LED mini bullet

LED mini bullet
This is a very sleek, elegant little vibe; she'll seduce you with her beauty, then wow you with the strength and power in her tiny body. With four bright candy colors to choose from, each with a matching storage pouch, the MB1 LED Mini Bullet from Maia is the perfect handbag companion.
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Bullet and egg vibrators
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
2 bees

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  • LED mini bullet - Bullet
  • LED mini bullet - Bullet
  • LED mini bullet - Bullet
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Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
2 bees


This is a very sleek, elegant little vibe; she'll seduce you with her beauty, then wow you with the strength and power in her tiny body. With four bright candy colors to choose from, each with a matching storage pouch, the MB1 LED Mini Bullet from Maia is the perfect handbag companion.


High quality; Four color options; Multi-function; Powerful for size; Comes with pouch


Higher speeds are buzzy; Too powerful for some

Best use:

With the introduction of the MB1 LED Mini Bullet, Maia has given us an upscale twist on the standard bullet vibrator. She can be used in any way one would use a typical bullet vibe: as a clitoral vibe, a nipple stimulator, an all-over-the-body teaser, or a small-muscle massager. She could also be used to stimulate a shallow G-spot. Those with male genitalia can certainly use the MB1 for external arousal, but I lack the necessary equipment to actually test such usage.


Try fitting her into any of your dildos or anal toys that accommodate a bullet; she'll add new functions to those toys, and her sexy, curved profile will help prevent that vacuum effect, making removal easier. She can also slide down into the front of your harness, bringing an extra tingle to your strap-on play.

You wouldn't normally want to use this little toy for anal purposes other than external teasing, because she has no base and would easily slip all the way inside. However, if you avail yourself of the endlessly-useful Thin Vibrator Enhancer, made of silicone by Evolved Novelties, the MB1 can be made safe and possibly quite exciting for someone who is new to anal penetration, or who simply enjoys very small toys. (The Enhancer could also be used to add clitoral vibrations to vaginal penetration.)


Her lipstick-sized proportions and matching storage pouch make her the ideal companion whenever discretion is required. Slip her into your handbag and she'll be your little secret. (Literally.) Her low and medium settings are quiet enough for use in a low-decibel environment, though she might be heard in that silent restroom at your workplace. She's waterproof as well, so playing with her in the bath or shower would cover any sounds she might make, as well as being just plain fun. She is simple to use, but classy and complex enough to please experienced toy users as well as first-timers.
  • Material / Texture:

    The MB1 is made of plastic, but with a very smooth, shiny coating that gives her an almost glassy or metallic feel; the description on her box attributes this to a "chrome finish." Your fingers will slide easily up and down her length with no drag at all, and she'll require very little lubrication for use in more sensitive areas. She has no scent or flavor, as you might expect from such materials. She won't secrete any harmful chemicals such as phthalates, and her non-porous surface won't give bacteria anywhere to hide.


    The color I received is a rich, deep sky blue, which Maia calls "Astral." Color seems to be an important aspect of the Maia toy line, as a small fold-out brochure entitled "Color Therapy Guide" and captioned "The colors of erotica!" is included with this vibe. When opened, one side shows a variety of the toys in this product line -- eight models in all. The other side is devoted to describing each color, as follows:

    PORPORA - Purple: Royal, Spirituality, Dignity
    MARCIA - Pink: Soft, Sweet, Nurture, Security
    ASTRAL - Blue: Trust, Reliability, Belonging, Coolness
    CONFETTI - Yellow: Warmth, Sunshine, Cheer, Happiness


    The MB1 is the only toy shown in this line that's available in all four colors. The only part of mine that isn't blue is the "Maia" logo printed in small silver letters on one side of the cap. The logo is pretty, and adds to the vibe's aesthetic appeal rather than detracting from it; it is also perfectly smooth to the touch, and doesn't feel "painted on."

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    MB1 is just slightly longer than the packaging states, measuring in at 3 5/8". The circumference is a little misleading due to her oval cross-section at the center, so I'll just say that the wider width is 3/4" across, and the narrower width is just over 1/2". That will make more sense once you've viewed the photos, but the center of this toy's length has an inward curve on two opposing sides.


    Each of these curves is outlined by a very smooth, gentle, oval-shaped ridge. The lower part of this ridge, near the cap end, gives your fingers a good spot to grip, while the upper end can add sensation when sliding over your erogenous zones. If you have a very shallow G-spot, you might even be able to stimulate it with the contoured area near the tip.

    The cap features a flat area on one side, the purpose of which seems to be showing you when you've completely screwed the cap on tight for waterproofing, as it lines up with the center of one of the curved-in sides. The end of the cap contains the power/function button, which is flush with the edges of the cap, making accidental turn-on or shut-off unlikely.


