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JO premium lubricant

JO premium lubricant
This is a great silky feeling silicone based lube. It holds up well it the shower/tub and is perfect for using on glass or stainless toys. After the fun is done, it leaves the skin soft and smooth so it also doubles as a long lasting massage aid.
— ToyTimeTim
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This is a great silky feeling silicone based lube. It holds up well it the shower/tub and is perfect for using on glass or stainless toys. After the fun is done, it leaves the skin soft and smooth so it also doubles as a long lasting massage aid.


Thicker than some silicone lubes, silky feel, lasts a long time.


Could cause irritation, not as slippery as I would like.

Best use:

Silicone lube is a staple for those that enjoy fooling around in the shower/tub, it does not wash off with plain water. It also works good for intercourse, whether used for PIV or anal play and will typically last the whole session without the need for re-application.

System JO has done a fine job with this silicone based lube. It comes highly recommended by doctors and pharmacists worldwide. Long lasting, it's made from the highest grade silicone in the world. Never sticky, no odor and latex free, this is a lube to try.

Ingredients are as follows; (Taken from the bottle) (INCI) Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Dimethicone.
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    This lube is slightly thicker than most silicone based lubes I have tried. As such, it stays in place good and lasts longer than most. It has a very smooth feel when rubbed onto the skin and it provides just a hint of drag which works well when used for a massage. With toys, it performs very nicely. The staying power is great, even while fooling around in the tub. There are no problems with pouring out the amount you need due to the thicker consistency.

    Here is a comparison picture showing the System JO next to another silicone lube. The System Jo is on the right, this is after a 5 second delay once the CD case was held up.

    As you can see the viscosity is a bit thicker than the other.

    Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Dimethicone
  • Taste / Aroma:

    There is just a slight smell to it but only when held directly under the nose, even then it is hard to discern. While it does have a taste to it, it also is hardly noticeable, like a light cooking oil.

  • Performance:

    This lube works fine for all your silicone based lube needs. Shower/tub sex and toy play is perfect for this type of lube. Of course it is fine for dry play as well. You will find that it will last a long time for most types of play and it does not dry up or become sticky. A big plus.

    After the fun time is done you can leave it on or wash it off if you prefer. Since it is 'Waterproof', some soap and water will be needed to remove it. Thankfully it is not that hard to get off.

    It also works well for shaving, a little bit applied before a shaving cream will do wonders. It will help prevent nicks and also will help to keep the edge of the razor sharp. It can also prevent razor burn, that is a plus in anyone's book.

    Safety features:
    L-Arginine free / Paraben free / Petro-chemicals free
    Special features:
    • Moisturizer
  • Packaging:

    What you see is what you get when it comes to packaging. A small 2.5 oz bottle with a click-to-open lid. When shipped, it comes wrapped in a plastic bag. It also has a 'Safety' seal under the cap. I have not had any problems with the cap leaking, even when laid on its side.

    It does say "Personal Lubricant" on the bottle, so some discretion may be needed.

    You will be happy to know the bottle is recyclable, so when it is empty you can throw it in with your recyclables.

  • Personal comments:

    Please please please be careful when using this in the shower, tub or any smooth surface. It is hard to see and is very slippery. Falling in the tub/shower or on the floor is a sure fire way of stopping the fun and you may have to make a trip to the ER. We do not want that, do we? If you do spill some, clean it up immediately. Remember that you will need some soap or floor cleaner to get it all up.

  • Experience:

    I am enjoying this lube for my anal adventures. It stays well in the tub and afterwards I never feel the need to clean it off. I do find that it is not as slippery as my normal go to silicone lube but I only notice this when giving myself a hand job. During that I have found the need to apply more, especially in the shower.

    Using it with the wife was very nice and there was no need to apply more. It lasted for the whole 45 minutes of PIV play and the wife was liking the silky feel. The next day was when the only complaint came into being. A rash developed and a UTI soon followed. This has not happened before and I am not sure which ingredient is the cause. Thus it became my lube for solo time.

    Also, you will be happy to know that it is not flammable.

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