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Mr. Limpy small reviews

44 reviews
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44 reviews

This is a great packer for anyone who needs a little bulge in their pants. It's made of a nice, easy-to-clean material, and holds up fairly well with everyday wear.

Overall? Worth it, but... PINK, dang it! A gender-expression-related item with limited color choices can create quite the conflict for users.

The texture of Mr. Limpy is extremely realistic. The design is extremely lacking, as it doesn't function well as an actual packer. It doesn't stay in place well, and you spend half of your time playing "Guess That Shape". When you do have it in place, the penis size is nearly obscene. It does function well as a stress ball or something to just play with around the house.

If you are new to packing, if you've ever wanted to have a cock of your very own, if you're not looking to pay a huge price for the experience, then Mr. Limpy will fit your needs perfectly.

The Mr. Limpy packers used to be good. Then they underwent a material change, and design tweaks, and this packer is so utterly useless, I'm sending it back. It tears way too easy, leaves a bad feeling on your skin, and with the weight distribution, you'd be better off using a sausage in your pants.

The Mr. Limpy is a cheap and easy option for packing for beginners. It is easy to clean, easy to modify, and easy to wear.

The Mr. Limpy is a great, affordable packer. However, if you're a smaller guy looking for a packer to use daily you may want to look for an alternative. The superskin material makes this packer very realistic and a lot of fun for jacking off with. If there were a size between the Mr. Limpy extra small and small it would be perfect!

In my experience Mr. Limpy is a good starter packer. The price is great and can be made into a stand to pee which takes on a new way it is intended. However with every product it does have its flaws. The balls makes it too bulky, the texture is sticky when used everyday the color is completely off and you can not use it for penetration.

Mr. Limpy packers are a great, realistic, and economical option for those looking to add a little gender play to their bedroom activities, for those new to packing, and for anyone looking to pack on a budget.

Overall, Mr. Limpy is a great starter packer. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to pack for cheap. He will make you look and feel much better.

I would say to try the extra small if you intend to use it for everyday packing and are not a giant. If in doubt, go with the smaller size as these are meant as gag gifts.

This is a good line of toys for those who are not sure if packing is for them. It's quite inexpensive while still giving the feel of having something substantial and realistic down there. But the "Small" size is far too large, I highly recommend going for the "Extra-Small" version if you're stuck on getting one that's inexpensive to try.

Fairly bog-standard packer, will provide the bulge you need for little money and makes a good first packer for slightly taller people. If you have a few extra bucks to spend, it is well worth taking a look at the Mr. Right, a more expensive but less pink packer that is also a slightly firmer texture.

For the price, this is the best soft packer I've ever owned or made. It's comfortable, fairly realistic (minus proportion issues already mentioned), and my partner thinks it's hot. That being said, if you're looking for something more durable or life-like, you might want to consider something non-porous, like the silicone Mr. Right.

Go for a smaller size unless you're big, or want to be really packing. I was sadly disappointed. Makes an interesting paperweight.

Mr. Limpy does exactly what it's supposed to: imitates a flaccid cock. Unfortunately, it's a huge lint magnet and it requires a lot of upkeep to keep it in prime condition. If the colour was a bit better, I might be a bit more in love.

Overall, the product suits its purpose perfectly. Although it does get damaged very easily and its pink coloring can make the packer look too fake.

Mr. Limpy is great for a man (or genderqueer, or gender-bending lady) on a budget! He'll get the job done, but you'll get what you pay for!

I really liked it. Overall, I consider this my main packer. In my opinion, this is the best introduction to packing.

Overall this packer is great for the price. Although it does need a little more care and maintenance than the average toy, it is a good tool to aid in all of your gender explorations.

It's a very soft, realistic limp penis. It looks real under cloth and has just the right amount of length and girth to not be blatantly obvious. The bulge is nicely accentuated when the shaft is positioned right and the weight reminds you it is there. It may require a special packing setup or the right underpants to keep it positioned, however, due to the length of the shaft and how it sits on the balls.

While Mr. Limpy Small won't drop your voice, give you facial hair, or flatten your chest, he does fill a void in your pants. My wife and I LOVE how grope-able it is, and it's incredibly realistic. It's perfect for anyone who wants to proudly walk with a little more.

The Mr. Limpy Small is a pretty great product and you should check it out. It certainly won't hurt your wallet to do so. It's relatively easy to use, either in briefs or with a packing strap. It's got definite weight and girth to it so it passes the 'grope test' quite well.

