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Bendable you too Bendable you too

C-shaped G-spot vibrator by

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Bendable you too reviews

19 reviews
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19 reviews

Most users will find at least one use for this toy. It didn't blow me away, but it does come in handy. Get this if you're looking for a moderately powerful toy to serve multiple purposes. It is a high quality piece, so I feel it's worth the price. Evolved's warranty program is also very nice.

The Bendable You Too is a fantastic g-spot and clitoral vibrator. The toy does bend as the name states, which makes for a lot of fun finding 'harder to reach' spots. I recommend trying this 'bad boy' out, because it is worth giving it a chance.

Overall I give this three stars because, while I did enjoy the strength and variations of the vibrations as well as ease of use and flexible design, I didn't get to use it as I was hoping I could.

This vibe is worth it because it's not terribly expensive. However, the vibe is cheaply made so in this instance, you really do get what you pay for.

I would recommend this toy for anyone looking to experiment with partner toys, but not seeking a long term commitment.

The Bendable You Too is an awesome multi-tasking toy that can be used by anyone; alone or as a couple. With it's variety of positions and multiple uses, this toy is a great bang for your buck. It has good vibrations and a variety of patterns making it suitable for just about anyone's taste. Even size-queens will enjoy this somewhat slender toy, as it can be used during PIV sex for that super-full feeling.

Absolutely wonderful. I had multiple orgasms, and so did he when he saw me getting off so much. Next time we will use other techniques, and I will be back to write on those too.

This toy was absolutely the most amazing I've found for solo play. If not for the pointy end, I could play with it all day long. It hits spots in ways that no other toy I've ever had has. This toy is definitely worth a try. I haven't used other similar products, but now that I've used this, I'm REALLY looking forward to it!

The Bendable You Too is a great, relatively inexpensive buy. It's different uses are only limited by imagination. It's truly a versatile, strong vibrator. It can be inserted or used externally by either gender and it's great for solo and partner play alike.

The Bendable You Too is a great way to get a really personalized experienced. It allows you strong g-spot and clit vibrations at the same time! Throw in the waterproof and multifunction feature, and you're all set with a really great toy!

The Bendable You Too is a novelty, that's for sure. It's interesting and pretty to look at. This toy is on the verge of being great, but for me, it fell short. It will get the job done, but it won't be a screaming orgasm you have - more like, "Wait, what happened? Oh, Okay."

Overall, I think this is an OK toy. There are probably better ones out there, but for the price, it's great and there's nothing overwhelmingly horrible about this toy. Any complaints I have could be solved with a little ingenuity!

A wonderful, unique toy that can give you a wide variety of experiences. Not to mention the vibrator is waterproof! Keep the battery pack out of the tub (it is splash proof) and you can put the vibrator itself fully in the water! Highly recommended.

After a dual action toy that is almost guaranteed to work – shape wise? If so, perhaps consider getting the Bendable You Too. You can manipulate each end to reach exactly where you desire the powerful vibrations. This is just the begining of this vibrator. It's also fully waterproof and works for all – no matter your sex.

This toy is FABULOUS!!! Not only do I think every man and woman should own one, I believe that the unlimited possibilities increase your excitement in the bedroom. It has definitely made me realize how much fun a simple toy can bring to my sex life.

The Bendable You Too is all in all, a pretty decent toy. Some might find the cord to be irritating, but for most, the cord shouldn't cause any problems. The vibrations are pretty strong, and the entire toy can be bent and stay exactly where you put it. The variety of uses for this toy do make it a worthwhile addition to just about any collection.

The Bendable You Too by Evolved is a pretty decent product for beginners and advanced toy fanatics alike. As the title says, it is easily bendable and is also strong in vibrations, great for clitoral stimulation and decent for g-spot stimulation. It is a decently priced product, packaged nicely and although it wasn't completely exciting, it gets the job done.

I really did not know what to expect when I selected the Bendable You Too by Evolved to try. I have not even owned a We-Vibe but understood from the beginning that they are very similar. I figured I would give this one a try because it is affordable and made by one of my favorite toy companies. Evolved did not go wrong in making an affordable alternative to the We-Vibe. If you are looking for Explosive orgasms every time, you may have just been introduced to your match.

This is a great toy for many reasons. It can be used in its curved shape to stimulate your clitoris, or you can make it straight and insert it for more internal G-spot pleasure. It has seven different vibrations, some steady and some pulsating. The vibrations are strong and can be felt. Its flexibility is one of the most effective things about it.

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