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Bending easily to your comfort, these silicone anal beads feature various sized balls on a flexible stalk with a large ring handle. Made out of super soft and smooth silicone, these anal beads provide the utmost in rear comfort and support, allowing your body to move and gyrate with the flexible stalk and beads for increased stimulation and fun. The piece begins with a small rounded-tip for easy insertion, with the balls graduating in size as they reach the bottom, ensuring you total control over how much or how little you want inside. While each ball changes in size, the stalk remains the same. The large ring handle ensures safety and handling for precision use and easy retrieval.

Catalog ID: OMY07081

  • Properties

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    12 1/4"
    Insertable length:
    10 1/4"
    3 1/4"
    0.2 lb

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    • Sirene
      Reviewer, rank 4.9/10

      These beads are great for fans of anal at an intermediate level (or even for adventurous beginners). The silicone material is flexible but also easy to completely sterilize; a great quality for any anal product whether you intend to use them solo or intend them for use with a partner. The retrieval ring is very sturdy, so worries about losing the beads during play can be dismissed. GREAT addition to your collection!

    • Destri
      Writer, rank 5.7/10

      I think the Pinks Maui is an excellent starting point for the ‘anal bead virgin’. They start out very small and progress in size, so that you can control how much of an experience you want, and the handle takes away any worries about losing them.

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