NMC Ltd Wonderful ocean - Butt plug from NMC Ltd

Wonderful ocean Butt plug by NMC Ltd
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Material safety
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Catalog ID: NMCFKD018A

UPC: 4892503123180

  • Properties

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water
    Control type:
    Control pack
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Powered By:
    2" / 6"
    Insertable length:
    2" / 5 1/2"
    4 1/2" / 4"
    1 1/4" / 1"
    0.4 lb
    Escalating / Pulsating / Rollercoaster / Vibrating

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  • Reviews(18)

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    Customer comments

    • I don't understand how this is a butt plug..
    • Maybe it's meant as a G-spot or P-spot toy? I don't think this toy was thought through...
    • Ick.
    • Damn. Looks terrible
    • I think the butt plug must be an error because I sure as heck don't want this dolphin up my butt.
    • I was about the say the same thing but then I read all the comments and see it's already been mentioned lol
    • Does the dolphin go in... the beehiney too!? Sorry, I'm not a butt player so I'm kind of stupid when it comes to butt toys sometimes. However, I don't think I'd care if this meant to go inside your nose. Butt, nose, vagina, they're all the same, right? LOL. Seriously, I adore dolphins. My house is covered in em' and this is too cute! I don't think I want a dolphin on my privates, but I really want this guy!
    • Looks rather pointy.
    • This is supposed to be a butt plug? And here I thought just using it with those plastic fins sticking out would be painful for my pussy. But really, this is supposed to be a butt plug? Uhmm... No.
    • I agree that it might be mis-labeled, Also, is it entirely hard plastic? Ouch!
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    • If this is a butt plug, it's definitely not safe for use.
    • I agree with everyone as well.
    • I agree with Beck
    • HOW is this a butt plug? Horrible design.
    • I would have to agree. How is this a butt plug without a flaired base. I would hate to lose this one to the hungry butt.
    • That is mighty confusing Beck.. great point!
    • I'm confused on how this is a butt plug?
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