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The Game That Is All About Her

Entice her is a game that is all about her. There are ideas to pamper her, spoil her, and entice her. Though some of the cards assume sexual orientation and family situations, however, those could be easily ignored; it is still a fun game for you to spend some time together. The rules are easily changed, so they can fit your needs.
Fun, rules easily changed, time spent together, and adventurous and vanilla at the same time.
Pleases her only, some of the cards assume sexual orientation/family life, and not for all couples.
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Purpose / Audience

The intended Audience is for couples with at least one female member in the couple, however the her can be ignored and substituted with your partner. The way the majority of things are written, it seems like a game that is more suited for lesbian couples, since there is more than one pawn and everything says "do this for/to her", so unless the female is being pleased by more than one man it seems more geared toward lesbian couples, but you can watch your partner play alone, however that might not be a great couples game. But there are also cards that say things like "Put the kids in bed for her" too.

The purpose of this game is to "Entice Her" according to the directions. The cards are full of ideas to pamper her, spoil her, and to entice her.

Rules / Content

The first step to any game is to make sure you have all the pieces. This game includes 20 "pamper her" cards, 20 "entice her" cards, 20 "spoil her" cards, 2 pawns, 1 game board, 1 die, 1 rules sheet, and a rubber band.

You lay out your game board in an area and separate the cards into three piles (pamper, entice, and spoil.) Then pick red or purple for your pawn and put it at the start. There is no rule to who goes first, so you pick the best way to decide that. The first player rolls the red six sided die and moves the correct number of spaces. That player will land on a space that marks what card to draw. You draw your card and read it out loud. That player can do that action right now or hold off until later as some of the cards will say things to do in the future. There is a finish space, but the rules don't note a winner if you get to the finish first. This is because the sole purpose is to have fun enticing her.

The instructions are really clear, easy to read, and very useful, however you can make your own rules too. It even gives you a set of rules if you want to play a different variation, which is just playing entice your partner, not just her.


The design of the game is very feminine with pink and hearts used as decor. The cards are three different shades of pink on one side and white on the other. They are marked one of three ways on the pink side; Entice her, Spoil her, and Pamper her. The font is cutesy, curly, and feminine. The white side has written on it a task for you to do, which there are 60 different tasks. These cards are the same size as usual playing cards (2.5 by 3.5 inches.) They are fairly thin with a shiny coat on them, but if you want to keep them around a long time be sure to avoid liquids, bending, and places they can be easily ripped. They should hold up to normal use, but they aren't as durable as regular playing cards.

The game board is 6 by 9 inches. It is just like any other game board. It has the a thick card board back with a sticker front. This should hold up well to use, but should avoid having liquids or being bent. The game board is black with two red spaces for start and finish and 22 pink spaces that are marked for the card to be drawn. The pink spaces are in a random pattern, so that none of the same spaces touch.

The pawns are purple or red in color, stand 1" tall, and they are made of plastic. They are cheaply made, but serve their purpose well. The die is red with white dots in color and a cube shape with each side being 3/4". It will last a long time and hold up well for use.

Personal comments

Some of the cards are pretty vanilla and borderline silly, but some of the cards flat out tell you to go have "sexy time."

The Entice her cards say things like(but there are many more):
Kiss her from head to toe.
Slide your hands all over her body sweetly and seductively.
Let her do anything to you to start her engine.
Gently lick your lover anywhere they please.
Let your lady control the speed of your lovemaking...you might be surprised how she likes it.

The Pamper her cards say things like (but there are many more):
Bring her breakfast in bed one day soon.
Give her a slow 10 minute back rub.
Plan your next romantic date all by yourself with no clues or prodding from her.
Pamper her by throwing in the next load of laundry.
Fix her a drink of her choice while she relaxes with her feet up.

The Spoil her cards say things like (but there are many more):
Rub her body for 15 minutes, concentrating your efforts anywhere she wants you to.
Wash and dry your sweetie's hair.
Spend the next 10 minutes kissing her neck and back.
Kiss her slowly and passionately for the next 5 minutes.
Take her to her favorite venue, be it restaurant or theater. Let her decide.


My husband is a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to things like this. He would much rather us talk, have sex, watch TV, go out to eat, or whatever else than play a game to get ideas on what to do, which is the main purpose of this game. He didn't refuse to play, however, he got the card "Gently lick your lover anywhere she pleases", so he had to make the comment " he knows where I want licked." And you can imagine how the rest was for me, so overall this game just was not for us, however, it could be a really fun game for a different couple.
Follow-up commentary
This game was fun for awhile. It wasn't really something we needed, so it has been gifted out to a friend to enjoy. They have a couples night every week, so sometimes they play this game.

Everything has held up nicely over time.
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    Awesome review, thank you for all the details. Seems like a lot of work for a foreplay game...
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