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Shane's World anal beads reviews

48 reviews
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Average review rating
48 reviews

Was I excited when I ordered it? Yes. Was I excited when I opened it? Yes. Was I curling my toys in anticipation while waiting for my partner to insert it? Yes. But everything else is a downhill and a no. If you're new to sex toys, anal toys, or new to sex altogether, give this a spin. If you've been having sex regularly or openly explore new things with your partner, try something a little more exciting because the thrill will end as soon as it begins.

If you're a beginner to anal play, this toy will be perfect for you. If you need more girth, you might need to look elsewhere. Still, this toy is versatile enough for anyone's consideration.

The size is great for beginners but if you don't like harder anal beads than I would recommend you try and find a softer kind.

I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to experiment with anal play. They are the perfect size for a beginner or the more experienced, and are very pleasurable!

A great beginner anal toy. Its small size with beads graduating in size makes it far less intimidating and still provides you with the sensations and pleasure you are looking for.

I loved this toy! It was absolutely worth the money. I would recommend for everyone to try this toy. It was very easy to use and easy to clean. I have no complaints with this toy! Great Great product!

The Anal 101 "Intro" definitely for beginners - they might be the perfect first lesson for an anal freshmen, but if you're a senior, go for a more advanced class. They come in some rather fetching colors (clear, pink, blue, and purple), are a decent length and width (8" insertable length and a maximum 1" diameter), and they're also pretty darn affordable!

These beads are a great way to get started in anal play. The stimulation of the beads against the prostate is phenomenal. These beads are a must have for beginners, but they will quickly become obsolete as needs grow.

If you're looking for a great beginner toy for anal, this is it! Even the largest ball is no thicker than my finger, so this is perfect for people who are new to anal. These are easy to use, and easy to keep clean. The finger loop on the end acts as a flared base, so these are anal safe.

I would say spending your money on this item is worth it. It's easy to use and clean up, and the product is something I would recommend to anyone wanting to try anal who hasn't before. It's great for couple use, as I preferred, or solo. Hope you enjoy this product as much as I did.

An ass full of fun! These anal beads are very affordable especially for the quality of the toy. They give the novice and introduction to the world of anal play. Why not try these and experience new sensations? You will always remember your first!

Very nice to use. I loved it with the anal lube (which I also did a review on--you may check that out as well). This product is very well made. I've had mine for about 3 months with no problems or breakage. I truly love it and it is a welcome guest in my bedroom at any time.

This is one product that is great for beginners and for the pros. Once applied you really do not notice that it is there. Have your partner remove it slowly in the middle of your climax (this will enhance it).

To summarize the Anal 101 intro beads I would say live it up, let loose, and explore your inner fantasies with these magical anal beads!

This product is worth it if you are interested in easing into anal play without spending a lot of money. It will not excite those who are more advance, since there is not much variety in bead size. The gradual size increase will be a pleasant experience for anal newbies, though.

These are great for beginners considering anal play. Non intimidating sizing and you have to be careful because it could lead to bigger and better things. Well worth the cost to find out if you like it.

What an amazing product to help open your eyes to new experiences. Anal beads opened the door to a whole new world.

This toy is the PERFECT way to start anal play. It is extremely beginner friendly, and makes a small but impactful statement. I am extremely satisfied with this toy, and I think that it's the perfect way to ease your way into butt play. Enjoy!

This is a perfect supplement for those just starting out with anal play and a great way to spice up your sex life. These beads can be enjoyed by both partners and I found every experience I had with them was enjoyable.

This is a wonderfully fun toy, especially for the price! They may be called "anal" beads, but they are definitely not restricted to anal use. They're super versatile, I think they're a "must have" for anyone that enjoys toys, of any sex and any experience level.

With the ease of use, cleaning, and the comfort of the soft flexible but firm jelly; these are sure to show the better side of anal play.

These beads converted me to someone who can actually orgasm during anal play for the very first time. These beads are completely worth it and will be an incredible addition to a growing collection.

This toy is simple yet diverse, and is a must for every anal play lovers toy box. It is smooth and mostly comfortable and easy to use, with a safe handle to keep it from getting lost. The beads are sturdy, though I personally would make them bigger, and the toy as a whole is flexible.

