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Product summary and comments by OroNomi


A potentially great toy that has one major flaw. If used for tickling, teasing and as a vibe, this is a good buy. If you are interested in a combination whip/vibe then it's a definite pass.

Best use:

The Hustler "Naughty Pom Pom" looks like a standard vibe. Long, hard plastic with a tapered end. Dial bottom. Ho-hum...right? You may notice the long red plastic strings on the end. This is intended to be used as a teasing or tickling toy. My initial thought was that it could be used as a flogger as well.

The vibe, which runs on two C batteries, is actually fairly powerful and the "pom pom" aspect works as a fun and sexy whip/flogger and/or tickling toy that you can use to tease or please with tickles and love taps. This makes the "Naughty Pom Pom" a little more versatile than your average vibrator.

The vibe can be used solo or with a partner, and if you are inclined to punish yourself then the "whip" end can be used solo as well.

Catalog ID: H60247

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    OroNomi's opinion
    The body is hard Plastic. Simple, smooth and basic. It comes in a delightful red color that is matched by the dangling plastic ribbons that adorn the bottom. Attaching them to the base is a bit of rope that is knotted and covered in a rubber sleeve.

    There is no scent from the vibe or the tassels. Their overall feel is very smooth and sleek. The vibe itself feels fairly sturdy in your hands. Considering it take two C batteries to operate, it has a decent circumference of 4 inches at the widest part.

    The toy is 17 inches in length including the "pom pom", but only half of the length is the insertable vibe. There's plenty of pom for a good thrashing/teasing.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    Insertable length:
    6 1/2"
    1 1/4"
    6.5 oz
    OroNomi's opinion
    Simplicity is the name of the game here. A basic red vibe with a "flogger"-esque base looked goofy at first, but I found myself admiring the simplicity of the design. The shape is middle of the road but may be too large for some beginners.

    The toy can be placed in the resealable package and taken on trips in a suitcase or large bag. A purse would most likely be too small (especially if your purse is often nearly full).

    The sound emitted by the vibration and if you are so inclined, the tassels, is quite loud. I wouldn't exactly categorize this one as discreet.

    Aesthetically aimed at introductory play and beginners, this toy can be used by any and all sex toy fans. Although after finding its one major flaw, they may do well to steer clear...
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Special Features:
    • Kinky
    • Multispeed
    Control type:
    Powered By:
    OroNomi's opinion
    As a vibrator, this is an excellent toy. It's simple and has a basic, non-threatening design. It's aimed at beginners (it even says so on the package!) and definitely has a place for more casual toy users as well.

    As a whip, it is a safe bet that you won't be scaring anyone away with it. The fun design coupled with the soft blows produced by the pom pom are more along the lines of teasing than anything hardcore.

    As a tickling or teasing toy, it is fantastic as well. With very soft sensations from the tassels, the vibe makes for a good handle and the toy is easy to manipulate.

    The controls are simple and the same as many other vibrators in the same vein. A twist dial on the base controls the ON/OFF and all of the different vibration settings in between. Just turn the little dial until you reach your desired power and away you go.

    My one and only complaint (and it's a major one) is the dials responsiveness. The tassels are attached which means that every smack and hit jolts the base. When the toy was tested, it operated normally from soft vibrations gradually up to the deep and delicious rumble at the top. After being used for a few whippings, it suddenly had a spot in the middle of the dial that didn't register. It would be soft, mid, dead, high, top. It was a very brief break, but it was a huge jump in the intensity of the vibration and was more than a little jolting. After a few more sessions with the toy, the dial has become nearly useless. I'm not sure if it could just be this particular toy I have for review has a flaw or if this will be something to look out for.

    The solution to the problem has been to pull the tail end away, thereby pulling the dial base slightly and the response is back to normal. This is a temporary fix however as letting go of the pom pom causes the vibrations to cease. In normal use only the highest speed is functioning now. This is a major inconvenience, especially for solo play. This will be a deal breaker if it is a common problem in this particular toy.

    If you use the pom pom for teasing and tickling and do not use it as a whip, the functionality should be fine, but the temptation is may be too hard to resist.
  • Care and Maintenance

    OroNomi's opinion
    Plastic is easy to clean and care for. Wipe it down with a warm cloth and mild antibacterial soap or cleanse with a toy cleaner and air dry. Place the toy back into the resealable bag it comes in and store it wherever you would like. Once in the package, it could be easily stored away in a drawer, closet, etc.

    This toy is NOT waterproof, so please be careful when using near or around bodies of water.
  • Packaging

    OroNomi's opinion
    The toy comes packaged in a plastic bag. Clear on the front and black on the back with a few little notes and puns about the product. Inside is a black piece of cardboard and an instruction leaflet. The instructions do NOT indicate anything in particular about this toy. They do not advise against using it as a flogger, and it does not share any pertinent information on the "Naughty Pom Pom" other than how to insert the batteries. The battery compartment is pre-lined with a small cardboard sleeve, by the way. Very thoughtful of them.

    One thing that I absolutely LOVE about this package is that it is resealable!

    Yes, once you have melted into the bed from your orgasms and have been thrashed into oblivion, just clean your toy and pack it back up. Easy. I wish more companies would use a similar type of packaging. It's convenient and is great for keeping toys separate from one another if they have to share quarters with dissimilar materials.
  • Personal comments

    OroNomi's opinion
    This has been an extremely fun toy to review but also a bit of a let down.

    It's an easy way to bring some kink into the bedroom and also have the ability to use as a vibe as well and, if so desired, a thrusting penetrative toy. It has plenty of power and lots of variety, but when it fails to respond properly after only a few days of use...I just can't wholeheartedly recommend it.

    If it weren't for the responsiveness of the dial decreasing I would love to call this a must have or a keeper, but as it stands it's a risk and it could be worth your time and money to invest in something similar or purchasing a vibe and whip separately.
  • Experience

    OroNomi's opinion
    We were both excited to test out this vibe as it was delightfully fun to look at and it was enticing to own something that had multiple uses. I laid back on the bed and turned it onto its lowest setting. I began to enjoy the soft hum of the lowest vibration as my husband teased my nipples with my CEN Egg. I cranked it up and in just a few moments I was already having my first orgasm.

    I spent a little time to cool down. My husband took the toy and caressed my body with the tassels, which are actually surprisingly soft and comfortable. They were gliding all around my curves, across my stomach and gently sweeping across my nipples. It was relaxing and extremely arousing at the same time.

    When I felt up for it I decided to giver it another try. I began with a stronger setting, near the top and worked my way up as my husband continued to run his hands across my body in the same manner he was using the tassels. In just a few moments I was already reaching the finish line.

    We continued through the night enjoying one another and bringing the toy into play. It definitely shared its time in the spotlight as a flogger and it did so very well. The strands never left any lasting marks and are not hard enough to leave any light scuffs or cuts on the skin. It's a very soft strike even with a good bit of strength behind it.

    After we finished, we relaxed by running the pom pom over our bodies some more. I wound up falling asleep. It was a delightful evening...

    Over the next few days we tested out the toy extensively and found that the response problem only worsened with further use, even when mainly used for lighter play it appears that the damage had been done. Very disappointing indeed.
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