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SGX classic SGX classic

Prostate massager by Aneros

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SGX classic reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

This toy is an amazing prostate massager that can result in enhanced orgasms either on its own in a hands free capability or as an enhancement to sex or masturbation. It has some small design issues, but overall it is a well designed product I would recommend and I always enjoy using myself.

The Aneros SGX is a very small and manageable anal toy. It's an OK place to begin, but more experienced and discerning anal enthusiasts might find it a bit on the small side. Depending on the depth of your p-spot, this toy may not be able to reach it well enough for intense pleasure. I would recommend a similarly shaped, but longer toy, even for beginners (Aneros MGX, for example.) The part for perineum stimulation was a bit too thin and pointed to enjoy.

If you're looking for something to get in to prostate play, something you can clean easily and store without concern, that will work in conjunction with any lubrication and any cleaner you already own, this is a great place to begin.

All in all, if you're a beginner who wants to try out prostate stimulation and see if it's for you, you should try out this device. It's not intimidating, not scary, and so very, very satisfying. If you're experienced and looking for something that will fill you up and stimulate your prostate, then search around a bit more as this toy is only about as thick as a man's finger anyway and if you're like me that's not necessarily going to cut it.

The Aneros SGX is a fun toy that, with some practice, cam stimulate your prostate without using your hands. It could be used alone or while having partner play. I love it and would recommend it to friends. Four stars!

Overall the Aneros is a great value. It can be used anywhere and needs no power. It travels well and packs quite a punch.

This product, the Aneros SGX, does exactly as it promises, and I found it well worth the money I spent on it.

This is a good toy for a pleasure journey, but it won't likely get you off all by itself. It is perfect for men who are just opening to the idea of ass play.

Did it get me off? well, eventually with some masturbation. Was is all it was cracked up to be? No and I actually recently broke it while playing with it (which totally freaked me out, broken hard plastic sounded very hazardous, but i was ok and injury free). DO NOT PULL ON THE HANDLE, its not really meant to be used that way, and if its not doing its thing for you, I suggest you move on before doing something that could hurt you.

Get one, you won't regret it. I know the price is a little shocking for a toy this small, but the punch it adds to your sex life will win over the punch it puts on your credit card.

If you are looking for prostate stimulation this is the way to go. Any Aneros product will meet your standards. If you relax and stay in tune with your body, this toy will perform something amazing for you. No other toy can give you this kind of stimulation.

As any person of distinction and taste will tell you, there are orgasms and there are ORGASMS… the Aneros reveals itself as an absolutely brilliant masturbation aid, the kind of simple, portable adult toy that becomes a mainstay.

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