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A Game More About Romance Than Sex

This is a game where neither partner is the loser, but the woman gets to reap all the pleasure! You play from three decks - pamper her, spoil her, and entice her - and follow the simple tasks that help to build intimacy and romance...and at times a touch of sexiness.
Romantic, would make a great gift for a woman, easy to play, easy to understand.
Not many sexual tasks, many tasks cannot be completed during the game.
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Purpose / Audience

Entice Her by California Exotics is a game that is intended for two adults, primarily a hetero couple, though it could also work for a lesbian couple as well. This is a very romantic game with both sensitive suggestions, such as "buy her her favorite treat", to sexy ones, such as "kiss her from head to toe." Because the approach is delicate, this would make a great gift idea for the woman in your life for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and the "no-occasion occasion" as well. It would also be a great idea as an "I'm sorry" peace offering, or just something that might help bring back some intimacy to a relationship.
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    • Romance
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    • Couples
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content

Though this is a two person game, the standard version of play is such that only one person is actually playing: the woman is just the receiver. You have a small game board that has 24 spaces on it: a start and finish, then the rest are evenly divided into "spoil her", "pamper her", and "entice her."

To begin, you take one of the two pawns and place it on start. Roll the die and advance forward to the appropriate space. Take the corresponding card from either the spoil her, pamper her, or entice her deck and read the task out-loud. If the task is something that can be done immediately, such as "kiss her passionately for the next 5 minutes", you complete the task right then and then move on with the game. If it is something that can't be done that soon, such as "show her you care by warming up her car on the next cold morning", you just remember that task and save it for the future.

It can be awkward just sitting there watching your lover roll the die, play out the cards, and advance through the board, so there is an alternate way to play that involves both partners. Grab the second pawn and take turns rolling the die and advancing through the board. If you want, you can even choose to discard some cards that don't appeal at the moment for something that does.

These are the only two suggested ways to play on the included instruction sheet. The instructions are very easy to understand, and come in a large print that is easy to read. There is no winner or loser in this game, or you might say that both partners are the winner if they are both enjoying playing. The object, it seems, is not so much to finish the game, but to enjoy playing it.
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play
    • Quick game


The game comes in a black box about the same size as a hard-cover book. In large pink lettering it has the title "Entice Her" on the front, and some small thumbnail pics on the bottom of couples embracing. Though the box is tasteful, it is still clearly an adult game and shouldn't be stored in the closet next to the kids' Monopoly game.

The game comes with a game board which is also black, with pink squares that you land on. It is the same size as the box (it does not fold), but the squares are easy to read and not overly crowded. There are three decks of standard size cards in different shades of pink for spoil her, pamper her, and entice her. Finally, there are a clear red die with white dots and two pawns, one red and one purple, that are shaped like bowling pins set on plates. The wide base makes them easy to set on the board without them knocking over.

All of the pieces are well-made and as high of quality of most Hasbro games. With minimal care, this game will last a lifetime. And because of its small size and minimal pieces, this would actually be a great game to take on vacation.
    • Attractive design
    • Sturdy game board
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

Until I played this game with my husband I hadn't realized how hard it is to simply let myself be the one receiving all the attention. I found that even when I think I'm just enjoying myself, I'm still often reciprocating in little ways without even realizing it. This game places all the attention on the female, which is kinda nice.

As far as games go, I don't think we'll probably ever use it the suggested way again, just because it seemed like nearly half of the suggestions were things that couldn't be completed during the game. I had expected there to be more sexual suggestions, and while there were some, most of them leaned toward romance. What I plan to do with the cards is read one with my husband each day, and try to complete the tasks for each other if possible. While most of the suggestions may not have made for the best board game, I think they are a great way to remind yourself to appreciate the person you are with, and great little ways to show that person how you feel.

In the short time we have had this game, I feel like it has helped to build some intimacy. Not that it wasn't there before, but it made us do stuff that, over the years, we haven't paid much attention to anymore. So, I do recommend this "game", but only if romance that does essentially focus on the woman is the type of game you are looking for. If you are looking for something very sexually charged, this won't fit the bill.
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    Aw! This is a sweet little game. Lol. I like the ideas you shared. I can see this being a nice way to make "her" feel good. Also, like you said, a good reminder! Thanks for sharing. I liked reading this.

    PS. You could always make your own cards with more naughty types of things since these were more on the romantic side You could even hide em' around the house and make your lover work for em! Lol. That sounds like a nice way to add some... sex to the game! Ha Ha.
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