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Sex Secrets of an American Geisha

Book by Hunter House Publishers

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For those of us that FORGET!

I think when taken as this book was written, as a self-help book for women who have strayed from the path of femininity, It is a wonderful book. If it is not seen that way, it is not worth the paper it is typed on.
Helps you remember that you are an attractive woman and how to utilize the gift that god gave you.
If taken as anti-feminist, this book hurts the position of women in society.
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Men like women that shave, it sounds funny doesn't it? But the job I had this summer was working on a cruise ship in Alaska, it was a MAN'S job, I didn't shave -  no one saw my legs, no one saw my arms, no one saw anything else. So it didn't matter. However, to the man who wants to see you in his bed next to him, it does matter, he doesn't want to see a yeti next to him!

An unfortunate side effect of that is when you come back to reality and need to re-enter the dating world, you are ill-equipped to do so. I had a lot of fun at my job, I learned so much, had a ton of really great experiences and saw a lot of just AMAZING sights, but couldn't handle a first date when I came back. I had become so integrated into the boys club on the ship that I forgot that that's not who every guy wants or needs me to be. Its not who every person wants or needs me to be either. Heck its not who I want or need to be.

To start, Py Kim discusses the "Geisha Consciousness" it is a state of how we think, how we act, how we feel about ourselves. Japanese Geisha are well educated, lady-like, they are the Jackie Kennedy of the Far East when they are in the public eye, but when they are in the bedroom, they have been highly schooled on the ways of pleasing a man. The authors point with this discussion is that while the Japanese Geisha is using all of these skills to build a clientèle for business, the American women can utilize these same skills to find and keep both herself and her "good man" happy.

Yes, it talks about "worshiping" your mans cock, Duh, he worships your breasts, or your vagina. He only has one thing you can worship, so make the best of it! It also talk about self-love, and learning to give yourself an orgasms before all else, and yes giving away that credit during sex (but lets face it, How many of us haven't done that already? we know what we need and just do it most of the time already, right?).

I think it is also important to address something else the author discusses at the beginning of the book, in her intro, Py Kim has a section where she talks about feedback she received while she was circulating copies of her manuscript. She was told that the advice she was giving was making women "too submissive" and here is where I really have to agree with her, sorry boys! She says : "My advice simply accepts the truth about (most) men:
- Men are visual and love beauty in a woman
- Men are sexual and love sexiness in a woman
- Men are masculine and love femininity in a woman
By making yourself beautiful, sexy, and feminine for Good Men, you are only "being submissive" or "surrendering" to the reality of men and women and to what can help attract those Good Men to you." To me, it makes sense.

This book has been invaluable in helping me remember my femininity and remembering I am beautiful, and sexy. I have yet to find my "Good Man" but hey one can hope right? And without hope, what else do we have?!
I know I am a beautiful woman, I've been told so by many people. They were shocked by my decision to choose such a rough and tumble career path, that being shipboard life. This book made me realize and remember that men don't always want or need me to be rough and tumble or one of the "boys". My friends don't need me to be that way either, AND ABOVE ALL ELSE.... I don't want to be that way ALL the time. I think that sometimes, in this "mans world" a reminder of that isn't a bad thing. I love to reach for the stars, try new things, get physical, get into it, be hard, tough, aggressive, but to so many people I scare them when I first meet them with that side of me. It is best to introduce that side slowly. let them see I'm more of a well rounded, well educated, lady.
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  • Epiphora
    Sounds like a lot of sweeping generalizations and affirmations of gender roles to me.
  • Robyn
    If that is how you choose to take the book if you read it then yes it does. HOWEVER it is like any book, how you read it it is what you take away from it. I read it as a RE-AFFIRMATION of my femininity, of my sexiness, and my beauty. IF you choose to read it as a lot of sweeping generalizations and affirmations of gender roles that is the only thing you will take away from this book.
  • Betty Rocket
    Not on my list........thanks for the review
  • Eucaly
    Thanks for the review!
  • pinkzombie
    Great review.
  • Wide Awake Daydream
    I thought your review was great. For those of us who want to use our femininity to make the man we love happy and fulfilled this sounds like it can help a girl figure out some things about how to utilize her feminine power how she sees fit. Maybe not for every girl, but it sounds like an interesting read to me. After all, I'd like it if a man learned how to use his masculinity to fit my needs as a woman.
  • thornrose
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