Petite couture Cashmere - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Dangerous Lilly

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Looks pretty, but is otherwise underwhelming

Disappointing. "Couture" and "cashmere" signify things that this vibe cannot deliver. For the price, I wouldn't recommend it. Average, pretty and appealing visually but that's where it ends. On the right track but it doesn't renew my faith in rabbit vibrators.
Silicone; pretty and unoffensive look to it. Buttons are "easy".
Lacks oomph, lacks excitement. Shaft rotates and does nothing else.
Rating by reviewer:
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Rabbit style vibes don't really inspire much creativity with use. There's the insertable portion and the clitoral stimulator. I suppose that if you're bendy enough you could turn it around and aim the clit portion at your ass, if you like that sort of sensation. The silicone is a material that allows you to use a toy anally and then (after thorough cleaning only) use it elsewhere. Would a guy find a rabbit vibe useful? My husband, even though he likes a wide range of non-traditional stimulation, wasn't willing to be a guinea pig for me.

Material / Texture

At first glance, the Cashmere appealed to me visually. A nice matte-silver handle, pleasant Easter-purple silicone and best of all no damn animals on the clit vibe. Even better, no itty-bitty ears/antennae/horns/legs protruding from the clit portion. It takes more than butterfly whispers for my clit to be happy. Of course there is a bit of protruding silicone (if I had to give it a vague shape, I'd compare it to a dolphin snout) where the clit stimulator is concerned and it of course extends a little past the actual vibrating bit. It manages to transmit the vibrations decently, though.

There's two types of silicone toys....shiny and matte finish. Even though matte finish can lend a little more resistance to the party, I prefer it because it works less like a fur & lint atomic magnet (have you ever managed to clean the dusty corner of your headboard cubby just by wanding a silicone dildo around the area? I have. It worked brilliantly, sadly.). So it's got a nice, classy design; matte silicone; no animals; and a box with no silicone tits pictured. We're heading for a win, right?

Not so fast....

Design / Shape / Size

I've only owned one other rabbit vibe, and in order to tell you why I don't think this one is worth the money, I have to mention my old one. My old one (akin to the DJ iRabbit) had more bells n whistles. Sure it looked more gaudy and was not body-safe silicone, but it DID MORE. The shaft rotated and had swirling beads and something else. The controls on the base offered at once more confusion and more detail. You didn't need to just cycle through the settings in ascending order, you could go forwards, backwards or off with one click. I can give you equal arguments for and against on having more control buttons. Given all that this rabbit vibe did, I had felt justified in paying around $80. Until, of course, the rotating motor died because my cunt clamped down too hard at orgasm!

Anyways, onto the current contestant.

The insertable portion does nothing other than rotate at the tip to three different speeds. That's it. One direction, no vibration, no pearls (altho I must admit the pearls in other rabbits didn't do anything for me). At 1 1/4" wide, the shaft isn't girthy enough to wow me. Nor were the rotational movements enough to even raise an eyebrow for me.

From the base of the clitoral vibe to the tip of the shaft, it is 4.75". 3.25" from the tip of the clit vibe to the tip of the g-spot section. Since I've never actually stuck a ruler up my cunt to measure and plot out in autocad where my g-spot and clit are in numbers, I don't suppose that these numbers do most of you any good ;)

The battery compartment is nice. A simple and easy-to-open cap clicks open with a shallow turn where the separate battery-holder then slides out. This allows batteries to be put in properly with ease. Sadly though it takes 3 AAA batteries, which aren't as common in my house.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The clitoral vibe offers vibration at three different power levels (the last one is very noisy if it's not buried in your snatch) and then 4 different pattern settings which are pretty basic. As I mentioned before, the insertable part only offers up rotation of the last inch or so, a fairly shallow rotation in 3 different speeds.

There are only 3 buttons on the handle. On/Off, the button controlling the clitoral vibe, and the button controlling the shaft. If you accidentally change a setting, you must cycle thru (including one click which turns off that section) to get back to where you were. The buttons DO light up when the power is "on" but otherwise the lights don't tell you anything.

CE says that this is waterproof. I don't want to risk killing the vibe by getting it wet, because one look at the battery compartment doesn't scream "waterproof" to me. There IS a rubber o-ring down in there but....I dunno. I'm skeptical.

Care and Maintenance

It's silicone. Please adhere to your standard silicone use and care, i.e. no silicone lube. Please remove the batteries when not in use because it would only take a rogue and well-placed bump to the control buttons to turn it on at just the wrong place and time. Wipe clean with your standard sterilizing methods but as mentioned before I doubt it's waterproofness so no submersion cleaning.


As I said before, the box was a simple white cardboard thing with the only pictures being those of the toy. There's no instruction manual, just some basic tips on the box.

Personal comments

I'm not a fan of rabbit vibes because they're generally pricey and, in my experience, not worth the risk. Sure having one item to do 2 or 3 jobs at once is nice but it also leaves less room for customization and less chance it'll work with the anatomy of a wide range of women.

I could never feel comfortable in saying that *this* rabbit vibrator (this being any of them) will work for most women. I can't say that - I don't know how deep or shallow your g-spot is situated, same with your clit.

This vibe got me off, surprisingly, but it was a very boring orgasm to be truthful. In fact the shaft and its rotations didn't enhance my experience or orgasm. Since this toy isn't yet available for purchase, I don't know the exact price but I'm sure it will be close to the other Couture Collection rabbits from CE - around $110. Is it worth $110?

*EDIT: I can now see that the price is NOT like that of other CE couture rabbit vibes, it's actually $79, not $100. Which is much more reasonable but still.....not quite worth the cost to me. Is it asking too much though for a quality rabbit vibe be silicone and $80? Because if the functions and buttons were better then I could recommend it at $80.

Not even close. $50? Sure, I'd pay $50. I can look at this and see that the only redeeming quality is the silicone (Medical grade from the land of magic, Japan. Seriously, why does Japan supposedly have premium silicone? It's all medical grade provided it's actually 100% pure silicone, isn't it?? and if not, then what's the 411 on non-medical-grade silicone?). The handle, the buttons, the vibration power and functions of the toy overall are very.....forgettable. My first few experiences with my old rabbit vibe left me breathless and giddy. This? meh.
Follow-up commentary
For what it is and what it can do, I'd suggest the VR6 or another Jopen Vanity similar to the 6. More powerful, better made, (yes more expensive) and better g-spot ability on the VR6.
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