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A Wonderful Ocean Adventure...To The ER!

If you take nothing else from this review, just take away that you should NOT use the Wonderful Ocean as a butt plug. Despite the fact that it's sold as one, it's just not anal safe in any way. Vaginally it's painful to insert and I don't even wanna think about how much it would hurt anally if it did have the proper base. The bullet is solid, but doesn't attach to the dolphin and doesn't make up for this epic FAIL in design.
Strong bullet
NOT anal safe, Painful for vaginal use, Bullet does not connect to dolphin, General terrible design
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The NMC Wonderful Ocean is listed on Eden as a butt plug. Like other reviewers, I assumed that this was a case of mislabeling and that it was actually some type of vaginal toy. Imagine my surprise when the package itself listed the Wonderful Ocean as a butt plug. Let me say something important here at the beginning: Do NOT stick this is your butt!!! It does not have a proper flared base and is shaped to easily get lost inside the butt. Can you imagine your embarrassment at the ER with a dolphin stuck in your ass? Yeah, that doesn't sound like a fun evening to me. Even advanced anal players shouldn't use this one because the taper of the toy is just made for easy slipping into the rear. There is nothing at all stopping it from going all the way in. With lubed up hands and a slick surface, using this anally is just asking for trouble.

So what can the Wonderful Ocean be used for? Well, you could insert the dolphin vaginally, though I won't really recommend that either due to the shape of the fins. It does come with a decent bullet which can be used for external stimulation wherever you so desire, be it the clit or outer rim of the anus. The bullet is really the only part of this toy that I'd actually recommend using. The dolphin doesn't seem to have much of a use at all.

The kit includes two pieces, the dolphin and the bullet. The two do NOT connect together in any way.

Material / Texture

Wonderful Ocean is made from plastic which rates an 8 on the safety scale. It is phthalates free and non-porous. It cannot be boiled to be disinfected, however.

The dolphin is made of a pink see through plastic. It's incredibly hard and unforgiving. It cannot be bent or squished at all. The fins you see on the dolphin are also made in this same material, meaning they will not bend down during use. You will feel them poking out from the dolphin when inserted. The surface is smooth without added texture such as ribbing or bumps. The firm material does add to the stimulation in the sense that you'll feel every curve and ridge on the toy.

The dolphin emerges from the packaging smelling very strongly of plastic. Even after multiple washings, the strong plastic scent remains on it. It was strong enough to knock me back when held a few feet from my face and cause a headache.

The bullet is made from plastic as well. It's a hard, shiny plastic rather than see through. It is more slick to the touch than the dolphin with less drag. The bullet doesn't smell strongly, though the scent from the dolphin clings to it a bit out of the package. Once they were placed separately, the bullet quickly lost its scent.

Design / Shape / Size

Let's start with the size of the toy. The dolphin is 5.75" in total length. The head is 1.25" in diameter, 3.75" in circumference. Below the fins is 1" in diameter, 3 3/8" in circumference. Down a bit further is 7/8" in diameter and 2 7/8" in circumference. Near the tail is .5" in diameter and 1 7/8" circumference. The bullet is 1 1/8" in diameter at the widest point and 2 1/8" long. The remote for the bullet is 4.25" long.

Here you can see both in my hand for size reference:

The size is such that it could be used by a variety of users. The smaller end could be used by those newer to penetration and the larger end by those who have experience with penetration. However, due to the design, I still don't recommend this for users at any level.

Let's talk about that design, shall we? The part that's supposed to be a plug is shaped like a dolphin. It has the eyes, fins, and tail all done for detail. It's very cute, but the dolphin design is really the failing point of this toy. Since it lacks a flared base, it is totally unsafe for anal use. For vaginal use, the tail or fins (depending on which end you insert) are easily felt internally. Since they are made of hard plastic, the ending result is a terrible poking sensation that hurts quite a bit. Even if you're a fan of textures, this doesn't feel like texture. It feels like your insides are being poked by plastic fins. Not fun!

The bullet design is much better, but the confusing thing is that it doesn't connect to the dolphin. When I saw the product images, I assumed that the bullet would somehow insert into the dolphin to make it vibrate. This is not the case. It's more like two totally separate toys than one.