This is a great toy to use for a first anal experience. It is easy to use, not too intimidating for beginners and definitely increases pleasure.

This is a great toy for any newcomers toy bag. The size is not intimidating to someone who has not played with any anal toys before. They are very easy and comfortable to use and also come in several pretty colors. I have the purple ones myself.

I love these beads!!! They made my first time with anal sex easier and, I'm sure, more enjoyable for my partner and myself. We still pull them out from time to time for play.

Worth buying if your at all interested in anal beads and a fun new experience. Although there is a slight plastic smell to them they look great and feel even better. Sure to get you in the mood to play.

I loved it! If you're a beginner and want something quick, easy, and affordable, you won't lose out on these!

These are something I think everyone should have - be it this brand or another, small size or bigger. I love these things and for me they are much better then plugs! Super easy to wash and store. Can be used with or without a partner (although, it's more fun with). Great starter toy!

These are my very first anal beads, and my experiences with them have definitely been positive (with the exception of my single unhygienic adventure). These toys feel fantastic, and are a very appealing length and width for anyone who is looking for a new anal experience. For very experienced anal toy users, however, these will definitely be lacking in the "wow" factor.

These are a great staple for lovers of anal stimulation. They are affordable and offer pressure that's just right and extremely pleasurable. The material leaves something to be desired, but for the price, I can't complain.

This is a fabulous toy for entering the world of anal play. It can be used by advanced users as well, but being called "Anal 101 Intro Beads" kind of speaks for itself.

Defiantly worth the money spent. It is easy to use for everyone. It can go from soft and sensual to very intense.

These anal beads are great for beginners. They're worth the money and definitely worth the experiment. Although I don't recommend them for long term use because they are jelly, the material does make it a better experience. These aren't intimidating, they're simple, easy to clean and easy to use.

This toy is definitely worth it for the price if you are just beginning anal play. The beads gradually increase in size, allowing you to adjust at your own pace and increase your pleasure. The jelly material is easy to clean and flexible, making the beads easy to store and hide. However, the material is probably not safe to last a very long time. Overall, a great investment for beginners who will eventually want to upgrade to a bigger or more sophisticated toy.

A really good toy for the novice ass whore in training. More exciting when used with a partner. For the price I'd say it's a good buy, considering it will have to be replaced in a couple or three months.

Anal beads are pretty versatile, and these are a pretty good pick if you're interested in trying some. At $10, it's worth every penny, but you won't get much more than you've paid for.

Overall we love these beads, they are so easy to put in a take out, they penetrate deeper inside than most anal beads due to being connected by jelly and not string. If your thinking of a first toy for anal play, I would definitely choose this one.

These beads are the absolute best beginners anal toy. If you are just getting started in anal play, I highly recommend them because they are designed to work with you not against you. When you are ready to go a size larger, just push them further in and you have a larger feeling of fullness and girth of penetration. At such a low price they're too hard to beat.

The Anal 101 Intro Beads Kit is a wonderful starter for those just beginning their journey with anal play. Smooth, flexible, and easy to use this toy is sure to make it into the top of many people's toy chests.

This set of beads was a good choice for experimenting. They won't be in my toy box long term just because of the jelly material but they will be replaced with bigger and better beads when the time comes. They are great stepping stone to enter the realm of anal stimulation.

Whether you're an anal starter or novice, these beads can do the trick for some nice stimulation. If you just want that gentle feeling of pleasuring pressure or an all out moan fest from rapid tugging I highly recommend them. At this price all the fun you'll have is more than worth it.

These are a great anal bead for beginners if you are curious about what anal pleasures feel like. The easy clean up and the graduation of size make this a great first anal toy.

It is for any beginner who enjoys anal stimulation. If you are looking for something more then a butt plug then it is a right choice for you.

This isn't the best set of anal beads out there. While it's designed for beginners, there are better toys out there like the Ripple. Half of the beads are too small to even feel.

Great introduction to anal play, easy to use and nicely stimulating. Cheap investment in pleasant addition. Fun for both male and female, easily sterilized.

This is a great product for a beginner or someone who is experimenting anal penetration. It makes you feel more in control and can be used in water or in a dry location.

You should try these if you have any anal curiosities at all. You might be a little sore, but you surely will not be sorry you tried them.

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