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Pinks Maui

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Anal toys and anal pleasures. Detailed guide by Delilah Douglas.
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Pinks Maui sex toy review

These beads are great for fans of anal at an intermediate level (or even for adventurous beginners). The silicone material is flexible but also easy to completely sterilize; a great quality for any anal product whether you intend to use them solo or intend them for use with a partner. The retrieval ring is very sturdy, so worries about losing the beads during play can be dismissed. GREAT addition to your collection!
- silicone toy makes total sterilization easy and ideal for anal play; intermediate bead graduation
- length was a bit too long, but this is a personal preference
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This is the second set of anal beads|Pinks Maui that I have purchased, and I selected the Pinks Maui for several reasons: the product is made out of pure silicone, the circumference looked ideal for me, and it looked overall like a much better set of beads than the ones I currently own. I was totally right.

The graduation of each bead along the strand was perfect for me. I am neither a beginner nor expert in anal play, so the maximum circumference was pretty good for me. However, the only downside is that the insertable length to get to that big top bead was a little long for me, but I discovered that this was easy to overcome the more I played with these beads. The material is smooth and flexible, and as opposed to the other set of beads I own, the retrieval ring at the top is extremely sturdy, so there's no fear of it breaking off and losing the beads during playtime -- finally my worries were put to rest!

This is one of the few silicone products that I own, but especially considering that this product is intended for anal play, it is great to know that the material is fully disinfected after boiling it for a few minutes. Since silicone is so easy to keep clean and very hygienic when properly disinfected, unlike jelly or other materials, it also makes this toy great for sharing (of course, make sure to properly sterilize the product between uses as is good and important practice if you intend to share!). My male partner and I have both achieved great orgasms using these beads both during solo play and during our own "sexcapades". These beads have quickly become a favorite staple to anal play in my bedroom, and hopefully it will in yours as well!
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  • Man, that thing does look long! I keep laughing at its name, too.
  • Dame Demi
    Holy cow, those ARE long!!!  Are the connectors between the beads flexible enough to keep the toy from being too intrusive?
  • Ha, these sound fun.  I haven't tried beads yet because I have an issue with the whole icky string thing, so this sounds perfect for me.

    I love silicone, for all the reasons you listed, especially for an anal toy.  Just remember that silicone hates silicone, so water based lube is best!

    Nice review!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Thanks for the great review! I appreciate that you mentioned that it heightened your male partner's orgasms as well as your own. Do you like to use the "pull during orgasm" method to provide intense sensations or do you just leave them in place when you come?
  • Sirene
    Demi, I find the connectors between beads to be a little inflexible -- as you can probably see in the picture there's not a lot of length to the connectors, so they're kind of on the rigid side. I think if they would have been a little more flexible it would make trying to take in that length a lot easier.

     Jimbo, I'm glad that someone noticed I put that snippet there; I thought it would be nice to put another perspective in my review! I personally enjoy the slow "pull during orgasm" technique on myself, but he likes the idea of leaving it in place when I get him off. I like to use the technique of (with the beads fully inserted so that only the ring is left) lubing up my thumb and the retrieval ring and kind of "rolling" the ring around in a circle along his rim as he orgasms so that he's getting more than just a basic fulfilled sensation during climax (hence why I'm so glad this product has a sturdier ring than other ones I've tried).
  • Essin' Em
    Great review, and glad we're turning you to the wonderful world of silicone. Another great set of silicone beads is the Flexi Felix.
  • I wonder when I see anal beads this long- where do they all go? Do they double back on themselves at some point?

    Glad you're switching to silicone! 
  • Nashville
    Wow! Those are long!
  • ToyGurl
    I thought those were much shorter! Nice review!
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