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Sex Secrets of an American Geisha Book by Hunter House Publishers
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Learn how to attract and enchant men by getting in touch with your Geisha power, and go from single and alone to married and adored in 12-18 months. Korean author Py Kim Conant draws on the traditions and training of the Asian Geisha, the preeminent artists of love and femininity, to show you romantic and erotic techniques for finding, marrying, and keeping a good man. For centuries Geisha have bewitched men with their delicate beauty and mysterious sensuality, now you too can experience this power in a decidedly 21st century lesson for women who want to learn the art of seduction. Sometimes hot and sexy, sometimes very cool, these geisha secrets will help any single or married woman develop her feminine allure and aid her in the pursuit of love and happiness with a myriad of sex tips and techniques to bond your man to you. With practicality and warmth, Conant invites you to become her "younger sister," or a Geisha-in-training, providing frank and instructive lessons on how to explore your femininity and sexuality while also sharing some of her own struggles and successes. Use the wisdom of the Geisha to keep your relationship passionate and happy by connecting to your "Good Man." Py Kim Conant has published three books in Korean and has also written a biweekly column for the Korea Daily.

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