The bullet is of the wired variety. A decent length wire connects the vibrating bullet to the remote which is held in the hand. The bullet is small, which means when you hold it the vibrations will transfer to the hand. The bullet is rounded at the tip and then comes inward at about the middle point. You could possibly insert the bullet vaginally like an egg vibrator as the cord would serve as a way to remove it.

If left out, the bullet is obviously a bullet. The dolphin, on the other hand, could pass for a child's toy. I don't think anyone would suspect the dolphin to be a sex toy if they saw it.

I'm pretty confused with the design of this product. First and foremost is the fact that it's a "butt plug" that's not safe for anal play. Even the package says "for external use only" which is pretty funny to say on a butt plug that's supposed to go inside of you. Secondly, I'm confused by the bullet set up. Why don't they attach together in some way? Is there something I'm missing? I don't think so, but it's clear the two don't work together. The design is just a total fail in terms of being able to be used for its purpose as well as making any general sense.


As a plug, this is not suitable. Thus, the performance of it in doing what it's made to do is a failure. It cannot safely be used for that purpose. As a vaginal dildo/plug, it hurts too much to be pleasurable. I'm almost glad this didn't have a flared base lest I have to insert those pointy fins up my butt. OWW! I can't imagine how painful this would be in that area, not to mention potentially tearing the rectum with the points of the fins. Internal bleeding from a dolphin. Sweet!! Basically, in case you haven't caught on, the dolphin part of this kit is totally useless.

The bullet actually performs well. A one button control operates the bullet. Press once to turn on, once to change patterns, and hold to turn off. It even has a memory chip to recall the setting you left off on.

Two AAA batteries are needed to run the bullet. The bottom unscrews revealing a pull out compartment that holds the batteries. This is then inserted back inside. The packaging does not specify this as waterproof, but it does have the click and lock closure. I would still stay away from water as the company has not said it's meant to be waterproof.

There are ten vibration settings available on the bullet. The first three are constant vibrations and the rest are patterns. You can see the patterns in the image below:

The controls go backwards in order of strength, which is a pain if you like to warm up on low and then increase the speed. You'll have to cycle through all the patterns to get to the next constant vibration mode. If you're like me and use everything only on high, it won't be an issue.

The high setting comes in at a mid to high level 4/5 vrooms. The medium speed is a low level 4/5. The low speed is a high 3/5. There's not a lot of range, but the power is pretty impressive. As someone who likes a lot of power, I was able to reach orgasm with this bullet (something that doesn't happen too often).

The vibrations are midway between rumbly and buzzy. They cause numbing and minor itching of the hand, but not to the clit. I was able to use it for extended periods with no issues other than my hands. The problem is that you have to grasp onto the bullet, so you get the full force of vibrations in your hands.

The first pattern goes from low to high and then jumps back around. The next feels like a moderate pulse. The next is like a faster pulse. The next even faster. The next feels like a moderate pulse again. The next feels like a moderate pulse with the beats held for longer periods of time. The next is like a slower pulse. Even though the package describes these as different patterns, they all feel like variations of pulses to me. Nevertheless, there are a good amount to choose from if you happen to like patterns.

The noise is louder than a cell on vibrate. It could possibly be heard through a closed door, especially if it comes in contact with something else hard which will increase the volume tenfold.

The bullet is the best part of the kit. I've used the bullet far more than the dolphin. I'm always happy to add a strong bullet to my collection, even if that wasn't what I was expecting to get with this set.

Care and Maintenance

Plastic can be cleaned with soap and water or toy cleaner. The dolphin is not motorized, so it can be totally submerged for cleaning. The bullet is not listed as waterproof, so I wouldn't test it in the water. You can use a wipe or toy spray to clean the bullet.

You can store this in its package if you'd like, though it's not ideal. A plastic baggie or pouch would be the best storage solution. Since it's plastic, you could really just throw it in a drawer and be fine.

Water and silicone based lubes can be used with plastic, so feel free to use whichever is your preference.


