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Fetish Fantasy Elite open-mouth gag and mask

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This set from Pipedream is great for trying out a silicone blindfold and open mouthed gag. Both pieces are easy to put on and remove, yet stay securely in place during use. The blindfold is effective at blocking vision, and the gag inhibits speech while letting moans, screams, and drool out. The ring may be too small for some mouths, however, and the opening isn’t large enough to wear the gag during oral sex.


Silicone, easy to put on and remove, easy to clean, inhibits speech and sight.


O-ring not large enough for oral sex, both pieces may be too small for some.

Best use:

This blindfold and gag set from Pipedream is best used for times when you want to deprive your partner of sight and speech during sexual escapades. The blindfold effectively blocks vision except around the nose and adjusts to fit snugly around the head. The gag allows for easier breathing than a ball gag but with larger amounts of drooling. It effectively inhibits speech, making it unrecognizable, but doesn’t dampen the sound of moans or screams. The gag also allows for insertion into the mouth of small items like drinking straws or pinkie fingers, but it won’t keep the mouth open wide enough for oral sex.

Both pieces will work best for small to medium sized heads, are easily adjustable, and are simple to put on and remove, yet stay in place when in use. They are great to experiment with for both the blindfold style and the open mouth gag.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    Both the blindfold and gag are made of 100% medical grade matte black silicone. The silicone is thin enough to be flexible, yet thick enough that it won’t distress or get out of shape when pulled or bent. The edges are smooth and, with the exception of the gag, the pieces and straps are seamless. With proper care, both pieces should last for many play sessions.

    The blindfold is about 19” long overall, unstretched. The mask itself is 9 1/2" long, and has a contoured shape to better fit the face. It is 3” tall at the widest part of the eyepiece, and about 1 1/2" wide over the bridge of the nose. The straps are just under 1/2" wide.

    This blindfold can be adjusted, and the straps stretched, to fit a head circumference of about 23 1/2". It fits very snugly, especially at this large circumference, and it might cause undue pressure on the eyes unless they are kept closed. The head may also experience “mask memory” (the sensation that the blindfold is still around the head) for a bit once the blindfold is off.

    The blindfold adjusts in a manner similar to swim goggles, and is easier to adjust when it’s off than when it’s on. Each end of the straps has a plastic clip through which the straps are threaded. The silicone grips the plastic, but it can be eased through the clip to make each strap shorter or longer. One clip end slides into the other to securely close the blindfold around the head.

    The gag is an open-mouthed style, consisting of a silicone covered O-ring in the center and silicone straps that adjust and close the same way as the blindfold. Since it’s silicone, it has no unpleasant taste during use. It’s about 19” long overall and will stretch just a little bit further. It fits best when situated right below the ears and around the back of the head. If you measure 19” or less around this part of your head, the straps can easily be adjusted to make the gag fit securely. If you’re larger than about 23”, the gag will be too small to use.

    The O-ring is about 5/8” thick. It has an outer diameter of 1 1/2", while its inner diameter is just 3/4". It’s wide enough to allow a good flow of air in and moans out, and also to allow the insertion of a finger or straw, but it’s too narrow to allow a penis. The ring has a bit of give, but it retains its shape well and doesn’t hold on to markings or teeth marks. It does have seams that run around both the outside and inside of the ring; these seams can be felt with your finger, but neither is noticeable when the gag is in your mouth.

    This type of gag is worn behind the front teeth. The O-ring keeps the mouth unable to close, which can create a large amount of saliva and drooling. When the O-ring is in place and the gag securely tied around the head, talking is inhibited: you can mumble but can’t form words that are understood. The tongue can come out of the O-ring, but not very far.

    If the gag is tight enough behind the head and fits in the mouth correctly, it can’t be pushed out with the tongue. Since it is just 1 1/2" in diameter, it will be comfortable to keep your mouth open unless your mouth is quite small; those with larger mouths may be able to open wider and push the gag out of place, and may want to consider a larger diameter gag.

    Material safety
    8 1/2"
    0.1 lb
  • Performance:

    How well the blindfold and gag work will depend to a great deal on the size of your head. Both pieces can be securely fastened around the head, and if they’re too tight, particularly the blindfold, you may still feel them once they’ve been removed. You may want to measure your head and mouth to make sure that these will fit correctly for you.

    The blindfold is effective at blocking vision. If it’s not too snug and you keep your eyes open, only a bit of light can be seen around the nose. The gag effectively muffles speech and isn’t uncomfortable to have in the mouth, although the amount of drool that can be generated is amazing. The clips keep both pieces on and don’t have a tendency to pop open.

    Special Features:
    • Kinky
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Since they’re silicone, both pieces are nonporous and easy to care for. They wipe clean easily with mild soap and warm water, and should be cleaned before as well as after use to remove any lint. Boiling is not recommended as it could melt the plastic closures on both the mask and gag. The pieces can be rolled up or stored flat, and can be stored in the box or in baggies in your bondage drawer.

  • Packaging:

    The gag and mask come in a black and white cardboard box. Both products are pictured on a face on the front, while the back of the box has some product information. The box bottom features a qr code, which can be scanned with a smart phone and will take you to a web page with details and videos of the product.

    Inside the box, both the gag and blindfold are in individual press-to-close baggies.

  • Experience:

    I’d been planning to try an open mouth gag for a while, so I was looking forward to this set. I liked the mask, although the straps could have been a bit longer. It fit tightly around my head, and I could “feel” it for about 10 minutes after it’d been removed. It didn’t leave any marks or indentations on my skin that I noticed, but the impression of it still being on stayed with me. I couldn’t see anything except some light around my nose, but I found it easier to keep my eyes closed underneath. This may be partly due to eye surgery I had a few years ago.

    What did surprise me was how small the O-ring was. I had expected the opening to be much larger so that we could use it in some interesting oral scenarios. My husband found this disappointing as he could only get a pinky finger through the hole, not what he had planned.

    This is one of those times, also, where I have to admit my husband is right when he says I have a big mouth: I thought the ring was small and, unless he made it very tight, I was able to open my mouth wider and pop it out of place using my tongue. When I didn’t try to do this, I found that it did stop me from speaking – I could mumble, but nothing coherent came out of my mouth.

    This gag also caused me to drool much more than a regular ball gag. I think it had to do with the opening, as I found it much harder to swallow and had a lot more saliva build up. This wasn’t a bad thing, and my husband actually liked this quite a bit.

  • Other
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    1 1/2"
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