. The upper half of the shaft does the most rotating, as that is where the rigid mass in the center initiates the rotation. The shaft's rotations are meant primarily for vaginal stimulation, but on occasion the shaft can bump into the cervix, causing a bit of discomfort. Proper positioning of the toy will prevent this from occurring.

    Loading and unloading batteries is simple enough. The cover to the battery case is a locking cap. To open, simply grip the middle ridge of the cap and twist counterclockwise; the cap pops free. Inside is an easily removable (just turn upside down and it falls right out) battery case that holds three AAA batteries. Stick the batteries in as directed, put the case back in with the metal bits going in first, and line up the nubs on the cap with the notches, twisting clockwise to lock in place.

    How does one use a noisy, indiscreet toy such as this one in a relatively non-private living arrangement? Take it into the shower, of course! Unfortunately, this may be less successful for those of us who have weaker water pressure in our showers and whose showers are, as a result, less capable of muffling the hand-mixer sound. However, if there is a relatively noisy shower in your vicinity, you're in luck. The Cashmere is waterproof! Well, sort of...

    I took Cashmere into the shower multiple times. Each time, it performed very well; no funny business. On top of that, the sound of the shower effectively nullified any and all noise the Cashmere made. However, when drying it off post shower and removing the batteries, it is revealed that water can seep into spaces directly adjacent to the where the batteries are housed. While the cap is still closed, a watertight seal is formed between the waterproofing ring and the cap. However, once the cap is opened, the moisture is free to go wherever it wants, so make sure you turn the Cashmere off before you take off the cap or disaster could result.

    Escalating / Pulsating / Rotating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Light indicators
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    To clean Cashmere's silicone material, use soap and water or a toy cleaner of your choice. If you would like to disinfect your toy further, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution will be effective. Do not boil this toy or run it through the dishwasher as it may damage the electrical components. Silicone is a notorious dust magnet, so either store it someplace completely dust-free or just accept the inevitability of dust and wash it before and after each use.

    Silicone lubes may damage Cashmere, so please stick to water-based lubes only.

    I have only used this toy vaginally, but it could technically be used anally since the clitoral stimulator could operate as an "anchor" to keep the toy from escaping entirely up your back door. Taking extra steps to ensure safety, of course, never hurt.

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