The Wonderful Ocean comes in a medium sized white box. The front has cutouts to show the dolphin and bullet. It says "Wonderful Ocean Romance Embraces Love" on the front. The side says "Smooth Tip, Comfort Shape, Soft nontoxic materials." I call bull on everything but the last feature listed here. The other side shows an image of the patterns. The back has a very short blurb about the toy in multiple languages, warnings, and battery info. A small instruction booklet is included on how to insert the batteries.

Personal comments

I can't say it enough - DO NOT stick this in your butt!! This is NOT a good plug! As of this writing, there's no price point yet on the Wonderful Ocean. If it turns out to be very cheap, it may be worth a buy for the bullet and you can just throw the dolphin away. If it's more expensive than a decent bullet, just buy the bullet instead. And again - DO NOT buy this as a butt plug!!


The Wonderful Ocean was a weird and confusing experience for me. I was confused as to if the two pieces were supposed to connect. I was confused as to how a company could market such an anally unsafe toy as a butt plug. The sensation of the dolphin inside of me was painful and just plain odd. The bullet turned out to be good, but that doesn't stop this from being a major failing on NMC's part.

If I was just rating the bullet, I'd probably give it 4/5 stars. However because it is mainly supposed to be the plug and the plug cannot be used as such, I'm rating it based on that. As a plug, the Wonderful Ocean deserves literally 0/5 stars. As a vaginal toy, it still deserves a 0/5. I'll give it 1/5 on the basis of the bullet being good. The strength of the bullet is not enough to make up for unsafe marketing of an anal toy and just general lack of thought into the design of this toy. Honestly, I fear that someone who doesn't know about anal toys will pick this up and get it lost inside of him/her. This should probably be taken off the market entirely for that point alone. If they wanted to re-brand it as a vaginal toy, then at least there wouldn't be safety issues. It still sucks as a vaginal toy, but at least no one will be going to the ER over it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Mamastoys
    Mae, what a weird toy!!! Thanks for an great review and a wonderful warning to others!! Sorry it was such a disappointment but am glad that you reviewed it!
  • - Kira -
    Thanks, guys! I'm glad I reviewed it, too. I'd much rather me than someone who would have used it anally and had problem. Eek!
  • ksparkles16
    This is a weird toy! How in the world is that safe for a butt plug? I hope some newbie doesn't stick this up their but! I would sue them lol.
  • susansmith2012
    thanks for the review!
  • - Kira -
    ksparkles16 - I think they covered their ass with the "for external use only" disclaimer on the back. So I think that would be a lost lawsuit.

    susansmith2012 - You're welcome!
  • Miss Anonymous
    Beautiful colored toy, but I didn't think it was going to be a huge hit. I don't see how that could be a comfortable anal toy. It doesn't surprised me you didn't like it. I would have been more shocked if you loved it.
    Thanks for the review.
  • SadoMas
  • PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Omg, thanks for this review, I had said the same thing looking at it. I am not into anal at all and I know that this would be too funky going up there. It is pretty. But a safety hazard for sure. Thanks for sharing!
  • unfulfilled
    Excellent review, thanks for reviewing it. I hope others read your review and don't insert it anally.
  • - Kira -
    Thanks, everyone!!
  • Sundae Sparkles
    great review!
  • - Kira -
  • lalyy
  • Mikemanz
    Great pictures. Wait, should I stick this in my butt?
  • - Kira -
    Thanks! LOL. NOOOO!
  • Sinfully
    Damn. Crazy stuff! Hopefully people will be smart enough not to buy this or at least read your review beforehand.
  • YvetteJeannine
    Following a review you wrote, I "followed" you, and went to your personal website (which I really like, btw). I saw a short of this review, and then followed it here. This is a great review (albeit of a virtually useless toy)! I really wonder WHAT THE HELL the manufacturers were thinking with this one (WERE they thinking at all?!)!?

    Thanks for the review. I am looking forward to more from you; I really like your review style. BTW: I read the lil' bio of yours on your site, and just wanted to add that I am a makeup junkie as well! What are your fave brands? I LOVE MAC, Urban Decay, and a whole slew of others! I just think it is nice to find another gal into toying and "makeup-ing"!

    Thank you for a toy-riffic review!
  • PropertyOfPotter
    Wow...this thing is just weird and makes no sense! Thanks for the review though!
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