    The storage pouch included with this toy is a near-perfect match in color. It's small and slim, just the right size for MB1, and made of a soft, stretchy material that feels like swimsuit fabric. It has a blue double-drawstring cord, the ends of which can be tied together to keep MB1 safe inside. It will not only protect her from prying eyes, but also from scratches and nicks.


    3 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    2 1/2"
    2 1/2"
    0.25 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The power button is covered in a translucent white rubber-like material. It's comfortable and easy to press, giving a little click to let you know when you've pressed hard enough.


    Clicking it once will cause it to glow steadily from the tiny LED light inside, and turn on to the lowest vibration setting. Each successive click will switch you to the next of the seven functions; on functions with a vibration pattern, the light pulses in time with the vibrations. On the eighth click, the vibe turns off, or she can be powered off at any time by holding the button down for three seconds.


    Function 1: Low speed and steady; 2 vrooms, 2 bees
    Function 2: Medium speed and steady; 3 vrooms, 2 bees
    Function 3: High speed and steady; 3.5 vrooms, 2.5 bees
    Function 4: Medium speed and very fast pulses increasing to high speed and steady
    Function 5: High speed and medium pulses
    Function 6: Medium speed and fast pulses
    Function 7: High speed and a pattern of three medium pulses and one longer one (about one second long)

    The vibrations are focused in the top half of the MB1, though they travel well through her entire length. She requires just a single AAA battery; her battery compartment is lined with a small, clear plastic sheet which performs the dual purpose of dulling her noise level and showing which direction the battery should go (negative end up).


    Special Features:
    • Light indicators
    • Multispeed
    • Small size
    • Travel
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Push button
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The product page lists the material as plastic, but because this toy is chrome-plated, Maia warns against using "cleansers containing alcohol, petrol, or acetone" in order to preserve the finish. They suggest cleaning with a non-alcohol-based antibacterial cleansing cloth, or with antibacterial soap. (EdenFantasys' toy & body wipes could be used, as they don't contain alcohol, but they aren't antibacterial either.) I suggest keeping this toy only for yourself, and possibly your long-term monogamous partner, as sterilizing with alcohol may harm the finish. They also tell us never to use massage oils or hand creams as lubricants with this vibe. Stick with water- or silicone-based lubes for a safe and slippery experience.

    Storage is a snap because of her petite dimensions and storage pouch -- simply slip her inside and tie the drawstrings, then hide her in your handbag, drop her in a drawer, put her in your pillowcase, or heck, keep her in your pocket. She's small enough to look like a lip balm in there.

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water / Toy cleaner
  • Packaging:

    MB1's packaging is small, attractive, and fairly discreet, much like she is herself. It is not immediately obvious that the little blue box contains a sex toy, unless one reads the fine print. The front cover flips open to reveal a window through which the vibe can be seen, and is held closed by a spot of white Velcro. It would make a lovely gift box.


    Inside the box, MB1 is held in place by a clear plastic insert shaped to fit her little curves.


    Also included are the storage pouch, the Color Therapy Guide mentioned above, and a small sheet of paper containing instructions and warranty information. (That's right -- this little cutie is under warranty by Maia for 90 days, as long as you register your product on their website within 10 days of purchase.) This sheet is intended for all Maia toys, so not all of the information will pertain to your particular toy, but they make it pretty obvious which parts are relevant. A diagram will show you how to insert batteries, and company contact information is listed as well: a physical address, an email address, and a telephone number.


    For some reason, nothing on the box or in the instruction sheet says that MB1 is waterproof. However, she has a snug-fitting O-ring gasket, in the same translucent white material as the button cover, fitted at the junction of the vibe and cap, and the cap screws on firmly. I tested her under running water while turned on for several minutes, and she was completely dry inside afterward.

  • Personal comments:

    I hadn't known that plastic could be chrome-plated until receiving this toy. I was a little confused upon first handling her, as she has a texture similar to lacquered metal, but the lighter weight of plastic. The chrome plating smooths out all the seams and edges, and gives her the look and feel of a luxury toy.

  • Experience:

    It saddens me greatly to say that the lovely MB1 is too powerful for my very sensitive ladybits. I can use the low setting for a little while when I'm already warmed up, or all but the high speed when I'm wearing jeans.

    Yes, jeans.

    A thinner fabric, such as panties, isn't enough to dull the vibrations sufficiently for me. In addition, the vibrations are a little on the higher-pitched, buzzy side, and the high speed is very buzzy. My partner enjoys deep, powerful, rumbly vibrations; she said this one is okay for her on low and medium, but only used it for a few minutes before switching to her Dream Massager. I really like the patterned functions, and am looking forward to running the battery down a bit so I can hopefully use them -- without having to wear jeans!

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