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Leather rider luxedouble strap harness with back support

Leather rider luxe
This is a high performance harness for the BSDM or "rougher" look. Leather with shiny snaps, buckles, buttons everywhere. It's super comfortable, durable, easy to get size and get on. This harness will give you the POWER !
— OH&W, Lovebears
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Double strap
  • Material
    Leather / Metal
    Material safety
    Indication of overall safety based on cleaning and chemical properties, on a 1-10 scale (10 being the safest).
  • Size / Fit
    One size fits most
    Maximum hip size:
    One size fits the most
    Maximum waist size:
    Dildo holder diameter:
    1 1/2" / 1 1/4"
    11 oz
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Double strap harness with back support - Leather rider luxe - view #1 Double strap harness with back support - Leather rider luxe - view #2 Double strap harness with back support - Leather rider luxe - view #3 Double strap harness with back support - Leather rider luxe - view #4 Double strap harness with back support - Leather rider luxe - view #5 Double strap harness with back support - Leather rider luxe - view #6


This is a high performance harness for the BSDM or "rougher" look. Leather with shiny snaps, buckles, buttons everywhere. It's super comfortable, durable, easy to get size and get on. This harness will give you the POWER !


Easy to size and get on, Comfortable, Durable, Experience role play and sexual experimentation


Little bits of suede material here and there, Needs a 2 " diameter ring also

Best use:

Harnesses are designed for one purpose only. TO HOLD DILDOS! A harness with the proper dildo can be worn by a female or a male to pleasure their lovers. Harnesses are used for role play and gaining the power !

Actually harnesses do have another purpose. They also hold packers. Please pardon my earlier slip.

Traditionally they were worn by women to pleasure another women. Many women nowadays are also using harnesses and strap-on's to pleasure their male partners. A practice called pegging. Pegging has been know to bring committed couples closer and a big turn on to the participants. Pegging provides prostate massage and anal pleasure. Many believe massaging the prostate has health benefits.

Rider is part of the name. Maybe as a tie-in to the renown source on pegging, Ruby Rider. http://peggingparadise.com/

Men can also use them on female or male partners. Men can prolong the sex act by using a harness/dildo before using his own penis and climaxing. And of course men can use them with other men.

Men with erectile dysfunction can also benefit from them by using a hollow dildo.

A Harness strap-on can also be used for oral play. Some females and males enjoy watching oral performed on them by their lover or sub.

The Leather Rider Luxe can be by beginners, intermediate and advanced.

The 3 straps holding the dildo ring
3 straps secure dildo ring for the BS is Nice dildo. Shiny snaps everywhere! So shiny that the pic takers reflection's are in the tiny rings.
  • Material:

    Leather Rider Luxe is mostly comprised of leather. All of the straps are leather as found in traditional men's belts. The dildo holder (front) and back brace contain a large amount of thick leather and have soft suede sewn to them. The stitching is black and not very visible. Then all of the connectors and buckles are made of metal. Probably plated stainless steel.

    The 2 rings for holding dildos are stainless steel. Our smaller one has an opening of 1 1/2". The larger 1 3/4". The product page states 1 1/2" and 1 1/4". Guess we got lucky. Good thing, because most of our stash are at least 1 3/4"
    These rings have no give to them like rubber ones. They will not stretch. If needed, you could go to the hardware store and get larger or flexible O rings.

    All of the leather has grainy texture.

    The leather makes this harness tough and very durable. The suede is like padding and makes it very comfortable.

    It is offered in black only. Pretty much you can sum its appearance up as a dull black with shiny buttons and buckles everywhere.

    Leather / Metal
    Material safety
  • Design / Craftsmanship:

    Harnesses come in various styles. There is the two strap, known as G string/thong harness.
    A three strap more commonly called double-strap. Double-strap refers to the 2 straps, one around each thigh/leg.

    One of the more popular styles are jock strap harnesses. A jock strap like the G-string style provides a nice view of the wearer's behind. A big plus to the jock strap types are they allows access to the wearer's orifices from behind.

    Leather Rider Luxe is a jock strap type. Doesn't sound sexy, but when worn looks very sexy. There are also pantie, chin and thigh ones on the market. For anyone wanting that masculine look, this will do it for you.

    A double strap harness such as the Leather Rider Luxe is better for rougher sex and holding larger heavier dildos.
    Some double strap harness are made from synthetic material, cloth, nylon even plastic. This one is made of the strongest clothing material, leather. It will last a lot longer than the others.

    All 3 straps( 1 belt and 2 thighs) are adjustable. More information about this in the Size/Fit section.

