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Colt the prowler reviews

22 reviews
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22 reviews

If you're looking for really powerful cheap vibrator, this is the one. On a positive note, the ring/twist function to turn it on and off make for easy and quick adjustments. This toy also works nicely as just a dildo because of its shape.

This is a must have for anyone looking for a well-built vibrator/anal probe at an amazing price. If you're not easily affected by over-stimulation and don't mind the material, then buy it.

All in all, Colt the Prowler is a dud. It doesn't provide enough stimulation or vibration speeds. I would say it is not worth the money. I would not buy this product again.

When I said "Ow!" to another toy, anally, The Prowler told me "Shhhh it's okay". I was on my way to painsville and this toy took me away to a better place. It's easy enough for an adventurous beginner and girthy enough to keep the intermediate or advanced player interested. The vibrations alone can be used externally or internally with great success. Just keep in mind that it isn't the quietest toy out there.

Anyone who already likes or wanting to try some deep and oh so powerful vibrations, the Colt is definitely for you. It is loud and may possibly be heard if you have thin walls and someone has their ear up to it, but other than that, it cannot be heard through closed doors.

I loved Colt when I first used him, but once I got to know him, he let me down. I do not like spending half of my money on batteries every week. Since I used Colt the Prowler so often, I ended up having a fortune of dead batteries in my toy box. However, if you can spend the money on brand name batteries often or want something with deeper vibrations and a bigger diameter, this toy would be the right one for you.

A multi-purpose vibrator that can be used by male or female users. It is strong in the vibration category as loud in the noise category.

I just could not believe that such a reasonably priced toy could perform like it cost a hundred bucks. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is ready to move up in the satisfaction of prostate play.

I would recommend this toy for anyone looking for a highly versatile and powerful toy. It is one that you will keep coming back to.

The Colt was a little disappointing for me. For the most part it's due to personal preference as opposed to the quality of the toy. I thought I'd like hard vibrations but it wasn't really for me. The only problems I had with the toy was the speed jumping when turning it up (which might just be a fluke with mine), the dial being very sensitive, and the metal piece at the tip of the handle getting incredibly hot. But if you're careful and don't mind those little set backs, it's a very nice toy.

This is definitely not a beginners toy. However, this has super strong vibrations compared to most wireless toys and can be used for a huge range of bedroom activities so it's highly recommended for more advanced users.

Overall, it's great for both sexes just a fun product! I was very pleased with it all around. A+ vibrator, probe, anal, and vaginal toy!

I think this is a great toy for a non-beginner who's looking for their next battery operated vibrator. It was a terrific toy though I'm not keen on it's overall look.

I was searching the Edenfantasys site for a new toy and I was intrigued by the Prowler, so I had to get it. It is big and I love a challenge, therefore, I feel in love it. It can be used with your partner or alone. The handle makes it easy to grip and maneuver. It can be used for vaginal, anal, and clitoral stimulation.

The Prowler is a large, powerful toy that demands your attention from the first moment you look at it. It's durable, powerful vibrations, big enough that you'll never betray it for another and easy to keep and take of it. It might be too big for some people, but anyone not afraid of size should definitely consider this for their toy collection.

Colt the prowler is a dildo that reminds me of a lightsabor. It is designed with a handle to easily prowl in and out of the body. It is packed with intense vibrations but they may not be enough for everyone. The size of this guy is a bit intimidating at first, but is something all size lovers will enjoy.

The Colt will be your favorite billy-club! Grab this bad boy by it's strong handle and deliver the equally strong vibes to any and every place that's begging for erotic attention. If you've got a police fetish going on - don't pass up the Colt. If you don't have a police fetish - get one - starting with the Colt Prowler!

Colt the Prowler is a well-made, sturdy toy with uses for a wide range of pleasure-points for women and men. Its strong vibrations go through the skin or other intimate areas with ease, in a way that will roll the eyes to the back of your head (in a good way), especially if you angle it right. The controls are easy and the ample shaft slides easily too. The only thing missing is a larger width for those for the size queens or size kings. It does not disappoint.

It is a great toy, that can be used many different ways. Whether male or female, alone or as a couple, this toy's power opens up many possibilities. Being easy to clean and store makes it a fun, powerful toy with few, if any, hassles.

This toy has great, deep and thuddy vibrations. He doesn't really work for me, but it is a pretty good price for an interesting toy.

While this guy may look intimidating, he will take care of you in all ways. He's great for vaginal as well as anal play, and is great for stimulating the clit. He's got strong vibrations and a nice handle, making him easy to control. He loves to prowl all over anyone he can!

I am so glad I got this toy; it is sleek and menacing! It is perfect for what I needed. This toy has strong vibrations and is waterproof for easy clean up. I highly recommend this toy for those experienced in anal play or for those who want to add a "surly" looking toy to their bedroom play.

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