As a transguy I love it! The Mr Limpy packer has helped me greatly with my bottom dysphoria. I love how real it feels, and how sometimes I catch myself touching my packer, and feel my confidence rising as I know I am taking steps to look like the man I know I am. I love it when my partner gropes me and I can hear a moan from him, because it feels so real.

Do you break the gender binary? Are you a butch lesbian that just likes to have that nice bulge in your pants? Or do you just like to play around with gender? Well then the Mr. Limpy packer is for you! This awesome little device gives you the look and feel you are going for.

All in all I love it. It looks real and feels real through clothes. I will keep buying this brand till it is no longer available.

There are pros and cons to this, but the pros makes the product worth it. I love it and I intend on getting more items like it. I hope this helped.

If you find that packing brings you confidence but money is a big concern, then go ahead and get this packer. However, be warned that it looks like it is erect under clothing, and that the material is sticky and attracts dust. It is also quite disappointing that the packer only comes in a pink, Caucasian hue.

The most realistic thing I've ever seen or felt. Cheap. Small and portable. Pretty darn durable as long as you keep sharp things away from it. Definitely worth the money for a good quality, flaccid-penis dildo. Seems like it'll last a long time with care. A must have!

Do you have penis envy? Do you want to cross dress, but need a convincing bulge in your trousers? Do you just want a limp penis of your own to play with? Do you want that penis to look like it's been sunburnt? If so, Mr Limpy is the penis for you!

For the price, Mr. Limpy is an awesome investment for those who are looking for their first time packer. I do find that he is not exactly what I would call life like, but instead, is kind of sticky, smelly and really way too pink to be considered a real dick. I do like having him around though and he does make for an affordable gender bending option.

This is a good "my first packer" packer, it's comfortable, it's cheap, it provides a somewhat realistic bulge, but the off color and the horrid material make it less than ideal for people who want to keep on packing.

You can wear Mr. Limpy for a bit of gender bending fun, though it will look like you sunburned your penis. But I prefer to play with him. Who doesn’t like to fiddle with a nice, soft, stretchy, cock now and then? And for the price you just can’t go wrong. Mr. Limpy makes a great stress reliever/companion!

I will still use this every once in awhile just because it's there, but I would suggest anyone looking for something durable and easy to manage to look elsewhere.

Mr. Limpy is one of the most popular packers for Transmen, Butch Women, Drag Kings, and all manner of gender variant individuals for a reason. The price is economical, and it fulfills its purpose well. Be mindful in your size choice and you will be pleased.

Decent if you're looking to pack for play or show but probaly not the one you want if you're looking to pack and pass as it sits a little funny because of the thin balls.

First time packer? Not sure you want to drop the big bucks for Mr. Right or something similar? Give Mr. Limpy a shot first to see if you like the way it looks and feels. Be warned, the small is fairly big. Take a look at the "extra small" too.

I love my new cock! This toy is fabulous and is a great price - especially for the CyberSkin material. The cock is comfortable to wear and has a realistic feel, girth and width to it. The material feels like actual skin! Although there is some required up-keep for this toy, don't let that intimidate you. CyberSkin is a great product and with a little bit of loving care, your new cock look as good as it did coming out of the bag.

Overall, a nice first time toy, and maybe a few uses, but once you are comfortable with gender play, you will no longer want to use it.

Perfect packer pecker for the girl who wants to add a little bulge. Realistic look and feel is sure to fool anyone.

What are you looking for? Dildo or fun play thing? There's a reason it's called Mr.Limpy. If you want a fun toy you can sling at friends then get it, get 3 or 4 and have a Limpy Fight. Cost is nothing compared to the laughs and fun you'll get from it. You want something to get you off? Keep moving, this is not made to be used for penetration of any kind. I mean you wouldn't use marshmallows to penetrate would you?

Fleshlight's website suggests "This is the ideal size for launching a water balloon, to deliver a high velocity anonymous face shot. This squishy projectile is sure to be a hit".

I would definitely recommend this packer to any transman. It's a fabulous beginning packer. I'm pondering going up in size because this one was so easy to adapt to. The moment I put him on, I felt one step closer to my gender goal.

A great packer for those getting started. Mr. Limpy is inexpensive, comfortable, and good for everyday wear. He’s awful pink, though, and Mr. Softly definitely can’t be used for sexual intercourse.

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