    This uses a ring system for securing the dildos. There are 3 straps for securing the dildo. Dildos can be changed w/o removing the harness. Just unsnap and put in the next one in the proper ring and re-snap. However, dildos with testicles will not fit in the front side of the harness. Dils w/balls can still be securing by inserting thu the inside of harness. Using the inside also allows larger dildos up to 2 1/4 " wide. The suede material has some give and will stretch w/o harming the material.

    dil holder straps will not work
    3 ring straps are not long enough to hold even the VC Bandit with partial balls

    testicles inside
    Going thu the inside works with this 2" wide DJ, but receiver will not feel the balls bouncing (not that I wanted to anyway)

    The craftsmanship is of high quality. No fears of the stainless connectors or buckles failing. The only complaint from us is the little particles of the black suede comes off and stuck to our silicone dildos. This happened on our first use but diminished after the third.

    There is soft suede padding on the dildo holder/ groin area and on the back of the waist belt. This makes the harness very comfortable to wear. The back part is on the bottom of your spine and the groin part hangs long in the front.

  • Size / Fit:

    This is adjustable and should fit just about anybody.
    Oriental Wife is a 6/8 and it fit her fine and easily. She was able to put it on in less than a minute. The belt style with holes and buckles made it very easy to size the waist and thighs.

    The product page says: One size fits most/ Maximum waist 44"

    Our findings:
    It can fit a waist 20" something to 44". So it will fit a size 0/2(xs) to 18/19 (xL)
    The thigh strap will up to accommodate up to 30 ".

    expanded to 44
    here it is fully expanded

    sized for xs
    sized for xs

    This is intended for females. For testing purposes, I also tried it on. I'm about a 34 with above average size thighs. I was able to size the waist and both thigh straps in about 30 seconds. There was plenty of room on all 3 straps to spare. The dildo holder fit exactly where my penis was. If I were to insert a dildo in the ring it would be possible. I would have to push my penis aside and let one of the thigh strap hold it down. Lol, with one of our larger dildos in it, I felt like a porn star.

    One size fits most
    Maximum hip size:
    One size fits the most
    Maximum waist size:
    Dildo holder diameter:
    1 1/2" / 1 1/4"
    11 oz
  • Performance:

    The Leather Rider Luxe performed superbly ! The thick leather on this is much much stronger than cloth, plastic, latex or synthetic materials in other harness. To be exact when the wearer "pulls out" the leather does not stretch or have much give. While riding the dil/harness it also very secure.

    The suede padding made it very comfortable for her.
    The belt/buckle system was super easy for both of us to get on and size. Pull, insert pin in correct hole and slip belt into holder. She appreciated the holders for the excess belt length. They did not flop around when she thrusted vigorously.

    2 excess waist belts held in place
    excess lengths of waist belts secured by loops on the large padded back brace

    Special Features:
    • Adjustable
    • Interchangeable ring
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Although this should not get soiled much (from lube, juices and whatnot) it is easy to clean. Some soapy water and wipe dry. Or you can try baby wipes before anything dries. Check your local hardware store for leather wipes. For tougher soiling use leather cleaner or saddle soap. Do not put leather in a washing machine or dishwasher. Avoid getting leather fairly wet ! If you must, bring to the dry cleaners. Or better yet have your sub or bottom bring it. (big grin)

    Storage is simple, just hang it in your closet with your belts. (grin)

  • Packaging:

    This came in a cello wrap. No label, pictures of sexy women or men. No instructions what so ever.


  • Personal comments:

    If you have a BDSM or pegging fetishes or desire to have sex with another female on your sexual bucket. This will take care of it.

    We got this to expand to our arsenal. We have so many favorite dildos and like to experience all of them in our pegging sessions. It's a shame to let them sit while one gets all the fun. So we added another harness. Now OW only has to don one of the harnesses already hooked up with one of my favs.

    I did go to the hardware store and purchased a flexible 2 " rubber ring to accompany this fine sturdy harness. Now we get to use some of our larger dildos !

  • Experience:

    We already have the Liberator Pantie cloth harness and the Spare Parts Joque made of quality blend of spandex and polyester. Both of these are very comfortable for OW. However the Leather Rider Luxe will last longer if properly cared for. As long as it doesn't get soaked in water too often, it should last a lifetime. And the padded suede make it just as comfortable.

    She likes to use this when the weather is warm and the full pantie one on cold nights. For our larger heavier dils the Leather Rider is her choice.

    Also if I'm to penetrate her, she will not have to remove this one unlike the Liberator pantie.

    Here are some suggestions for a nice more successful session with any harness/dildo play.

    items for more successful session
    water syringe lube shooter, condom, thick lubricant, Cleene toy cleaner

  • Other
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    Harness compatibility:
    O-ring compatible
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