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Boobs were never as juicy as they get now. The Gummy boobs by Pipedream is a tasty treat for all the boob lovers. You can lick them, you can kiss them and you can also chew them. The pack contains 5.3 oz of tasty gums that are shaped like boobs. You can enjoy three different flavors that add a new dimension to your pleasure. And don't forget to share the fun with friends.

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    4 oz
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    • Edible

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    • Jul!a
      Writer, rank 7.5/10

      These gummy titties would be a fun gag gift for a bachelor party, a night out on the town, or even a night in. For the price they aren't a very economical buy, but they taste on par with other gummy candies, so they're worth the occasional purchase all the same.

    • twistedheartsx
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.7/10

      We all have different preferences. I'm a huge candy junkie, so these boobies didn't live up to my expectations, but I still managed to eat the whole box. Would I buy to eat again? No. Would I recommend for a gift? Definitely!

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    Customer comments

    • I was kinda disappointed that these are discontinued, but after hearing they are nasty its a good thing...lol.
    • expensive for 5oz of bad tasting fruit snacks.
    • I bought them for one of my bosses and the guys loved them.If you are expecting a normal fruit snack this isn't for you,but f you are looking for a great party favor or gag gift,or just something to keep on hand for a quick bite,go for it!
    • They look nasty too. Ick.
    • i'd bring these to school with me as a lunchtime snack just to see who'd notice
    • these taste nasty
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