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Mr. Pink

This is a good "my first packer" packer, it's comfortable, it's cheap, it provides a somewhat realistic bulge, but the off color and the horrid material make it less than ideal for people who want to keep on packing.
Comfortable, realistic bulge, cheap
the color, the material, may be too big for some
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This is a reasonably priced soft packer for gender varient folks. This one is six inches long making it ideal for taller individuals like myself. I'm five foot seven inches tall, and it's big enough to be impressive without being offensive. It's my first packer and it's alright, not perfect, it could certainly be made in a safer more realistic material and I think I'll be buying a nice silicone STP packer in the future, but it's really great low priced toy to test out packing with before you commit to a more expensive model.

As it's so cheap, it's also pretty good for modifying, if you want to say... make your own stp device out of a packer, this'd be a good one to try that out on.
    • Gag gift
    • Gender play

Material / Texture

This is made of stretchy bizarrely squishy super skin. It's not terribly safe and you have to clean it without soap and then powder it down with corn starch... in other words it's a bitch and a half to clean. If you don't corn starch it, it gets sticky and attracts nightmarish amounts of hair. It's soft super and squishy which makes it very comfortable to pack with.

It's also as everyone else has mentioned, really freaking bizarrely pink which I'm ok with (sort of) but is certainly not an ideal color for everyone, especially people of color.

I store it in the baggy it came in.
    • Harness compatible
    • Porous
    • Sticky

Design / Shape / Size

It's six inches long with a relatively slender shaft and balls with a flat back, I'd really prefer three dimensional balls, but hey for fifteen bucks you really can't expect perfection. For shorter people it may be a bit big, but on me it's just about perfect, the mold is fairly realistic, but the color is definitely not. As well this is a very squishy packer, so despite its size wearing it will not make you look like you have a hard on.

Despite the realistic mold the color really takes away from any realism when you're whipping it out.


This packer is meh, it stays in place with my packing harness, it's comfortable, it provides a nice bulge, but the material is crap, and the color is eh, and all in all I'm just not loving it. Of course I'm loving it way more than not having one, but I really want an STP packer and in general although this is a good first packer, you definitely can't call it a great packer in general. Especially for someone who wants something more realistic.

Care and Maintenance

Wash with water ONLY, keep in a cool dry place when not in use. I repeat DO NOT use soap, after washing dust with corn starch or it will get horrifically sticky. I keep it in a plastic baggie, and obviously as this is a soft packer you will not be using lube with it so that's really a non-issue.
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


It comes in a plastic bag with zero information, really should come with a booklet.
    • Minimal
Follow-up commentary
Eh, I've moved on to bigger (well not physically bigger, that'd make it look like I was hung like a horse) and better packers. While this is workable and fine, the unrealistic squishiness and the fact that I can't pee through it make it something I've just... outgrown I guess.

Still a very serviceable first packer for deciding if you want to buy a more expensive model. Also it still refuses to tip waitresses.
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    STP means stand to pee
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