Mr. Limpy small - packing dildo by Fleshlight - review by TJtheMadHatter

A better stress ball than a packer.

The texture of Mr. Limpy is extremely realistic. The design is extremely lacking, as it doesn't function well as an actual packer. It doesn't stay in place well, and you spend half of your time playing "Guess That Shape". When you do have it in place, the penis size is nearly obscene. It does function well as a stress ball or something to just play with around the house.
Realistic texture, Inexpensive, Extremely pliant
Half balls, Heavy penis, Doesn't stay in position, Huge penis
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The intended use for the Mr. Limpy is that of a packer. A packer is to give the impression of having penis or perhaps a larger penis through their pants or underwear. You can use it with a packer harness, tighty whities, boxer briefs, or what ever you see fit. If you're in a long distance relationship, maybe you can use it as a toy to substitute your lover's flaccid penis. Or to give a spouse a break from your constant groping. You could even use it as a stress ball. The pliant material makes it fun to squish in your hands. It's really fun to helicopter over your head when trying to weird people out or get them to lighten up. If you don't dust it with corn starch, it's extremely tacky. When it's like this, you can use it as a "Sticky Hand". You can use it as an obscure "Stretch Armstrong", as it is very durable (careful not to stretch it too far). It's not made to be inserted, but you can rub it against your genitals. Keep in mind though, that it's made of a porous material and can not be sanitized.

    • Everyone
    • Gender play

Material / Texture

Mr. Limpy is made from Fleshlight's SuperSkin. It's an extremely pliant material that rates a 5 on the Eden Safety Scale. Keep in mind that this toy is porous and should not be shared with others. It's non-allergenic and latex free. It's an extremely squishy material, that should be be handled with a moderate amount of care. By that I mean, be careful of zippers, and where you store it. Mr. Limpy has an extremely tacky feel to it after it's rinsed by water. This is easily rectified by rubbing it down with corn starch. DO NOT USE TALCUM POWDER OR BABY POWDER!!! The texture on Mr. Limpy is that of skin. I mean it looks like they took a mold of human skin to make this. There are veins that run along the shaft, they too are very realistic. They are realistic in shape, not in color. The light flesh tone is consistent throughout the entire toy. The bottom of the balls and shaft is completely smooth with a concave.

    • Flexible
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Mr. Limpy small is that of a large flaccid penis and half balls. I say half balls, because the design cuts the balls in half. Even if they were complete, they would still be on the small side. From the front, they look like the "owner" of said balls, just jumped into a freezing cold lake. The half balls makes it extremely difficult to keep the packer in place. It doesn't counter weight the penis at all. So in use, the penis weighs it down. Through boxer briefs, this makes it so you have the edge of base showing more than the actual penis. Giving the impression that you are a survivor of an extremely bad genital accident. The shaft and balls have extremely realistic texture. The head, on the other hand, is more suggestive. It does have a slight indent for a urethra, but the curve of the head gives me the impression of a penis cartoon.

Overall length (hanging down) - 6"
Shaft length - 5 1/4"
Base height (middle of balls) - 3/4"
Base height (directly under shaft) - 5/8"
Base length - 3 3/4"
Base width - 2 1/2"


