Mr. Limpy small Packing dildo

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Product: Mr. Limpy small
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What makes it awesome

A closer look

Packing dildo made of Superskin™ material

How big it is

The medium 5 1/4" insertable length

Length: 6"

The extra thick 4 1/4" circumference at the widest point

Diameter: 1 1/4"

Weight: 0.4 lb

How it feels

Material: Superskin®

Texture: Velvety

Safety features: Latex free / Phthalates free

Color: Pink

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Fleshlight

Catalog ID: FLMLPS

  • This is a great packer for anyone who needs a little bulge in their pants. It's made of a nice, easy-to-clean material, and holds up fairly well with everyday wear.

  • Overall? Worth it, but... PINK, dang it! A gender-expression-related item with limited color choices can create quite the conflict for users.

  • If you are new to packing, if you've ever wanted to have a cock of your very own, if you're not looking to pay a huge price for the experience, then Mr. Limpy will fit your needs perfectly.

  • The Mr. Limpy is a cheap and easy option for packing for beginners. It is easy to clean, easy to modify, and easy to wear.

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