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Heart shaped ice cubes tray reviews

23 reviews
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23 reviews

The heart-shaped ice cube tray is a whimsical little item to add a little something special to beverages. It's a little pricey for something that only holds 12 cubes, but it's a fun little addition to my freezer.

An adorable addition to any Valentine's day party or Bachelorette party! This great tray is a steal for $4.50, has multiple uses and who wouldn't want adorable hearts floating in their cocktail? The size might be a turn off to some, but it fits perfect in my freezer!

If I had to decide if I was going buy this tray again, I probably would not. But since I already did, I'm just going to use it and make the best of it. I would buy it if they remade a better quality tray. It's a great idea, but poorly made.

This heart-shaped ice cube tray is too expensive of a purchase for the quality that it gives. The ice cubes won't come out easily, and if you attempt to get them out the tray feels like it'll break.

I was very excited to have owned these at the beginning and disappointed by the night's end. I would have loved to have been able to keep them, but these just aren't something you can use when broken.

This product is not worth your time, money, or hassle. It's cheaply and poorly made and WILL break over time. The idea is wonderful, and I think if it were made stronger, it would be a hit! I'd like to see the company make some changes and put out a higher quality heart tray. I can't recommend this product to anyone, unless you're hoping to be disappointed and have to deal with returning it.

I loved the idea of hearts floating in our drinks to add that special touch to a special evening, but this just didn't make the cut for me. With no grip handle and no flexibility, it just caused added frustration and needless stress. It's a great idea that wasn't carried out very well.

This is a cute tray, but it's not worth it for the majority of people who are interested in this one. Not only will it take you forever to make ice (because not all the hearts will come out), but if you want to make candy using this it's just not going to work at all. At cool concept, but it needed a better design.

A fun addition to a party or gathering! I could see these even being fun in the bed room if you like cold play. Though it is worth mentioning that it is slightly more difficult to use than most trays.

Want something cute and different to add to a party? These adorable heart shaped ice cubes will do just the trick. The tray makes 12 ice cubes at once, enough for 3-4 drinks at least, so it's pretty functional! It's also able to be used for a variety of things. Heart stopping jello shots anyone?

These trays have many uses and are a fun and very easy way to make molds for ice, chocolate or whatever else you would like to come in the shape of a heart!

This is a cute ice tray, but it’s not very functional. All the hearts are different sizes, the ice is difficult to get out of the molds, and there’s no channels between the molds or a raised ledge around the tray to keep you from spilling liquid everywhere.

Classy to trashy, these hearts are all about rising to the occasion! Elegant jellied cranberry sauce for your formal Thanksgiving dinner to naughty, sexy little chocolate pasties after the lights go out, this heart tray will satisfy everyone you share the treats with!

Do you like ice? Do you like cute things? You'll like this ice cube tray. It's super simple to use and can create the most adorable drinks you've ever seen. It doesn't stop with making ice, either. You can use it for a chocolate mold, clay mold, soap mold, etc! There's really no reason not to have this ice cube tray.

The heart-shaped ice cube tray is definitely worth the money. It has so many different uses and can be filled with many different things. While it is not the most exciting thing on this website, sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest impression.

I stumbled across these and decided they'd be great for making my own massage bars! Plus they make some pretty darn cute ice. Why not use a cute heart for your sexy ice play?

I think it's perfect for romantic dinners, and having hearts in your drink is just another thing that helps set the mood. After all, I do love the details.

This ice cube tray is definitely worth the cost. It would be perfect for a romantic night, but can also be used with kids. It is very cute, and I love the pink color. It is easy to get in and out of the freezer, and works well.

This tray of heart shapes is a very cute and unique way to add a touch of cute to any drink you have. Definitely worth getting if you're thinking about it.

I recommend anyone to buy this cute heart shaped ice cube tray. It makes any drink cute.I have used it for fun time with the hubby and I have used it to make dinnertime drinks fun.

This product is a great way to tell that special someone how much you love them. It is also great for kids too.

Cute and easy way to dress up a drink. Foolproof, provides professional looking results. May be used for ice cream, candy, pudding, etc.

These are easy to use and easy to clean. It doesn't take very long for the liquid to set up. The cubes can be used for multiple solutions- water, jello, pudding, and candies.

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