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Entice her

Entice her
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  • Entice her - Adult game
  • Entice her - Adult game
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Any established relationship can benefit from extra care---and Entice Her does a good job of giving you a structured way to vocalize (and make physical!) your appreciation for your partner. Some of the cards are stereotypical, and it's written to entice a female partner only, but the rules are very flexible and CalEx have included enough pieces to make this a game for pampering both genders. Ignore the cards you don't like, revel in the ones you do---refresh your romance with Entice Her.


Structured reminders to appreciate your partner, simple ways to show you care, flexible rules


Occasionally saccharine or stereotypical, all female pronouns
  • Purpose / Audience:

    Entice Her is designed for an established couple where the softer side of a woman might have been overlooked lately. Whether things have been busy with both partners' work, or if a common pattern of making little unnoticed sacrifices has left your lady reminiscing about being wooed, rather than living it---Entice Her is a great reminder to sit down together, and it gives great pointed tips to "pamper," "spoil," and "entice" her. Helping your lady feel special and cared for---just like she deserves, right?

    The game cards for Entice Her are all written with feminine pronouns---but don't let that limit you---most of the activities are perfectly useful whether applied to male or female. Women as well as men will appreciate an opportunity to "Lay side-by-side and spoon your lover while you stroke her hair" once you swap out a pronoun, and everyone would love to hear you "Tell your lady (lover) how and why they turn you on."

    These cards are all written for hetero couples, but turning a blind eye to pronouns will allow this game to provide a 15 minute (or more, or less, your choice) romance refresher for any established couple. Some of the cards are a bit saccharine or stereotypical, but it's just a light-hearted board game, so if any of the cards don't strike your fancy, just skip'em and get on to a juicier one.

  • Rules / Content:

    Entice Her features a simple game board with 22 spots. Two pawns are included, and a die which the "enticing" player rolls to advance (his) pawn from start to finish. Each spot on the board is labeled either "Spoil Her," "Pamper Her," or "Entice Her." The game also includes three decks of cards, 20 to Spoil Her, 20 to Pamper Her, and 20 to Entice Her, so you'll get fresh instructions every time you play. When you land on a spot, read a card of that category, and then you and your partner can decide whether to act on the card now, or save it as an IOU to look forward to over the next few days.

    Some of the cards put a lot of attention on the "her" that's being enticed, and for women who don't like to be alone in the limelight (hi!) Cal Exotics has thoughtfully added a second pawn. With two pawns, you can both roll your way across the game board, spoiling, pampering, and enticing each other---so nobody has to feel awkward.

  • Design:

    Entice Her is well packaged---its sturdy pressboard box will fit right in with my other board games (though it's quite a bit smaller than most), and it should last a long time as long as nobody lays side by side and spoons their lover on top of it. A rubber band is included to keep your cards in order, and the board doesn't have a fold so there's no fault line for potential tears. The cards are fairly sturdy---they aren't laminated like a poker deck, but they are strong enough that you'll be able to stick them on the fridge or in your billfold as reminders without any fear of damaging them. The printing seems to be of good quality, too.

    Entice Her's design is mostly pink, with a black background. The three card categories are delineated using pale pink, medium pink, and a sedate magenta... I think a little variety might have made this game a bit more pleasing to they eye, and perhaps easier to play by candlelight, but it's perfectly usable as is.

    10.5 oz
    The set includes:
    • 60 cards
    • game board
    • 1 die
    • 2 pawns
    • instructions
  • Personal comments:

    None of the suggested activities are very kinky, so no matter what your sexual proclivities are you will have nothing to be intimidated by here. That said, most of the cards are very open-ended, so when you're told "Let her do anything to you to start her engines," your own boundaries are the only limits. This game is less designed to provoke you to new experiences, and more just to remind you to revel in the pleasure of each others' company.

    As a girl who doesn't always like to be the center of attention, I would have felt awkward playing this game in its intended incarnation. I felt much better being able to share the spoiling, pampering, and enticing. There were three cards (out of 60) I had to raise my eyebrow at for their over-the-top stereotyping, but all in all I think this game did a very good job of appealing to the vast majority of couples without excluding anyone. A lot of that is made possible by the open-ended suggestions.

  • Experience:

    I rolled an extra practice game to help give you an idea of what types of suggestions you might run into... of course, if this round had been a real game, we might have stopped playing the game in order to luxuriate in the first card. Just so you have an idea, though, in one quick game I rolled: Pamper Her by drawing her a nice warm bubble bath. (Spoil Her) Write your lady a love letter to rekindle some romance in your relationship. (Spoil Her) Cook your gal her favorite meal... if you can't cook, order in. (Spoil Her) Join her in the bathtub for some sexy fun. (Entice Her) Make love to her using her favorite position. (Pamper Her) Show you care by warming up her car on the next cold morning.

    A little saccharine or stereotypical, maybe, but they're all well-intended, and you and your lover can always modify what you get to suit your personal tastes. Entice Her is a nice well-structured way to remember to voice your appreciation for one another, so even if it's not the most innovative game in the world, it serves a worthy purpose.

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