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13 reviews

The Big-Boy is a toy I just wanted to love. Alas it was not meant to be so we are parting ways. I could deal with it's rigidness. It couldn't deal with my prostate. So it's over. Perhaps, though, you might enjoy having him around. He really is a solid toy.

Perfect in every way, the Big Boy by Rocks-Off is a wonderful prostate massager. Large and filling, it's size is ideal for experienced players. Not only for him, this toy also feels great vaginally. Versatile and fun, what more could you ask for.

This thing is quite simply amazing if you can achieve insertion, and is worth the work. I caution those that are new to prostate play to wait a while, but the advanced player: GET THIS NOW! Women, I think some of you would LOVE this toy for g-spot/clit stim. It is a big toy, but it can certainly get the job done.

I think it's too big and too weak of a buzz travel towards tip. (almost no feeling at all, to be honest)

The most fabulous feature of this product was the way it was designed. The curve makes it a hell of a lot easier to insert, and it hits the spot every time. It hits the spot more so than other anal products that I have used since then. It is the perfect length and size for that spot in the ass.

Overall, this toy should be great. I could not get it to work, but some others have had great experiences with it. The toy material is great, the idea is great, but the execution is flawed.

While this toy has excellent quality, features, and corresponds to my size preferences, the main flaw is that it doesn't really cooperate with my anatomy. I can honestly say that if you like size and prostate toys, you should try and figure it out yourself as the toy itself is quite good.

Overall it was fun to try, but it did not fit. But everyone is made differently, so it might fit someone else better than it did me.

I'd recommend it for those who can actually use it. If you think the inside of your body is large enough to handle the dramatic curve of the toy, its all yours. Others, be aware! Again, my body type is rather small. I'm 5'11'' with a thin athletic build.

It's a great toy and I love the ingenuity and craftsmanship, but it's too big for the moment. I plan on working my way up to take it where it's meant to go.

No matter how you use it, Rocks Off’s Big Boy is a very satisfying anal toy. However, it takes some experience and/or patience to get the most out of its large size and unique shape.

My first though when pulling this Bad Boy out of the box was "If it was green I could say Hulk smash!" This truly is a great BIG addition to the Rocks Off line. BIG BOY indeed, the largest ball is 1 3/4" in diameter, and that is 4" down the shaft, ya, this toy is not for the faint of heart!(or is that ass?) Look out prostate!

Warning, Big-Boy is for experienced anal toy users only. Not for the faint at heart. As the name says it's " BIG ". I got some of the best anal orgasms I've ever had using it.

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