I did not purchase Mr. Limpy to use as a packer, but as something fun and squishy to play with. I did, however, try it as a packer for close to an hour. I used boxer briefs that fit close to my body. Half of the time I wore it, I spent repositioning it. Over and over, the penis weighed down the whole product. The base bent in half, right below the shaft. I would walk around the house, doing ordinary things (cleaning, straightening, sitting, standing) and within minutes this toy would twist itself within the boxer briefs. Every time it would, I would look in the mirror playing "Guess That Shape". The first distinguishable shape was always the base. It made a very distinct line that would show, front and center. Below that was the the real challenge. It was hard to figure out what the blob was in my underwear. It looked ridiculous. I don't have a packing harness, so it would be hard to say how this would hold up. My guess is, not much better. The lacking base, makes it hard for it stay in place, even when holding it in my hands. The top of the base always comes forward. When the toy is actually in place it makes it look like you have a huge penis. The entire bulge consists of the penis shaft. It almost looks like you have no balls but just a huge penis coiled in your underwear. In regards to looks outside the pants, this is a very realistic product. Though the consistent color doesn't make it look realistic, nor the cartoon head; its texture makes it really stand out. As a "stress ball" this thing is great. It's a fun toy to squish and stretch. As a packer? It's lacking base and extremely long penis makes it a failure. Which sucks because there are so few options out there. Perhaps if they shortened the penis shaft by two inches and provided complete balls, this toy would function better.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance for this toy is as follows : Rinse Mr. Limpy with luke warm water, but DO NOT USE SOAP to clean it. If you don't feel that's enough, you can use isopropyl alcohol. After it's dry dust it with CORNSTARCH. This gives the toy the soft feel to it. If you don't it feels extremely tacky and almost sticky. The best way to it is in a Ziploc baggy, with more cornstarch thrown in. It makes it so the toy doesn't stick to the bag. DO NOT USE TALCUM POWDER or BABY POWDER.
    • High maintenance


The packing for Mr. Limpy is very minimal. It is simply a plastic bag with cornstarch in it, to keep the toy from getting tacky. There is a small plain sticker at the top stating what it is. Other than that there is no information included. The packing is not meant for reuse, so after you get your toy out, you can put it in with the recycling.

    • Minimal
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  • Kitka
    Awesome review, love the photos and details you shared!
  • PropertyOfPotter
    Thanks for the review! Seems like the perfect stress ball to me!
  • js250
    OMG!!! Wonderful review--stressball, how many women would love this one!!
  • Lildrummrgurl7
    Thanks for the review. It's ridiculous how big the "small" is.
  • JADE76
    good review
  • joiedejouets
    Thanks for sharing, nice job!
  • ImaGodiva
    OK. Your pool pictures in all your reviews are driving me nuts, I live near Seattle and we just don't do pools here. Not successfully anyway. As for the review, that's the best list of alternate uses I think I've ever seen. Women everywhere will rush to buy their own "stress ball(s)" and men everywhere will cringe at the sight of your "squeezed penis" picture! Has anyone nominated this for the Rumble yet? On my way!
  • PassionCpl
    Such a fantastic review and definitely rumble-worthy!

    Oddly enough, we bought the Medium several weeks ago and were just getting ready to review it. I think we might wait a little while now, there's no comparing to the great job you've done here!
  • PassionCpl
    Ok, it turns out we got the Small too. If that's small, I'm well on my way to a complex right now!
  • Robby's wife <3
  • MrWill
    Now imagine something very similar attached to your body, always getting mashed and smashed and in the way, but so enjoyable to just hold when things get stressful.

    :-P Great review yet again!
  • TJtheMadHatter
    Thanks for the kind words everyone! It really is fun to use as a stress ball. I've helicoptered it over my head many times, to the dismay of my husband. He sits there with a "What the hell?" look on his face every time. Fortunately we always end up laughing afterwards.

    @ImaGodiva-You're too funny. I could definitely see women sitting at their work desks, stressed out, squeezing their stress penis. Talk about a scare tactic for the passerby! lol And, thanks for the nomination! I really appreciate it!

    @PassionCpl and lildrummrgrl7-The size of this thing is ridiculous. Especially for a small. Not that I'd like a thumb with balls, but this is just crazy. lol
  • Augustxsins
    Fun, funny, delightful review. Thanks!
  • FieryRed
    Nicely done, as always! You made me curious, though - why shouldn't talc be used on it?
  • TJtheMadHatter
    Thank you both! @FieryRed - I found this on the Fleshlight website "powdering with anything other cornstarch will cause it to cloud over, and lose its clarity." They're referring to iced Fleshlights, but that's the only reason I've found. I tried looking for other reasons, but it just says not to.
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    Well Mr Will beat me to it, but yeah now you know why guys are always adjusting themselves. Made me wince a bit seeing you use that as stress ball.

    Great review.
  • SecretlySensuous
    Very entertaining to read, thanks!
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