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Milk made smoothing hand buffer

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I have never used scrub products before but it was an excellent first impression. It has the ability to cause you WOW moments. Your hands and nails will receive the finest treatment at home. Super easy to use and gets results. Recommended!


Unreal feeling and texture of your skin after use, fun to apply with the supplied spoon


Milk made scent is inferior to the Desserted Island (not an option here), Oil can stain your fabrics

Best use:

This is a great product to make your hands and nails feel softer and overall better by exfoliation. It wasn't trivial for me what I was getting so it turned out to be a pleasant surprise to discover what this is exactly. It contains medium sized sugar particles. You just put a small amount (that you can scoop with the spoon) and rub it between your hands and into your cuticles for about half a minute then wash it off with water and gently dry your hands. So it's advisable to use this near a tap. Although it's a 'hand cream', it's not something that you can apply in the room because the sugar particles will start to fall off and the oil can stain your clothes so you'll end up running out to the bathroom anyway.

It does not make your hands or nails shine, and it won’t remove or damage nail polish (I was a bit afraid due to the ‘heavy’ rubbing). I’m a male and use a transparent matte male nail polish for nail strength and I’m new to it…
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    When you open it you'll see a layer of oil. Beneath that the sugar particles. You need to mix these with the spoon before use. It's still be somewhat runny so be careful not to drip all over the place because it's oil based. It's like you mix oil with sugar basically. You can feel all the particles and the oil is just nice. It won't stay with you forever like a lubricant, just for the session of rubbing and a few minutes afterwards then your skin absorbs what's left of it.

    Cuticle buffer: Sugar, Grape Seed (Vitis Vinifera) Oil, Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Oil, Avacado (Persea gratissima) oil, Sweet almond (Prunus Amygdalus dulcis) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Milk amino acids, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl glycol (and) sorbic acid, parfum (Fragrance), red 17 (CI 26100), Violet 2 (CI60725)
  • Taste / Aroma:

    I could smell the grape seed oil when I opened it, a good surprise. I have used that as massage oil in the past and it was familiar. Anyway, the Milk Made scent is not my favorite, but it's okay. I was just expecting something better. If there was the option of the Desserted Island scent I'd certainly get that instead. It's a sweet scent with something like raspberry. It's more the other scent (allegedly raspberry) than vanilla. I don't feel like it's raspberry but can't categorize the scent into anything else either so I'll just believe it's raspberry, but who knows :) If you smell the liquid closely it's overwhelming so don't do that. It doesn't smell very organic as it reminds me of a cosmetics saloon. It's not very strong after use; but trace of it lingers on your skin which is not bad at all. I like the trace scent better than the main scent. I'm curious if I'll get to like this Milk Made scent too, because I needed some time to like Desserted Island as well. After some time it turned out to be my favorite smell.

    Raspberry kiss / Vanilla
  • Performance:

    This is the most fun and best part. After rubbing for a minute, I washed it off. During washing off I immediately felt WOW, and said something like WTF! I couldn't believe how smooth my hands became. Before trying it I was like 'yeah smooth skin, whatever, it's on every product's sticker'. However, it was true in this case. I think most of the effect was created by the oils, but I'm sure the exfoliation is responsible for the long-term effects. Immediately after washing it off and touching my hand with the other I thought my skin just got replaced by some alien skin. Now after an hour or something it feels like simply I got new hands. This is a very pleasant feeling.

    I tried it on my lips but it didn't do too much. I'll try again later as they aren't in the best condition (yet) as there is 0°F out there at the time of writing this.

  • Packaging:

    It's a small bottle, just 4.9 oz / 145ml. It was wrapped together in a transparent plastic wrapper with a little white spoon. The bottle was sealed with a cap without the little handle so your best bet is cutting a circle in it along the walls of the bottle then fishing it out of the oil. This could be improved. The instructions are on the sticker; it has STIR IT UP in the beginning of the paragraph. (I didn't stir it up at first and thought it was an oil lol.) It has info in English and French in word-to-word different font styles, which looks a bit funky.

    4.9 fl.oz.
    0.3 lb
  • Other
    Safety features:
    No Phthalates / No Sulfates / No Triclosan / Parabens free
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