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Aneros SGX sex toy review

As any person of distinction and taste will tell you, there are orgasms and there are ORGASMS… the Aneros reveals itself as an absolutely brilliant masturbation aid, the kind of simple, portable adult toy that becomes a mainstay.
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As any person of distinction and taste will tell you, there are orgasms and there are ORGASMS. Sure, it's like pizza in a way (good or bad, it's still pizza), but when one has experienced a massive, mind-boggling, body-rattling release, it tends to stick in the mind. It's also very rare. This may be why it's initially easy to be skeptical about the claims surrounding the Aneros, a "medically researched, designed and patented" prostate stimulator promising, according to the website, orgasms that are "stunning", "incredible" and "mind-blowing". Certainly, this sex toy looks odd enough, a weirdly amorphous nub with a little hooking segment at the base and a baroquely curlicued little handle. It's kind of cool looking and all, in a 19th century curative way, but is it any good?

Banish even the ghost of a doubt. Once used, the Aneros reveals itself as an absolutely brilliant masturbation aid, the kind of simple, portable gizmo that becomes a mainstay. Its contoured design makes it easy to insert, and the handle makes adjustment quite effortless. The gentle pressure the sex toy exerts on the prostate gland and the perineum pressure point may at first be disorienting for men unaccustomed to such pleasures; but once your contractions start in earnest, and finally become gaspingly independent of your own designs, the experience becomes truly otherworldly. Head-spinning, even. Clean-up might be a bitch; not the product, which needs only a soak in sudsy water, but its aftereffects. A lot of men have prostatic fluids stored up, and the Aneros acts as a sort of plumber, discharging the build-up with terrific force and unpredictable aim. Whatever. I nearly blacked out from joy after my first use. This adult toy is the real deal.

Oh, and by the way, straight boys, taking it in the ass doesn't make you gay. It makes you awesome. Truly, this is the gentleman's Rabbit.
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  • Masturbation aid!  No a great f*ck aid!!! Let your wife get on top with this thing plugged in you and your in for the ride of your life.  My wife f*cked me for three hours and I couldn't tell when the orgasm started our stopped.  Mind blowing and it was a real turn on for her because she was the one doing the f*cking.
  • A word to the wise: I bought this product as a masturbational aid and it did absolutely nothing for me. No sensation of any heightened pleasure. Orgasms were dull and unremarkable. Certainly no "hands free" or "multiple" orgasm component - something I highly doubt anyone other than Aneros employees (who seem to seed the web with positive comments about this overhyped, overpriced product) has claimed. What is somehow more pathetic is that there is a cult of Aneros users ([]) who seem to devote unhealthy amounts of time searching for the mythical "super orgasm." Some advice I read regarding this product, for instance, recommended leaving it in one's anus for hours (some of these people even report sleeping with it inserted) before expecting any results. Other comments urge "wait for results." Certainly, so the money-back guarantee period can safely elapse while the customer invests endless amounts of time on a fruitless search. Sorry, but common sense indicates that if your prostate isn't stimulated after 5 minutes of use, results aren't going to be produced after 5 hours (other than soreness and disillusionment).

    Do not waste your money on this. I'm relieved I bought this at a discounted price, but still could have spent $50 on any number of more meaningful alternatives.
  • The aneros device is an excellent product! But,if you are looking instant gratification you may feel that the product does not work.

    Why? The Aneros is designed to strengthen and enhance the sexual function.  So, if a person has weak pc muscles they will not experience the super orgasm at first, but will have to work up to the super o by regular use of the Aneros.

    Other, physical problems that will prevent the Supero is having tight tailbone, tense muscles and inability to relax.

    The symptoms are common to men who suffer with premature ejaculation.

    The Aneros will teach you how to understand and control your bodies sexual function. With regular usage your body will be conditioned for optimum sexual pleasure. But, if you use it a few times and stop you will never fully benefit from the Aneros.

    The Aneros is sold as a sex toy, but it is not a sex toy. The Aneros is a medical quality product that can change a mans life for the better if he is willing to work at it.

    So, if you are looking for quick thrills the Aneros may not be for you. But, if you want to train your body to experience continual sexual pleasure and performance the Aneros product is one of the best products on the market.
  • Knowledge is the first step to understanding what the Aneros does to improve sexual function. The information I found at [ gives an excellent overview of prostate massage. 
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  • "Oh, and by the way, straight boys, taking it in the ass doesn't make you gay. It makes you awesome."

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