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Fortune cookies reviews

5 reviews
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5 reviews

Most people probably get these fortune cookies so they can give the cookies to people as a gag. Me, I got these for the box. The box is an absolute hoot! The cookies are the usual run-of-the-mill fortune cookie, albeit with a little more flavor than most cookies. Sadly, the fortunes aren't very thrilling (see full review to see which ones I got), but the box is worth it as a gag gift.

If you're looking to pull off a crazy joke on your friends these might fit the bill. Well, that's only if your friends are uptight prudes. Really, adding "in bed" to your average cookies will make it much more silly than these do. Plus, they'll probably taste better and will be a whole lot cheaper. Hell, make your own instead of wasting money on these.

These x-rated fortune cookies are a pretty good gag, especially if they are given without any indication of containing a dirty fortune. Unfortunately, EF had these for $7.99 for 6, which is a very expensive cookie. The box I received was stale and there is no indication on the box as to a production date or best by date. The phrases on the slips of paper inside the cookies aren't exactly fortunes, nor are they x-rated. They're closer to PG-13 or R-rated funny lines.

These made a great practical joke on April Fool's Day last year. I nearly peed my pants at the look on my husband's face when he had to double take his fortune because it wasn't the typical Chinese restaurant fortune he was expecting!

The cookies are in general good in the taste, but the product of the fortune inside of the cookies are to me not worth the price of $7.99, but the fact that there are 6 normal size cookies in this is a good reason TO get this one, especially if you're having a fun girls night in with friends.

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