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All in all, I think this is a great starter kit because of the sizes and it included a vibrator. However, it gets dragged down because of the smell, separate outer shells and cores, and more rubber. I would suggest shopping around more, but if you get this at a discount, then that might outweigh the cons here.

Although the kit did what it was meant to do -prepare me for anal sex- and it was cheap, the soft material could not make up for the fact that the plugs had a bad smell and that they could only be used in a limited amount of ways because they slipped out without much resistance.

Being new to exploring anal, this was up on my list of items to get. The range in sizes and price were really appealing and neither disappointed!

If you are new to anal play and want to work your way up, then try this. This set is simple and easy to use, and works great. Training your ass has never been easier.

Every guy that I have met has had the fantasy of anal sex. I, on the other hand, dreaded the thought, so I decided that in an effort to get me to a point where I don't dread it, I should probably start with a beginner kit. I consider it to be mediocre, but hey, what do I know? I'm only a beginner...

Comfortable Anal Toy!

This item is worth it for anal beginners because it helps you to be more comfortable during anal play so that it eventually will be comfortable to use. The fabulous part is the variety in sizes you get and the texture. What is disappointing is that it is not easy to store.

This is great for the first time anal experience. The larger sizes are for working up to. Overall, it is a great kit to play with on your first anal attempt.

Very good for first time anal play, low maintenance, and a smooth material. Dildo is a little stiff, but great to use in double penetration. Very quite and pleasurable, couples can enjoy this. I love the size of the smallest butt plug, it's the size of a finger so it's really easy to get used to stretching the ass. Overall, a good product to start out with.

Start with this, you will be surprised yourself when you will ask for more... having "anal addition" while having doggy style sex is really great feeling for you and for your partner.

A perfect introduction to anal play because of the varying sizes that are offered. The kit allows you to start gently and gradually work your way up to the bigger sizes when you are ready.

Overall: I found this to be an inexpensive and useful kit. I like the size progression of the plugs and the intensity of the vibrator. This would be perfect for anal newbies and some anal pros alike.

It's a great beginner kit. I loved it and recommend it to anyone who wants to try anal and is scared to jump in. Try the kit first, it helps.

The comfort of this set was great, the vibrator was a terrific supplement, the plugs alone were unsatisfying. For us, this item simply was not the best we have purchased.

These are great for beginners. It comes with all the right materials you need to start and continue using. I would recommend for small or tight rear ends.

This kit is definitely a great buy and definitely worth the money. The plugs that are included make a nice comfortable stairway to anal play and the vibrator works great. To top this kit off, it comes with anal lube which is a huge plus.

If you are looking for something to get started with anal play or something to work you up to anal sex, then this kit is most certainly for you! This kit is also great for those experienced in anal play.

I would recommend this kit to anyone, but particularly someone interested in just getting started. It is very user friendly, easy to clean and the vibe has good power and is not too loud.

Overall not a bad kit. Good to use as preparation for anal activities so one does not undergo a lot of pain or discomfort the first time.

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